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Last Updated on February 28, 2023

The Bellagio Buffet is one of the first luxury buffets on the Las Vegas Strip. We keep an up-to-date Bellagio Buffet price list, hours, and coupons throughout 2020. Highly rated, and world-renowned, you can always count on great food in a nice atmosphere.

Bellagio Breakfast Buffet

The breakfast buffet has a wide selection of all breakfast foods including these amazing pastries, danish, muffins, and doughnuts.

Bellagio Brunch Buffet Pastries

They also feature a whole grain bar with bagels and croissants with jellies, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.

Bellagio Buffet for Breakfast

There are every kind of eggs with the traditional scrambled, luxurious eggs benedict with a yummy Hollandaise sauce and an omelet bar.

Bellagio breakfast buffet

And, of course, they offer hashbrowns, french toast, pancakes, blintzes, and crepes, along with bacon, sausage, and ham for an amazing breakfast at Bellagio.

Lunch and Dinner at The Buffet at Bellagio

During lunch and dinner service, patrons can head to four stations serving dishes from the other Bellagio restaurants. Diners can get Lago by Julian Serrano’s Malloreddus Pasta with pork sausage and tomato sauce; Harvest by Roy Ellamar’s chopped spinach salad with Blue Lizard Farm’s bloomsdale spinach, bacon, blue cheese, asparagus, and tomato vinaigrette; Noodles’ chicken pad Thai with flat rice noodles, chicken, egg, peanuts, bean sprouts and onions; and Todd English’s Olives’ Tuscan farmhouse flatbread with mozzarella cheese, shaved Smithfield ham, asparagus and caramelized onions.

The Bellagio dinner buffet also now offers hot snow crab and Dungeness crab seven days a week, as well as new dishes at the teppan station, such as quail, wild boar, and lamb sausage, available from 3 to 10 p.m. on Fridays through Sundays.

Also expanded, is the caviar station, now available seven days a week. American, Tobiko, and salmon roe make that menu. A chef attendant overseeing the station creates blinis and miniature buckwheat waffles on the fly. Diners can add chopped egg, onions, and crème Fraiche.

The Bellagio Brunch Menu

Brunch adds everything you see above for breakfast and adds several stations of deli meats and salads, fresh fruit, and cheeses.

Bellagio Breakfast Buffet Pastry

There is a pizza station with delicious handmade crust featuring three types of pizza including Pepperoni Breakfast pizza, Bacon & Egg Pizza, and Cheese Breakfast pizza.


The brunch at Bellagio also has a vegetarian and vegan station with…

  • Grilled vegetable antipasto
  • Tomato & Smoked Mozzarella Salad
  • Tofu Salad with Asian Vegetables
Bellagio Breakfast

The Bellagio buffet menu includes a seafood buffet featuring…

  • Cold peel & eat shrimp
  • Seafood ceviche
  • Shrimp & Haricot Vert Salad
  • Tabouli Salad
  • Smoked Trout
Bellagio Seafood Brunch Buffet

The desserts at the Brunch buffet included chocolate-covered strawberries, carrot cake, and tiramisu. They even had a few sugar-free selections like Sugar-Free Apple Pie, Sugar-free Mascarpone cake, and Sugar-free blueberry tart.

Bellagio Brunch Buffet Desserts

Bellagio Buffet Price and Hours

While not as expensive as some other high-end buffets on the Strip, the Bellagio buffet cost is reasonable for the offerings.

Buffet Meal




Mon - Thurs: $44.99
Fri - Sun: $49.99
Kid's Price 6-11: 50% Off
Kid's Price 5 & Under: Free

Daily: 8am to 3pm


Wed - Thurs: $59.99
Fri: $66.99

Sat - Sun: $74.99
Kids Pricing 6-11: 50% Off

Kids Pricing 5 & Under: Free

Wed - Sun: 5pm to 9pm

Beverage Package


Wine, Beer, Mimosa, Screwdriver, Margarita, Bloody Mary limited to 2 hours.

Children 5 years of age and under eat free.

2022 Holiday Dates

Easter Buffet
Sunday, April 17, 2022
10:00am – 8:00pm
Price: Adults $60.00
Make Reservations here and click on the “VIP Entry” pass at the top.

Buffet Line Pass

Sometimes the line at The Buffet can be long. On the weekends, you can wait up to an hour for a seat. Just a tip, if you get an MLife card and achieve the Pearl (2nd) level or higher, you can cut the line! You basically walk right in, pay and they seat you immediately. This is a great perk and a real time-saver!

Another way to get a buffet line pass at the Bellagio is to stay in a nicer suite – Salone Suite or better. We’ve received a Buffet line pass for the Salone and Bellagio suites. And, if they don’t hand you a pass when you check-in, it doesn’t hurt to ask.


  • How much does it cost to eat at The Buffet at Bellagio?

    Bellagio Buffet Prices and Hours

    Bellagio Buffet prices range from $41.99 to $64.99 per person depending on the meal time and day of the week. Kids pricing is free ages 5 and under, and kids ages 6-11 are 50% adult prices. Come see our complete Bellagio Buffet pricing guide here.

  • Does the Bellagio Buffet include drinks?

    All non-alcoholic drinks are included in the buffet price. All you can drink alcohol including Margaritas, Bloody Marys, Sparkling Wine, or Beer, are an additional $24.99 per person and are limited to 2 hours.

  • Does the Bellagio Buffet have crab legs?

    Yes, snow crab is available nightly. King crab is available Friday through Sunday for dinner.

  • How do I get the Bellagio Buffet line pass?

    If you get an MLife card and achieve the Pearl (2nd) level or higher, you can cut the line! You basically walk right in, pay, and they seat you immediately.

    Another way to get a buffet line pass at the Bellagio is to stay in a nicer suite – Salone Suite or better. We’ve received a Buffet line pass for the Salone and Bellagio suites. And, if they don’t hand you a pass when you check-in, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

  • Does Bellagio Buffet take reservations?

    Yes, you can book reservations here:

  • Does Bellagio Buffet have sushi?

    Yes, the Buffet has freshly rolled sushi and ahi tuna cones during the dinner Friday through Sunday.

  • What time does The Buffet close?

    Bellagio Buffet Prices and Hours

    The Bellagio Buffet closes Wed – Sun at 9pm and Mon & Tues at 3pm, so make sure to arrive by 1pm for Brunch or 7pm for Dinner to give yourself enough time to enjoy all the stations available. See the full Bellagio Buffet hours chart here.

Location and Phone Number

Centrally situated next to the “O” Theatre.

Bellagio Hotel & Casino
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 693-8112 or (866) 259-7111

Walking Directions


Follow the left path, just past Petrossian Bar, and continue past the Baccarat Bar & Club Prive. The Buffet is located just before the Cirque Du Soleil Store on the left-hand side.

See the map below for driving and walking directions even within Bellagio Hotel.


23 thoughts on “Bellagio Buffet: Price, Menu, Hours & Coupons”

  1. People…..QUIT criping about the prices of the Bellagio buffet. ( No one is forcing you to eat there). Be thankful the buffet has REOPENED….and that you are able to enjoy eating all their yummy foods!! I want to eat there on my 70ty birthday in July.(YUM) Thank you…Debbie C.

  2. I am a local and a senior the price was $60,I was with a friend who left a $22 tip,for the The buffet and cost me another $31 including tip for valet parking on the pricey side the food was below standard of what it used to be ,the Desert Selection was terrible, o cheesecake no pies very substandard,what happened Belldgio you were never like this before😔but,the service was excellent.

  3. Definitely will not be returning. The food was sub-par at best and not worth one tenth of the 130.00 it cost us to eat there. In fact, it was awful. The service however, was absolutely wonderful.

  4. Do you have special rates on the buffet for seniors? Do you have smoked salmon (lox) on the breakfast buffet?

  5. Hi
    Are you open? I’m planning to have a nice seafood Buffett. Do you have lobster and king crab legs?
    Do I need a reservation?

    Thank you

    1. No word yet from Bellagio as to when the Dinner Buffet will return, but you can bet they will have crab legs if and when it returns.

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