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Last Updated on September 27, 2022

Caesars Palace is a massive hotel and casino in Las Vegas, with 3,960 rooms. With literally thousands of choices, how do you know which are the best rooms at Caesars Palace? The rooms are housed in six towers, each with a unique location and personality. Let’s explore which tower at Caesars Palace is the best for your next stay in Las Vegas.

Augustus Tower

The Augustus Tower is viewed by many as having the best rooms at Caesars Palace. Recently renovated suites in the Augustus Tower are large, spacious, and designed with luxury in mind. Each room is decorated in a classic Caesars theme that has been redesigned with a modern twist. 

Picture a cool gray and royal blue color scheme, accented by bursts of champagne gold. Thick, plush mattresses on deluxe, luxury-style beds. Marble bathrooms and spa-style bathtubs. Add to this that suites in the Augustus Tower have the best views of the Bellagio fountain, and you might not ever want to leave. 

The Augustus Tower, which opened in 2005 with 949 rooms, is located at the southern end of Caesars Palace, near the hotel lobby. Guests who stay in the  Augustus Tower have easy access to the Garden of Gods Pool. The Augustus Tower is also located near the Laurel Lounge (formerly the Diamond Lounge). 

The Augustus Tower is the perfect choice for guests who love luxury and want to feel a little removed from the casino floor’s action and the Forum Shops’ traffic. Unlike some of the other Caesars Towers, you never have to step foot in the casino to reach your room in the Augustus. 

Octavius Tower

The Octavius Tower, which shares a lobby with the Augustus Tower, has attracted visitors since it opened in the early part of 2012. Removed from the activity and crowds of the Casino floor, the Octavius Tower shares a designated valet lot with the Augustus Tower. It’s an entirely different experience from entering on the other side of Caesars Palace. 

The Octavius Tower is often described as being one of the more elegantly designed and decorated towers. With decor that’s more modern and subdued than what you find in the other Towers, the Octavius Tower can almost be described as a serene escape. 

The Octavius  Tower suites are large, with a King Suite measuring more than 800 sq ft. Plush pillow-top mattresses, marble bathrooms, and incredible views are just a few of the features that make the Octavius Tower so popular. 

Southern-facing rooms provide Bellagio fountain views and a skyline of the southern end of the Strip. Northern facing views overlook the pools, especially the Temple Pool and the Neptune Pool. The Octavius Tower is closest to all seven pools in the Garden of Gods pool oasis and Juno Garden. 

Palace Tower

Construction on the Palace Tower began in 1996, and it opened with fluted columns and a Greco-Roman theme in 1998. Since then, the Palace Tower has more recently undergone a $100 million renovation. The Palace Tower is the largest tower at Caesars. 

With a location near the Conference Center and Appian Way Shops, the Palace Tower is a favorite among business travelers and executives who come to Vegas for work – and also a little play. 

Palace Tower rooms and suites range in size from about 500sq ft to -1700 sq ft. On the 29th floor of the tower, you’ll find the coveted luxury villas spanning as much as 4,085 sq ft, with top-of-the-line luxury amenities and accommodations.

Of all the towers, the Palace Tower is one of the more centrally located. It’s close to the Garden of Gods Pools, with rooms and suites facing the poolside having spectacular views.

 It’s close to the convention center, with shopping options close by. The Palace Tower is reasonably close to parking, but you do need to walk past the entryway to the Forum Shops, the Colosseum, and the casino area to reach the rooms. 

Julius Tower

The Julius Tower, which underwent a completed renovation in 2016, was at one point known as the hotel’s original Roman Tower. The Julius Tower is the centrally located, curved tower that has become a visual, iconic representation of Caesars Palace. 

The Julius Tower is 14 floors high and home to 587 comfortable rooms. The tower features both moderately priced rooms and luxurious, high-end suites. The standard Julius room is slightly smaller than the rooms of the other towers. Standard rooms range from 360-536 sq ft. Studio, parlor, and suite rooms in the Julius tower are substantially larger than the standard rooms. 

The Julius Tower is closest to the Palace Casino, lobby bar, and hotel registration. There are also a handful of bars and restaurants in the immediate area, including Bacchanal Buffet, and it is a short walk to the Appian Way Shops. With a Julius Tower room facing the front of the hotel, you’ll have a nice view of the Caesars fountains. 

Forum Tower

Of all the towers at Caesars Palace, the Forum Tower is known for being the best for affordability. Some guests say that the decor is a little dated, especially compared to the multi-million dollar renovations some of the other towers have had in recent years. Still, for your money, the Forum Tower is a great deal. 

Forum rooms are standard size for most hotels, but the Forum suites are large and roomy. The standard Forum tower room comes with all the basic features of a nice, comfortable hotel room, with a few extra amenities – it is Caesars Palace, after all. Some forum rooms have separate guest sitting areas, jacuzzi-style tubs, wet bar, and rain shower. 

Arguably the best feature of the Forum tower is its proximity to the action at Caesars Palace. The Forum Tower is closest to the Forum Casino, the Forum Shops, Forum Food Court, and the Colosseum. It’s the perfect spot for visitors that want to be in the heart of activity at Caesars Palace. 

Nobu Tower

The Nobu Tower is unique in that it’s its own hotel located deep inside the Caesars Palace. Named for Nobu Bar & Lounge, which is a culinary hotspot at Caesars Palace, the Nobu Tower has a life and personality all of its own. 

The Nobu Tower opened in 2013 with more of an eastern theme, a deviation from the more classical, Roman-style decor of Caesars Palace. Guests are greeted at the tower’s private check-in and greeted with a cup of warm, deliciously scented tea. The Nobu Tower is an experience of luxury right from the moment you enter. 

Nobu deluxe and luxury rooms are of comparable size to those in the other towers. Suites begin at 1,000 sq ft, and the Nobu Penthouse is more than double this size, featuring its own private butler service. The Nobu Villas are the premier rooms in the tower and are located on the highest floors, offering an exceptional view of the Vegas skyline. 


Which tower at Caesars Palace is the best?

Honestly, the answer to this depends on what type of experience you’re looking for. Many guests love the Augustus and Octavius because of the luxury rooms, pool views, and the quiet that comes with being further away from the casinos, restaurants, and shops. Others prefer the towers that are closer to the action. 

How many towers does Caesars Palace have?

In total, there are six distinct towers at Caesars Palace, although they weren’t all part of the original hotel. 

Which tower provides the best views of the Bellagio fountains?

For the best views of the Bellagio fountains, you’re going to want an upper-level room in either the Octavius or Augustus tower. 

What is the most expensive room at Caesars Palace?

Most of the towers have penthouses or villas that might be considered over the top anywhere besides Vegas. Rumor has it that the most expensive room at Caesars Palace is a villa in the Octavius Tower, overlooking the Garden of Gods. The villas are about 10,00o sq ft and cost upwards of $30,000-$40,000 per night.

Bottom Line

If you’re asking which tower at Caesars Palace is the best, you really can’t go wrong with any of the six beautiful towers in one of the most famous hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. Each tower has its own personality and offers guests a unique experience. For luxury, comfort, and style, Caesars Palace is the gold standard.

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  1. My sister and I stayed in the palace tower which being seniors we found alittle too far from the center of all the action .As we did find the room very nice the bathroom was exceptional in space and luxury. Just beautiful! Don’t know if we’d stay there again . Just too large and spread out for our liking. But we enjoyed our stay with each other’s company , looking forward to our next trip at another Caesars property!

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