The 7 Best Vegas Seafood Buffet

Last Updated on November 13, 2022

One of the best ways to get your seafood “fix” is with Las Vegas seafood buffets. This way, you can eat as much as you want without worrying about how much the check will be. After all, seafood is expensive, especially in Las Vegas. 

Though there are no dedicated seafood buffets that serve just seafood in Las Vegas, luckily, there are great buffets with a variety of options where all you have to do is pay a flat rate and enjoy! Check out the seven best Las Vegas buffets with seafood.

Best Seafood Buffets on the Las Vegas Strip


The Bacchanal Buffet is at Caesars Palace and is newly renovated, featuring nine open kitchens and 25,000 square feet. Though they have daily chef specials and flavors inspired from all over the world, we are here to talk about their seafood selection. 

Bacchanal has classics in its seafood section. There’s the shrimp cocktail, Jonah crab claws, peel and eat shrimp, steamed and chilled crab legs, fried options, and raw shellfish, ranking them among the favorite seafood buffets on the Strip. 

However, they also have unique options such as chipotle BBQ oysters, ceviche, and fish prepared in various fashions. 

The Bacchanal buffet section is extensive, and seafood lovers will surely find something that will delight their tastebuds. 


The Buffet at Bellagio offers more than just an Italian station, though their pizza and pasta are delicious. 

In fact, the Bellagio buffet has excellent fresh seafood prepared in every way you can think of. The options are bountiful, from Chilean sea bass, steamed mussels, sauteed octopus, and flaky salmon to sushi and sashimi, crab legs, shrimp, and raw oysters

Of course, you can also get other excellent food, desserts, and alcoholic drinks. 


The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas has 16 kitchens and more than 120 dishes designed by executive chef Jason Duarte. 

Among their selection is plenty of seafood. Sushi and sashimi, steamed mussels and clams, baked fish, a raw bar, crab legs, fried fish, New England clam chowder, rock shrimp penne pasta, red Thai curry salmon, and more. 

The Buffet at Wynn is one of the best buffets in Las Vegas, known for its plethora of live-action stations. If you have room after indulging in your favorites, you have to try their pork ribs or Thai chicken wings! 

The Buffet at Wynn is also one of the most vegan-friendly buffets on the Las Vegas Strip, as the founder himself is vegan, just in case one or more of your party follows an animal-free lifestyle. 

Wicked Spoon Buffet

Wicked Spoon Buffet is located at The Cosmopolitan and is a unique take on a Las Vegas buffet. 

Rather than a maze of hot and cold bars with lines of dishes, Wicked Spoon is kind of a market experience with several individual stations offering various menus of small plates. At almost all of the stations, you will find some sort of seafood dish. 

For instance, there is a smoked salmon station with all the accompaniments on the cold bar, while the brunch bar has cajun shrimp, cheddar grits, and blackened white fish. 

At the Wicked Spoon Asian station, you’ll enjoy steamed snow crab with drawn butter, as well as assorted sushi and hot pot with seafood options and all of the condiments you love. 

They also rotate through various seasonal chef specials, which often feature seafood, like the occasional cajun seafood boil with crab, shrimp, mussels, and clams, all drenched in flavorful seasoned sauce. 

Best Seafood Buffet Off the Strip

AYCE Buffet at Palms

The Palms has their AYCE Buffet, which is a newer addition to the mirage of Las Vegas buffets, opening in 2017 and has made quite the name for itself in a short time. The ACYE Buffet organizes its dishes not by region or cuisine but rather by the style of cooking. 

Their seven stations include World Pan, a collection of favorites from around the world; Revival, the go-to spot for health-conscious individuals; and The Greenery, a salad bar with traditional and unique selections. 

The further stations are The Roastery, which of course, is where you’ll find roasted meats and things you wouldn’t expect to be roasted. Then there’s the Hearth, a section focusing on oven-baked dishes and also the Smoke and Fire, the BBQ and grilled section with meat, non-meat, and sauce selections, and Sweet and Light, the go-to for dessert and sweet delicacies. 

Seafood can be found at several stations, especially for dinner, including offerings such as shrimp shumai, sushi and sashimi, shrimp cocktail, octopus salad, creamy shrimp and shell pasta, and garlic butter spiced prawns. 

One of our favorites among the other food they serve is their made-to-order custom pasta. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your seafood smorgasbord. 

Garden Buffet

Garden Buffet is located at the Southpoint Casino and mostly allows you to avoid the high prices and wait times of the Strip while still offering quality. 

They are known for their five live-action stations that include Mexican, Italian, Barbeque, Chinese, and seafood, in addition to a build-your-own Mongolian grill, soup and salad bar, and carving chef. 

The menu selection changes depending on whether you attend breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and for dinner, there are menu changes based on the night of the week. 

Friday nights are the highlight for seafood lovers as it is Seafood Night featuring Prime Rib, where the offerings are taken up a notch, and the price includes two glasses of wine, sangria, or draft beer. 

You can expect dishes like oysters on the half shell, chilled and steamed crab legs, sushi and nigiri, fried and peel and eat shrimp, fresh salmon with bay shrimp, seafood Newberg, and southern-style catfish on seafood night. 

On all of the lunch and dinner menus, you can still get a taste of the sea with a variety of creoles, shellfish, and fish cooked in multiple ways. 

Market Place Buffet

The Market Place Buffet is at Rampart Casino at the Resort at Summerlin and is the only buffet in Northwest Las Vegas. 

Despite being away from the beaten path, Market Place Buffet has over 12,000 square feet of space with seating for more than 700 people. It is also one of the only buffets in Las Vegas with an outdoor patio, so you can dine al fresco! 

Their dinner menu is themed on several nights of the week, like Prime Rib, Aloha, or Deli Night. You can find seafood on their lunch and dinner menus but with rotating specials depending on the night. 

For instance, on Aloha Night, an ahi tuna poke bowl is a favorite. Other seafood you may find includes various steamed shrimp and mussel fares like cajun tortellini with mussels, fried shrimp, and roasted oysters with different flavor profiles. 

Unique offerings include soft shell crab BLTs, individual low country boils, and whole roasted fish. 

Lobster Buffets

Lobster Buffets


For lobster, the AYCE Buffet at Palms is the place to be on Wednesday nights, offering all-you-can-eat lobster! They serve up whole lobster and lobster tails and other dishes that include lobster meat, such as pasta and soup. 

Keep in mind that lobster night does cost more than their standard buffet, as you might expect. 

Market Place Buffet

Though it can be hit and miss, the Market Place Buffet often features lobster on its prime rib nights. When they do serve it, the lobster is perfectly cooked and presented in the shell near the carving station. 


The Buffet at the Wynn has a fantastic spread of seafood and is actually one of the only places to get lobster on the Strip without going to a standard restaurant. 

On their regular dinner menu, you’ll find a lot of lobster prepared in a variety of ways, including whole lobster, lobster claws and tails, lobster bisque, lobster mac and cheese, and lobster ravioli. 

King Crab Buffets

King Crab Buffets

Though multiple Las Vegas buffets serve crab legs, most opt for snow crab. However, a king crab is preferred by many guests. King crab offers firmer, sweeter, and richer meat, with more meat in every shell than snow crab. 

If you are one that would rather have king crab, you can find it at the AYCE Buffet at Palms, the Bellagio Buffet, and the Buffet at Wynn on their regular dinner menus. 

Bottom Line

You may not find dedicated seafood buffets in Las Vegas, but these are seven fantastic alternatives to get your seafood fix for one set price. Whether you are on the Strip or galavanting around town, there is a selection of seafood awaiting you nearby at one of these Vegas buffets. 

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