4 Star Hotels in Las Vegas

Last Updated on September 29, 2022

When you plan your trip to Las Vegas, staying in luxury is often high on the list. If it’s luxuriousness and relaxation you’re after, there are several 4-star hotels in Las Vegas that offer exactly that. You also don’t have to break the bank because many of them come at a reasonable price. Let’s take a look at the options and what exactly makes a 4-star hotel in Las Vegas.

What Makes a 4-Star Hotel

A hotel earns its four-star rating by providing an overall elevated experience for its guests. These hotels and resorts typically have excellent customer service, a wide range of facilities, upscale decor, and refined accommodations. You’ll find that four-star hotels offer on-site restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and nightlife, as well as convenient amenities such as concierge service and laundry service. 

4-Star Hotels on the Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is the main attraction for many visiting Sin City. 4-star hotels on the Las Vegas Strip offer a location within walking distance to all the entertainment, nightlife, and events that the city is known for. Let’s take a closer look at the excellent 4-star hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Hotel

Planet Hollywood is designed to blend Hollywood and Sin City with its glittering chandeliers, crystal balls, and brilliant LED lights. Planet Hollywood has the Miracle Mile Shops, a casino, sportsbook, bars, restaurants, and headliner entertainers. 

In addition to the range of things to do, there are several amenities Planet Hollywood provides to its guests, including a pool with the Flowrider Experience, a full-service spa, laundry services, luggage services, concierge, fitness center, room service, and that’s just the beginning. 

Planet Hollywood isn’t rated a four-star hotel because of their standard rooms since they are mid-range, but instead, they earn their four-star rating by the sheer attention to entertainment, amenities, and service. 


Paris Hotel Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas brought France to the Strip with their Parisian theme, including a replica Eiffel Tower and French restaurants. But don’t worry, they know that they are still in Las Vegas, which is why they boast shows, nightclubs, a race and sportsbook, and a casino. 

Their rooms are upscale, and their location is right in the heart of the strip. They offer the amenities of many four-star hotels, including an endless list of things to do like shopping, entertainment, restaurants, and nightlife.

They also know how to care for their guests, tending to every need with concierge, room service, luggage service, a fitness center, the Soleil Las Vegas Pool, a full-service spa, and more. Still, it’s their attention to the Parisian details is that make them an excellent 4-star hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

MGM Grand Hotel

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino earns its four stars for being one of the largest and most accommodating resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. The MGM Grand is huge, for lack of a better term, and stuffs all of the best of Vegas under one roof. 

MGM Grand hosts some of the best restaurants in the world, including a slew of celebrity chef restaurants, making this resort a foodie’s paradise. When you’d rather spend time in the sun instead of the dinner table, there’s the Grand Pool Complex which is exclusively available only to guests. It includes four pools, three whirlpools, a lazy river, and the Wet Republic Ultra Pool, which is essentially a poolside club. 

Other things to do include a number of nightlife options, the race and sportsbook, headliner entertainment, and shopping. Of course, MGM Grand boasts multiple four-star amenities, including a full-service spa, fitness center, concierge, luggage service, room service, and access to the Las Vegas Monorail. 

Park MGM

Park MGM

Park MGM is another resort of the MGM brand. It is located on the strip and boasts upscale rooms with European touches. Park MGM is a smaller, more intimate resort but has all of the 4-star amenities you expect.

Guests can enjoy high-end restaurant options, headliner entertainment, a pool complex that includes three pools and a whirlpool, a full-service spa, dry cleaning services, a hair salon, concierge services, a sportsbook, and a casino. 

Park MGM takes an elevated, intimate approach to Las Vegas without compromising the fun. 


Westgate Las Vegas

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino has an interesting history since they are celebrated for being the venue where Elvis sold out 837 consecutive shows. The Westgate is also known for its variety of luxury suites, abundant amenities, and excellent service. 

The Westgate is located next to the Las Vegas Convention Center but has access to the Las Vegas Monorail, which provides convenient transportation to the rest of the Strip. The Westgate is also home to the World’s Largest Race and Sportsbook, making it a popular destination for game day action.

Other amenities of this four-star resort include a fitness center, room service, game room, a pool complex, sauna, tennis court, airport transportation, a spa, and concierge. Of course, there’s a slew of upgraded room amenities like allergy-free rooms, flatscreen TVs, and blackout curtains. 

Treasure Island

Treasure Island Hotel

Treasure Island is a Radisson Hotel located on the Las Vegas Strip that boasts headliner entertainment, a tropical pool, restaurants, and nightlife. Treasure Island is known for being affordable while still offering high-class amenities. 

Guests can indulge in the full-service spa and salon, steam room, concierge, shops, fitness center, and casino. One of the notable headliners is Cirque du Soleil which is a must anytime you’re in Las Vegas. 


Ballys hotel las vegas

Ballys is an affordable option when it comes to 4-star hotels in Las Vegas. They combine classic and modern Vegas, offering a good selection of entertainment, nightlife, restaurants, and hotel amenities. 

It is home to the ever-so-popular Nobu, which is a favorite restaurant of celebrities. They offer Blu Pool Las Vegas, the outdoor Grand Bazaar Shops, a fitness center, concierge, a race and sportsbook, a poker room, and a casino. 

Though they don’t have as many amenities, restaurants, or things to do as a larger resort such as MGM Grand, Ballys makes up for it in their crisp rooms and elegant decor. 

4-Star Hotels Off the Strip in Las Vegas

Not all of the 4-star hotels in Las Vegas are on the Strip. If you are looking for a great stay away from the Strip, take a look at these resort options.


Rio Hotel Las Vegas

Rio is located just a short distance from the Las Vegas Strip. The Rio offers a Brazilian theme with colorful decor and is packed with entertainment, nightlife, and restaurants. Rio is also famous for hosting the World Series of Poker and having an 800-foot high zipline. 

This 4-star hotel in Las Vegas also has all of the amenities you want, like the VooDoo Beach with four pool areas including an adults-only pool, shops, fitness center, full-service spa, room service, concierge, luggage service, race and sportsbook, and casino.  


Plaza Las Vegas Hotel

The Plaza in Las Vegas is located off the Strip in the Downtown area. It’s a great four-star hotel option in Las Vegas because it is under 5 miles to the Strip and boasts a huge casino, the William Hill Race and Sportsbook, and a pro poker room. There’s definitely some fun to be had at this 4-start hotel. 

While there are many restaurants and numerous lounges, the Plaza offers many more recreational activities than some of the other four-star hotels on this list. 

Tennis courts, basketball courts, pickleball, foosball, cornhole, and a fun pool complex are available to guests. If you feel like lounging poolside, the pool area includes a wading deck, a blackjack gaming pit, and jacuzzis. Elevate your poolside experience with cabana rentals or daybeds, and then refresh yourself at the bar and food truck. 

With all the other luxury amenities they offer, The Plaza is the perfect resort for active families or couples. 

Choosing Between 4 Star Hotels in Las Vegas

With so many 4 Star Hotels in Las Vegas, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. Let’s go over some considerations, so you make the perfect decision on your next trip.

Rates & Resort Fees

Often people assume that 4-star hotels come with a hefty price tag. However, in Las Vegas, there are affordable options as well. Always consider your budget when it comes to your selection. If you are on a tight budget, we recommend Treasure Island or Bally’s. 

Things to Do

Everyone likes to do different things. Consider your personal preferences and goals of your trip when selecting 4-star hotels in Las Vegas. Resorts like MGM Grand offer the widest range of things to do, whereas you may consider the Plaza if you are looking for a more active trip. 


Every 4-star hotel in Las Vegas offers a slew of amenities, but if there is one amenity that you are really looking forward to, like a spa, you should ensure that the resort you choose offers that service. 


When in Las Vegas, many travelers don’t spend much time in the room. If that is the case for you, Planet Hollywood is an excellent choice since their rooms are a little more basic, but the amenities and things to do are superior. If you are looking for a more refined room to spend some relaxation time, consider Park MGM for its intimate, refined accommodations.


What does a 4-star hotel mean?

A 4-star hotel means that the hotel provides superior service, an elevated experience, upscale accommodations, and offers a range of facilities for their guests. 

What is the best 4-star hotel in Vegas?

The best 4-star hotel in Vegas is the MGM Grand for its extensive amenities and entertainment. 

How many stars does Bally’s Las Vegas have?

Bally’s Las Vegas is a 4-star hotel. 

Bottom Line 

The luxury and comfort of a 4-star hotel are within every budget. No matter which of the 4-star hotels in Las Vegas on our list that you choose, it is guaranteed to be a good time.

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