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Last Updated on February 28, 2023

The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace Las Vegas is the premier buffet in Vegas. Find the updated prices, coupons, hours, and up-close photos. In fact, it has remained the best and largest buffet open in Las Vegas for the last several years since it opened on September 11, 2012. This 25,000 square foot, 3-room buffet seats 600 people and has the widest variety of foods in one restaurant.

Caesars Buffet was renovated in April 2021 and focused on a 2,120 sq ft area, changing the food counters and service equipment to open the live kitchens up for all to see.

This newly renovated Bacchanal Buffet is constantly changing its perfectly prepared offerings for the season and trying to improve food quality to be one of the best Vegas buffets on the Strip.

Bacchanal Buffet Menu

The Bacchanal Buffet has nine serving stations, including American, sushi, seafood, carving, Mediterranean, Latin, Middle Eastern, Charcuterie, and Asian. They have one of the largest selections of vegan and gluten free options in a buffet.

Seafood Buffet Kitchen

The Bacchanal Seafood kitchen has both a cold seafood selection and a hot seafood section. Fresh seafood is flown in daily with food prepared by specialty chefs with more options than other buffets.

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Besides all your classic seafood buffet staples like shrimp cocktail, shrimp and grits, sea scallops, mussels, and clams, they had chilled or steamed crab legs, Alaskan Dungeness cold crab legs, Jonah crab claws, Cajun poached prawns, and lobster claws, but no King crab legs anymore. You’ll also find Bacchanal originals like Chipotle Bourbon BBQ Oysters, Harissa grilled octopus, and a spicy seafood boil.

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Meat & Carving Station

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You won’t be disappointed by the carved meats selection at the Bacchanal Buffet’s carving station. You’ll find Prime Rib, Tri-tip, smoked brisket, Beef steamboat, slab bacon, and honey-glazed ham. Then don’t forget to make your way over to the other side with roasted turkey, Porchetta, and truffle roasted chicken with Foie Gras Cognac sauce, Truffle Turkey gravy, chutney, and Chimichurri.

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Already prepared and sliced on plates are wood-grilled lamb t-bones, chicken and waffles, and roasted bone marrow. They also have items like white bean cassoulet with lamb, and crispy chicken wings, along with several side dishes like truffle mashed potatoes, greens, butternut squash soup, Bacchanal sliders, and BBQ Trainwreck fries.

Asian Station

The Bacchanal Buffet exceeds expectations in their Asian cuisine to not only include all the American favorites like General Tso’s Chicken, fried rice, stir fry, smoked pork ribs, crab rangoon, and spring rolls, but they also have Hamachi Collar, roasted duck, Shiitake pot stickers in their Asian section, and a selection of Korean, Japanese, and Filipino options.

The Korean section includes Japchae, Kalbi short ribs, assorted Banchan, chicken with Gochujang sauce, and kimchi fried rice.

The Japanese section includes a selection of Poke bowls, sushi rolls, Nigiri sushi, and even a Vegan California roll.

The Filipino dishes include grilled pork skewers, pork Lumpia, Ensaladang Kamatis sa Patis, and pork belly.

And, they even have an Asian soup station with two kinds of ramen, Vietnamese Pho, Filipino Congee, Tom Kha, Egg Flower soup, and Dandan noodles.

They offer several specialty dishes you won’t find anywhere else, including Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs, Burrata & Sweet Potato Crostini, and Caviar Voulevaunt with smoked salmon mousse.


Sandwiched between the two meat stations, vegans have several options like Broccolini and purple cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, roasted carrots, and Butternut squash and quinoa salad.

Middle Eastern Station

The Middle Eastern section has premade plates of Mezze Trio of Baba Ghanoush, beet hummus, tabbouleh, and pita. There are a variety of olives, pickled turnips, and stuffed grape leaves.


They offer a nice selection of Italian dishes like Caprese salad, antipasto salad, and unique pizzas like Duck Confit & Hoisin pizza, Brie and Apple pizza, and smoked salmon pizza.

You can also custom-order pasta and risotto in full or half portions.

Bacchanal Brunch Buffet

In our four visits, we have gone for breakfast, brunch, and dinner. Both are fantastic, but there is no other buffet that comes close to the Bacchanal, putting it in the #1 spot on our list of Best Breakfast Buffets.

Individual Eggs Benedict
Bacchanal Juice Bar
Fresh Squeezed Juice Bar

Their breakfast includes a juice bar, traditional waffles, french toast, and scrambled eggs, along with the 6 kinds of hashbrowns and potatoes, 3 kinds of eggs benedict, 3 kinds of scrambled eggs, Asian fare, a full array of sausage and meats, and a wide selection of breakfast pastries and sweets.

Bacchanal breakfast
Red velvet waffles and Potato and ham au gratin
Fruit & Parfait Bar
Breads and muffins at Bacchanal
Breads, Rolls, and Muffins

You really should try…

  • Crab avocado toast
  • Truffled deviled eggs
  • Red velvet pancakes
  • Custom-ordered dessert crepes
  • Acai breakfast bowl
Bacchanal brunch doughnuts
Bacchanal Breakfast pastries

Dinner Buffet

The main dining room is visible from the Caesars Palace casino and central bar. It is surrounded by glass and stone textures, and glass chandeliers. It’s light and bright and perfect for breakfast. For dinner, we prefer to sit in either of the two back rooms with rich wood tones, which is a little more private than the main dining room. The three separate rooms are uniquely their own and feel like three separate restaurants.

Bacchanal buffet sushi

Speaking of which, on our first visit, we completely missed the back portion of the buffet, which wraps seemingly forever throughout the restaurant. The back portion of the buffet features the Italian, Asian, artisan cheese, and fine sliced sausages. The Asian selections are some of the best I’ve found in any buffet in Vegas.

Bacchanal Meat Station

A couple of the must-taste items for dinner include the applewood smoked wagyu beef and the seafood laksa, a curried noodle soup.

The seafood bar is the first section you’ll see with a full selection of shellfish and various fillets of fish prepared with rich sauces.

Bacchanal Buffet seafood

Dessert Buffet Station

The desserts are on an island unto themselves. And, they have earned their separate buffet section with gelato, cakes, pies, pastries, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate-covered strawberries, and desserts you’ve never seen before, so make sure to save room for a few decadent treats.

Bacchanal buffet desserts

Bacchanal Buffet Price and Hours




Regular Brunch

Adults: $64.99
Kids 4-10: $32.50

 Fri - Sun: 9am - 1pm

Crab Brunch

Adults: $79.99
Kids 4-10: $39.99

Fri - Sun: 1pm - 3pm


Adults: $79.99
Kids 4-10: $39.99

Mon - Thurs: 3:30pm - 10pm
Fri - Sun: 3pm - 10pm

15 Daily Chef Specials
90 Minutes to Dine
9 Kitchens

Dress Code: Casual

Notes: Caesars Palace has a kiosk where you put your name in for the Bacchanal, and they will text you when your table is ready, then you have 15 minutes to return.

Bacchanal buffet line

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Bacchanal Buffet have crab legs?

Yes, they offer snow crab only during their Snow Crab Brunch from Friday – Sunday from 1pm to 3pm.

Location & Map

Hotel: Caesars Palace
Address: 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd
Phone: (702) 731-7928


The Bacchanal Buffet rated at the top of everyone’s must-visit buffets, is also the largest buffet in Las Vegas. Better food quality, huge selection and healthy options all in one location, and better service from some of the Strip’s best wait staff makes the Bacchanal a favorite buffet in Vegas.

88 thoughts on “Bacchanal Buffet: Price, Reservations & Menu”

  1. Our next flight to Vegas is during April (arriving on a Tuesday flying home Friday). We do not care for Snow or Jonah Crab – although we crave & love the Dungeness Crab. Matter of fact, we just bought a dozen Dungeness fresh crab this past week here in Oregon. Is your Dungeness Crab available on the Wed & Thur dinners? We both read over the comments, but some folks believe the crab is always available while others state weekends only. Please advise!

    1. Bacchanal does change its menu frequently, but last we knew Dungeness Crab is only served at the Crab Buffet on weekends and holidays.

  2. Killian Hays George

    Hi! Thank you for posting this. Do they serve the whole normal brunch buffet menu during the snow crab brunch in addition to the crab station? It may sound silly, but I don’t want to pay $80 just for crab leg buffet only! Haha.

  3. Do you know if I go in at 12:30pm and then 1:00pm is the start of the crab brunch, do I have to pay the crab brunch price or do I pay the regular brunch price?

    1. I am not 100% sure, but I would assume they will charge you for the Crab brunch price. It is Vegas after all 😉

  4. Hi there! Two questions:

    1) Any idea on what the food selection will look like for folks RSVP-ing at 9:30pm? Mine is Tuesday 12/20.
    2) Are you allowed to walk up without a reservation, perhaps right at 4pm on a Tuesday?


    1. 1) They have their standard stations like Italian, carving station, seafood, Asian, but sometimes they have seasonal offerings, so we can’t be sure
      2) Yes they take walk-ins but you may have to wait a while. Its always best to go to and click on “Book a table” to use the Open Table reservations, even if you want to use it last minute. You can also get on the waitlist from Open Table.

  5. For $80 USD I’d feel really guilty (and bad) not being able to eat EVERYTHING they have to serve, lol. So, I think I’ll stick with Ellis Island instead.

  6. I have a reservation for 3:30pm January 26, 2023 (THU). Will there be crab served at this time? I keep getting mixed answers.

    1. No, Bacchanal only serves snow crab during their Crab brunch held Friday – Sunday from 1pm – 3pm according to my last check in October.

    1. 6pm is the busiest hour on every day of the week at Bacchanal buffet. 5pm and 7pm are both equally close second. To have less people and less wait times go at 4pm or 8pm.

  7. Hi There, I want to go to this buffet but I am still a little paranoid about COVID-19 and eating out in the open with a lot of other people. I tried to get vaccinated but after I took the first vaccine dose I had a really bad reaction that landed me in the hospital for 2 weeks and even had to have surgery, so let’s just say I am not fully vaccinated after recouping and healing from surgery. I basically want to take food to go back to my hotel room with my family. Will they let us do that here?

    1. No, there is no ‘take out’ from the buffet. You may get an understanding manager on duty at the time of your reservation that will seat you separately away from other tables, or off in a corner if you ask.

  8. Can you confirm the “process.” I read somewhere with a reservation; 1) go to hostess line (approx 20 min wait), 2) go to cashier line (approx 20 min wait), 3) go to entrance line (approx 20 minute wait). So if my reservation is for 2:00 pm, do I start the process at 1:00 pm? Or do I go at 2:00 pm and looks like I will in at 3:00 pm?

    1. I would arrive around 5 minutes early for your 2pm reservation. You typically won’t see long lines like that except during peak season in the summer. My experience is that you go into the hostess at your reservation time, pay at the same location, move forward to the entrance line and typically wait about 3-10 minutes to be seated.

  9. Hello, is the price still as posted it? or has it gone up? I heard its gone up to $99 per person on a dinner buffet? Thanks

    1. Yes, I just called today 9-22-22 to verify and the price is as posted in our chart. The only change is there is now a Crab Buffet Friday – Sunday from 1-3pm which follows the dinner prices. The Crab Buffet features Snow crab legs, no King crab.

      1. Does the Bacchanal Buffet have crab legs during their dinner buffet in 2023, or do they only offer crab legs during the Friday – Sunday from 1-3 PM on the “Crab Leg Brunch”? (Wondering when crab is offered on the buffet because in October 2022 we had it on the weekend dinner buffet & wanted to know if it’s still offered at dinner time?)

        1. The last I knew they only serve crab legs at holiday dinners, or the Crab Brunch, but you may try to call them because they change this all the time.

  10. Is there any seafood and meat at lunch time?? Or it’s only available at dinner time?? I wanna go there on January 1st to celebrate my dad’s birthday. Is there any price difference on that day?? Considering it’s New Years Day.

    1. Yes, there is an entire carving station and an entire seafood station at Brunch with all sorts of options. We don’t yet have New Year’s Eve or Day pricing, but I will post it as soon as it’s available.

      1. Hi! My husband and I are about to go to vegas as well and would love to go to Bacchanal, but we’re trying to decide between the brunch and dinner options. You say that there is an entire seafood station at Brunch, but does that seafood station include the same items that the Dinner seafood station would have? Or does it vary based on the brunch/dinner selection?
        Thank you!

        1. Hi! I made a reservation through OpenTable for a group of 9. I just want to make sure we are not being surprised with any extra fees, it is only the $79.99 per person (+ tax and tip) that we pay right? I read on another blog that reservations come at a higher price but maybe that is something else? Thanks so much!

          1. Bacchanal Buffet changes their prices all the time. You may want to call them before you go to verify prices for your specific day and whether you’re going to the Crab Buffet or the regular.

  11. I have a reservation at 9:30 PM and am wondering if they will make us leave when they close at 10 or are we able to stay the full 90 minutes.

  12. I have a soy and gluten allergy. I have called multiple times and attempted to contact them without any luck. I just want to k own that I can eat there as I’ve made reservations.

    1. I know Bacchanal has several gluten free options. I’m sure if you ask the chefs behind the line they can advise you as to which items have soy in them, so you can steer clear.

        1. You can make reservations as far ahead as 3 months in advance. But you can literally make reservations for 2 hours from now too, but you’ll have less options for time of day.

          They open at 4 pm for dinner, so you would pay $79.99 for dinner on a Wednesday at Bacchanal.

          1. Since they do not take online reservations for parties over 10 people, you’ll need to call the buffet directly at 702-731-7928. I do not believe they will take a credit card over the phone.

  13. Kimberly K Byers

    We are handicapped and there for it takes us longer to to most anything.
    Will they be able to extend the 90 minutes by let’s say 20 mins?

    1. I have question i have resevations for sundqy nov 13 at 8pm. Is there a bottomless mimosas option at that time? And is crab served at dinner that day?

  14. Hello, I am looking for Gluten free items on the buffets. Are there any breads or desserts that might be Gluten Free?

  15. I made a reservation for 3 at the buffet, my sister has now decided to join us. Do you think she would be able to join or do I need to change my reservation to 4? I can’t change it on open table & I’m having trouble getting a person on the phone.

  16. Is it possible to pay a kids price if I’ve had Bariatric surgery? I can’t eat much but would love to bring my family.

      1. We have been there to the buffet since the pandemic. Are they offering hot crab legs? Will be going LV in December for 6 days & definitely want to go if they have options for steamed crab legs. Not a fan of cold crab.

        1. I agree, steamed crab legs are the best. Right now, and of course this could change before December, but they only offer Snow Crab both hot and cold during their Snow Crab Brunch Fri – Sun: 1pm – 3pm. It costs $79.99/adult and $39.99/kids 3-11 yrs.

    1. Most people don’t understand that an adult who has had bariatric surgery only eats as much as a child, we might eat 5 times a day but each meal is TINY.

      1. Some of us eat that way without surgery so your question feels odd. I do understand how you might feel you are overpaying considering. I imagine it’s quite a social adjustment when you shift from overconsumption to healthier eating. You will not find discounts for that.

        1. You are incorrect. Cosmo allows it. And no, an average adult does not consume the same amount as a bariatric patient. No need to feel odd about not truly knowing the information. We maybe can eat a 5-10 bites. Thats it. Do not assume we are going to a buffet for the sole reason to eat ourselves to death! When in Vegas I am usually with a large group, or my spouse and they all enjoy buffets. Last time I had checked, buffets offer an abundance of healthy options.

    2. I’ve gotten discounts at all MGM buffets as well as Wynn and Cosmopolitan. Also other Caesar’s buffets in Reno. They should do here too if you show proof. But ask.

    1. We believe crab legs are served every night, but we can’t verify because they wont answer their phone 🙁

  17. Besides having more breakfast items for the ‘brunch’, what else is different from the dinner? Obviously it’s cheaper but are there certain food items not available during brunch?

    Was there last week and had the dinner, and will definitely return.

  18. This will sound cheap but I don’t have a lot of money…
    I’m thinking about making reservations at 3pm to pay the lunch price but be able to eat into the dinner menu. Is this possible?

    Also, do you know when they will be serving king crab legs? Hopefully by May when I go. Do they have lobster in the dinner menu?


    1. The only rules at the Bacchanal Buffet is the 90 minute time limit, so if you arrive at 3pm, you will have access to the dinner buffet at 4pm for another 30 minutes. I hope that helps!

    1. They do not currently serve King crab, although they serve both hot and cold Snow Crab legs and Jonah crab legs. Don’t forget the lobster claws!

    1. Sorry, we dont know about oysters at Bacchanal, mostly because they have stopped answering the phone so no one has been successful at getting through to the buffet.

    1. Most buffets have steamed snow crab legs. King crab legs are usually reserved for the higher-end dinner buffets like Bellagio and Bacchanal Buffet.

    1. The Bacchanal Buffet has not announced an Easter Brunch yet, and when we called to inquire they recommended we check back in March. If you are looking for a quality Vegas Easter brunch the Bellagio is hosting one for $60/person from 10am to 8pm and you can make reservations now here: and then click on the “VIP Entry” pass and book your April 17th reservation.

  19. I’m trying to book thru OpenTable for any time within Dec 21-24 and cannot get anymore available times for any of these dates. Are there other options to book?

  20. Hello, I have booked a reservation on OpenTable for 9:30pm and I see that the buffet closes at 10pm. Will we still have the full 90 minutes to eat or will we have to finish right at 10pm?

    1. The Bacchanal Buffet starts clearing the food from the buffet 30 minutes after closing. You can continue to eat for the full 90 minutes, but you’ll need to get all your food from the buffet by 10:30pm.

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