Bacchanal Buffet in Caesars Palace

Last Updated on February 28, 2023

Las Vegas is reopening, following suggested public health measures, but what does this mean for your favorite buffets in Las Vegas? It’s time to work up an appetite and put on your comfy pants because many Las Vegas buffets are open and running at full steam, including some of your favorites. 

Reopening of Las Vegas Buffets

Buffet dining is one of those things that has taken a bit of a hit over the past couple of years, with all the public health measures that have been put into place. Fortunately, the buffets are reopening and once again welcoming hungry guests through their doors. In a city where buffets are almost as famous as the casinos, this is really a good thing. 

We’ve whipped up this list and a handy chart of each Las Vegas buffet that’s currently open. Many are running with only breakfast and lunch buffet hours, but several are also offering dinner buffets on the weekend, if not during the week. 

So, which buffet is your favorite? Is it the famous Bacchanal at Caesars Palace, the buffet at the Bellagio, or maybe the Wicked Spoon Buffet? Perhaps you prefer something off the Las Vegas Strip to satisfy your lazy Saturday gourmet brunch buffet craving. Either way, here’s the list of all buffets open in Las Vegas. 



Brunch Hours

Brunch Price

Dinner Hours

Dinner Price


Mon to Sun - 8am to 3pm

Mon to Thurs - Adults - $41.99
Fri to Sun - Adults - $49.99

Kids - 6 to 11 - 50% Off

Wed to Sun - 5pm to 9pm

Wed to Thurs - $59.99
Fri to Sun - $64.99

Kids 6 to 11 - 50% Off

Caesars Palace

Brunch: Fri - Sun 9am to 1pm
Crab Brunch: Fri - Sun 1-3pm

Brunch Adults - $64.99
Brunch Kids 4 to 10 - $32.50
Crab Brunch Adults - $79.99
Crab Kids 4 to 10 - $39.99

Mon - Thurs: 3:30pm - 10pm
Fri - Sun: 3pm - 10pm

Adults - $79.99

Kids 4 to 10 - $39.99


Mon to Thurs - Breakfast - 8am to 9am
Mon to Thurs - Brunch - 9am to 3pm
Fri to Sun - Gourmet Brunch - 8am to 3pm

Mon to Thurs - Breakfast - $38.99
Mon to Thurs  - Brunch - $45.99
Fri to Sun - Gourmet Brunch - $49.99

Kids 3 to 9 - 50% Off

Mon to Sun - 3pm to 9pm

Mon to Thurs  - $64.99
Fri to Sun - $69.99

Kids 3 to 9 - 50% Off


Weekday Breakfast
8am to 11am
Weekday Lunch 11am to 3pm
Weekend Brunch 9am to 4pm

Breakfast Adults - $38
Breakfast Kids 5 to 10 - $19
Lunch Adults - $45
Lunch Kids 5 to 10 - $22.50
Brunch Adults - $49
Brunch Kids 5 to 10 - $24

Not available

Not available

Circus Circus

Fri to Sun - 7am to 2pm

Adults - $30.99
Kids 4 to 10 - $15.50

Fri to Sun - 4:30pm to 10pm

Adult - $32.99
Kids 4 to 10 - $16.50

MGM Grand

Breakfast: Mon-Thurs 8am - 11am
Lunch: Mon-Thurs 11am-3pm
Brunch: Fri-Sun 8am - 3pm

Breakfast & Lunch: $27.99
Brunch: $36.99
Kids Under 5 are Free

Not available

Not available

Buffet at Luxor


Wed to Sun - 8am to 3pm

Wed & Thur - Adults - $27.99
Wed & Thur - Kids 5 to 11 - $15.99
Fri to Sun - Adults  - $30.99
Fri to Sun - Kids - $16.99

Not available

Not available

Excalibur Buffet


Mon to Sun - 8am to 3pm

Mon to Thur - Adults - $27.99
Mon to Thur - Kids 5 to 11 - $15.99
Fri to Sun - Adults  - $30.99
Fri to Sun - Kids - $16.99

Not available

Not available

A.Y.C.E Buffet


Breakfast - Mon to Fri - 8am to 11am
Brunch - Sat & Sun - 9am to 4pm

Breakfast - Adults - $24.99

Breakfast -  Kids 3 to 11 - $12.99

Brunch Adults - $32.99

Brunch Kids 3 to 11 - $19.99

Dinner - Mon & Tues - 4pm to 9pm
Dinner - Sat - 5pm to 10pm
Dinner - Sun - 5pm to 9pm
Lobster Dinner - Wed - 2pm to 9pm
Crab Feast Dinner - Thurs - 2pm to 9pm
Snow Crab & Prime Rib Dinner - Fri - 4pm to 9pm

Dinner - Adults - $36.99
Dinner - Kids 3 to 11 - $21.99
Lobster Dinner -  Adults - $64.99
Lobster Dinner - Kids 3 to 11 -  $54.99
Crab Feast Dinner - Adults - $58.99
Crab Feast Dinner - Kid 3 to 11 - $48.99
Snow Crab & Prime Rib Dinner - Adults - $42.99
Snow Crab & Prime Rib Dinner - Kid 3 to 11 - $29.99

Garden Buffet

South Point

Breakfast - Mon to Fri - 7am to 10am
Brunch - Sat & Sun - 8am to 3pm
Lunch  - Mon to Fri - 11am to 3pm

Breakfast - Adult - $14.95
Brunch - Adult - $26.95
Lunch  - Adult - $18.95
Breakfast - Club Member - $11.95
Brunch - Club Member - $23.95
Lunch  - Club Member - $23.95
Kids 4 to 8 - 50% Off

Sat to Thurs - Prime Ribb Dinner - 4pm to 9pm

Fri - Seafood Night - 4pm to 9pm

Prime Rib Dinner - Adult - $26.95
Prime Rib Dinner - Club Member - $23.95
Seafood Night -Adult - 44.95
Seafood Night -Club Member - $41.95
Kids 4 to 8 - 50% Off

Fresh Buffet


Brunch: Daily - 7am to 2pm

Brunch - $28
Kids 4 to 12 - 50% off

Main Street Station

Brunch: Daily - 8am to 2pm

Weekday $22.99
Weekend $25.99

Kids 4 to 10 - 50% off

Fri & Sat 4pm to 9pm

Adults - $29.99
Kids 4 to 10 - 50% off

Rampart Casino

Lunch Buffet - Mon, Thurs & Fri - 9am to 2pm
Weekend Champagne Brunch - Sat & Sun - 9am to 2 pm

Lunch Buffet: $19.99
Weekend Champagne Brunch: $31.99
Kids Brunch: $17.99
Kids Lunch: $12.99

Thurs - Mon: 4pm - 8pm

Monday Deli Night: $26.99
Prime Rib Thurs, Fri, Sun: $30.99
Saturday Aloha Night: $30.99
Kid's 12 and under: $17.99

Buffets on the Las Vegas Strip

Casinos and buffets go together almost as well as Elvis and Vegas weddings. The Las Vegas Strip is known for the famous iconic resorts that light up the nights, and many of them have buffets that are just waiting for you to come in and indulge your appetite. Here are the buffets currently open on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Bacchanal Buffet

Bacchanal Buffet

The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace is considered one of the premier buffets in Las Vegas. The Bacchanal Buffet is not only open, but it’s also newly renovated and features hundreds of delicious potions prepared by specialty chefs. 

What makes this buffet stand out is that it’s not just a long line of hot dishes and salads, but it’s also a dining experience. This buffet features open kitchens, and many dishes are prepared right in front of you. This is one of the pricer buffets in Las Vegas, but the selection of worldly cuisine, vegetarian options, high-end cuts of meat, seafood, and endless desserts make it worth it. The Bacchanal made our list of the top seafood buffets on the Strip.

The Bacchanal Buffet is open daily for dinner, and brunch is served Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Wynn Buffet

Wynn Buffet

The Wynn Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas offers an exquisite collection of dishes prepared in sixteen live cooking stations. The Wynn Buffet holds a place among the first generation of high-end Las Vegas buffets. One look at their lineup of more than a hundred entrees and nearly as many side dishes, and you’ll understand why this spot is one of the most popular in Las Vegas. 

The Wynn Buffet is open for breakfast and brunch on the weekend and some days during the week. This is when you can enjoy the eggs benedict station (move over waffle and omelet stations, there’s a new player in town!). The dinner buffet serves all of your favorites, from prime rib dinner and seafood to one-of-a-kind dishes prepared in small batch quantities. 

The Wynn Las Vegas Buffet also offers cocktails, including Endless Pour cocktails, for an additional charge. 

Bellagio Buffet

bellagio buffet

With the Bellagio’s reputation for excellence, you know that this Vegas buffet is going to be filled with delicious options. Buffet lovers will enjoy the international cuisine that features dishes with Italian, Chinese, and Japanese influences. There’s also a nice selection of American fare. There’s one caveat, though. If you want to eat at the Bellagio Buffet, plan on coming a little early because their buffet hours have them closing a little earlier than most. 

The Bellagio Buffet is a great place to grab weekday and weekend brunch and breakfast, plus a nice selection of lunch dishes. Be on the lookout for delicious seafood, including snow crab legs, peel & eat shrimp, smoked salmon, and delicate scallop ceviche. If seafood isn’t your thing, make a trip to the carving station, where delicious, perfectly prepared meats await you. 

Guests with a sweet tooth will love the selection of desserts, including some sugar-free options, fresh pastries, and a personalized gelato stand. 

Wicked Spoon

Wicked Spoon

The Wicked Spoon Buffet in the Cosmopolitan serves up some wicked good food that you won’t find at any ordinary buffet. Let’s start with breakfast, where the selections go far beyond the typical scrambled eggs. For starters, there’s a delicious and fresh breakfast bread station, fresh-pressed juices, an omelet station, and a wonderful selection of salads and savory foods for the non-traditional breakfast person. 

The breakfast menu also doubles as the brunch menu and is served until 11 am. After that, the lunch menu hits the well-crafted buffet, with a large Asian station with dim sum, duck wings, crab legs, and a hot pot station. Additional international dishes include samosas, carnitas, and gyros. Yum!

Meat lovers will want to head to the carving station to enjoy slow-roasted prime rib, Wicked fried chicken, bone marrow, top sirloin, and more. 

Like some of the other buffets currently open in Vegas, the Wicked Spoon closes before the traditional dinner rush really gets started. So come a little earlier, and bring the family because children ages four and younger eat free!

MGM Grand Buffet

mgm grand buffet

We love that MGM Grand’s Buffet is currently open because this spot embodies everything that Las Vegas buffets are supposed to be. The MGM Grand Buffet is open daily for breakfast and lunch, with all types of selections, including fresh pastries, made-to-order omelets, barbecue ribs, pasta, seafood, soups, and yes, lots of desserts!

While the food at the MGM Grand Buffet is better than what you’ll find at many other buffets, the endless beverages are a major attraction. Champagne brunch at the MGM Grand, anyone?

Circus Buffet

Circus Buffet

Fans of the Circus Buffet were greatly disappointed when they began to hear rumors that their favorite family-friendly spot for good eats in Vegas was closing for good. Fortunately, those rumors no longer hold any weight, and the Circus Buffet is open and welcoming you through their doors. 

The Circus Buffet is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – with a small break between lunch and dinner when they switch the buffet over. While you’re not going to get a gourmet dinner at the Circus Buffet, what you can count on is some solidly good food that appeals to many different types of tastes. This is one of the reasons that the location is so popular for families with kids. Children eat at a discounted price, and kids three and younger eat free. 

Buffet at Luxor

buffet at luxor

The Buffet at Luxor has some of the best reviews for a buffet in Las Vegas. Known for their massive 30-ft salad bar, this is buffet dining at its best. Bring your appetite and come prepared to feast on culinary specialties from around the world, along with a slice or two from the homemade pizza station, omelet station, carving station, and more. 

The Buffet at Luxor is open for breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch. There’s also all you can drink draft beer, house wine, and margaritas for an additional charge – but there is a two-hour time limit (you don’t want to be so tipsy that you call it a day after brunch!). We also like that this buffet does not require reservations and doesn’t typically have long waits. Children under the age of 4 also eat for free. 

Excalibur Buffet

Excalibur Buffet

The Excalibur Buffet offers a fun, casual environment to enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, or brunch. Their weekend brunch is a Las Vegas favorite, especially among those who are just looking to kick back and enjoy some great food after spending a long night with Sin City. 

All of the usual suspects can be found on the Excalibur Buffet, including meat dishes like rotisserie chicken, smoked brisket, and beef birria. There are also dishes with an international flair, including some Latin dishes that are full of personality. Make sure you check out the dessert station to see what type of sweet treats are waiting for you. 

Currently, the Excalibur Buffet is open Mondays, then Thursday – Sunday, with buffet hours running until 3pm. 

Garden Buffet at South Point

garden buffet at south point

The Garden Buffet at South Point Casino offers great food at a great price. They’re open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner most days, with a weekend brunch being offered on Saturday and Sunday. If you love all things that come from the sea, make sure to plan a visit on Friday evenings for Seafood Night (there’s also a prime rib dinner for the true carnivores in your group). 

The chef designs each menu, and all the dishes are prepared fresh. The Garden Buffet is the spot to eat at South Point Casino Las Vegas, whether you’re looking forward to a champagne brunch or to digging into the slow-roasted prime rib. 

Off-Strip & Downtown Vegas Buffets

Not everything that happens in Vegas happens on the Las Vegas Strip, including a little buffet action. If your appetite is growing, check out these off-Strip buffets. 

Fresh Buffet at Westgate

Fresh Buffet at Westgate

Fresh Buffet at Westgate is a good, solid buffet that isn’t over the top fancy but also never seems to disappoint. What people love about this Las Vegas buffet is the variety of international flavors, and there seems to be something, no matter what type of mood you’re in. There’s a nice selection of salads and side dishes that are unique to Fresh Buffet, and there are nice touches, like eggs benedict being brought out on nicely warmed plates. 

The Fresh Buffet at Westgate has limited hours, ending at 2pm everyday. The Fresh Buffet is also one of the more economical options, plus kids between the ages of 4-12 eat for half price. 

Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station

Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station

If you’re in downtown Las Vegas and looking for some solidly good eats at a reasonable price, the Garden Court Buffet is your destination. They’re open daily for breakfast and lunch, and everything they offer is on point. There aren’t any elaborate gourmet dishes at the Garden Court Buffet, but considering the quality and taste of every dish, we promise that you’re not missing anything. 

You’ll find most of your favorite buffet foods on this spread. For breakfast, there are all sorts of meats, perfectly cooked eggs, fluffy pancakes and waffles, and crispy hashbrowns. The Sausage biscuits and gravy are better than what you’ll find on many Las Vegas Buffets. 

Keep in mind that because of the price point, you are missing some main buffet attractions, like a nice prime rib roast at the carving station, but there’s plenty to make up for it, and it’s economical. 

Vegas Buffets Not Open Yet (Or Ever)

  • Aria Buffet
  • Bayside at Mandalay Bay
  • Carnival World at Rio
  • Crafted at the Strat
  • Cravings at Mirage
  • Flavors at Harrah’s
  • Le Village at Paris
  • Paradise Garden at Flamingo
  • Spice Market at Planet Hollywood
  • Sterling Brunch at Bally’s
  • Feast Buffets at in the Station Casinos
  • Studio B Buffet at M Resort (Permanently Closed)

Fill Up Your Plate at Your Favorite Las Vegas Buffet

Buffets are a staple of Las Vegas culture, and we’re happy to see so many of them reopening their doors. The next time you’re in the mood for a healthy breakfast bar, a decadent prime rib dinner, or a little of everything in between, pile up your plate and try a little of everything at one of the many great Vegas buffets.

24 thoughts on “All Buffets Open in Las Vegas”

  1. Well I’m still giving hope to station casinos and Sams town and many other strip buffets to reopen. I only gamble and spend time at the casinos that have buffets. I finally realized it’s my money and my time, if you don’t want my money don’t reopen your buffets. Many thanks to those who reopened their buffets, you will see me many more times along with my family and friends and our spreading the word.

  2. Absolutely agree with you. My husband and I have been going to Vegas for years in December to celebrate our anniversary and upon learning most buffets are closed now, we will not be going. So disappointing! Like you said, it was something fun to look forward to. Along with the gambling and shows, Vegas has always been known for their buffets! CEO’s, why don’t you get a consensus from your visitors? Greedy is right!

  3. Sorry to say, But me and my wife decided to go cheap on our last day at Vegas on Feb/2022, and went to the $30 buffet at MGM, turned out a Big DISAPPOINTMENT, very few options and poor service, should had stick as usual to Bacchanal or Bellagio.
    Lesson Learned

    1. George, you are right. Some of the less expensive buffets on the Strip are quite disappointing after the Bacchanal, Bellagio, or Wynn. However, the new AYCE Buffet at the Palms is a real hit. We’ll do a full review shortly.

  4. After almost three years of no traveling, our family of six was looking forward to visiting Vegas from Canada this Christmas. We normally go to Vegas three times a year. However, after learning that The M and the Station casinos no longer have their buffets (which were our favorites), we are considering canceling our plans. The buffets were the best part of Vegas – at least you got something for your money. Very, very disappointed that the Vegas CEOs are getting so greedy.

  5. Guillermo Salazar Valdez

    I am a fan of the buffet scene try them all before the pandemic, but after covid 19 wow the prices are sky high no more buffet time to bad I was a great customer of the breakfast 10.00 bucks minus your hotel card cost you less than the amount that I mention, sad time for the buffet industry and for the fans of this I con of good times. Sincerely MEMO

  6. Perhaps it’s a catch 22, not enough people to open the Vegas buffets and no one going until the buffets are open. We now have a few casino buffets open near our home city and we’ve visited them a number of times. Hopefully Vegas will re-open buffets soon.

  7. No more Station Casino for me until they bring back the Buffet. I used to lose a $1000 each visit 8 times a year.
    Now no Buffet and no more visits from me.

  8. Very disappointed Caesars’ properties have not open their buffets. Only one open is the Caesars Palace and you need reservations a week in advance and it costs a fortune. Want to use my points for Breakfast at Harrah’s Honestly not having a buffets really reduces the value of their rewards which is already pretty useless and gets more os every year.

    1. I agree. We go a few times every year and love Harrah’s buffet- Flavors. Going in October but it may be our last time. The buffet in Ceasar’s is over priced and is horrible.

  9. Cannot believe the buffet at the M Resort closed, it was the only draw we would drive that far for… oh well i guess these new managers know better than the market, lol.

    1. I’m with you. M had the best buffet in my opinion. The. Ew .angers are making a huge mistake. Their revenue is going to tank.

  10. Who can afford most of the buffets that are open. Been going to Vegas for many years. Have found other places to spend my money lately. Takes the fun out of going to Vegas when you have to spend so much money just to eat a good meal, on top of the hotel prices & the airfare. Takes away from the reason I visited Vegas, the gambling. Which you can do in about any big city now adays.

  11. Carol robinson

    I am glad the buffets are coming back that is one of the best parts of coming to vegas every year. Ive missed having them. I enjoying eating the breakfast bar to get my day started off right. Hope they are open when i visit in october

  12. What a horrible decision it was not to re open Buffet at the Station Casinos. So many of us looked forward to a little of old Vegas by dining at least once when we are in town. We now have to pay for parking at higher end casino and pay $$$.$$ for my husband and I when we are in town leaving us less $$ to play or attend shows. We are frequent visitors 5-6 times a year.

    1. Vegas has always used food to attract people to Gamble. It seems they forgot about us. I remember going to the Golden Nugget for steak n eggs and they had a buffet also. Really cheap! Then after we ate I found myself at a machine jamming hundred dollar bills in the Machine. We laugh, saying that 2.99 breakfast was $299. No deals anymore, it seems maybe locals ruined those deals by not gambling . 2 million people in Vegas live there. I cut my Vegas Trips back from 4 times a year to once. I find myself buying food at a store because the restaurants are such a rip-off.

  13. When are the cheap buffets going to open? Such as station casinos, eastside cannery, arizona charlies, for example? Great, that you provide some info on what is open, but how about a little deeper digging on “when” the others will open?

  14. Palms will open their AYCE buffet when they open. Lucky locals I would definitely frequent that casino. Station Casinos is not very wise on not opening their buffets or at least a few casino buffets. Their loss. I know plenty of people that haven’t been back to their casinos since they said they won’t reopen buffets.

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