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Last Updated on April 19, 2023

Barry’s Downtown Prime Las Vegas, located on the infamous Fremont Street, is a modern steakhouse concept that’s infused with a throwback vibe and vintage glamour. It’s evident from the moment you walk through the door that what you’re about to embark on isn’t your typical steakhouse experience. 

Barrys Downtown Prime Dining Room

Every detail, from the menu, wine list, and creative cocktails, to the glamorous old-fashioned hospitality, luxurious decor, and attentive staff, is carefully curated to provide each guest with a memorable experience. 

The Team at Barry’s Downtown Prime

The Team at Barry's Downtown Prime

Barry’s Downtown Prime is the brainchild of Make It Happen Hospitality LLC, but it’s the team that shows up every day that keeps Barry’s Downtown Prime rated as one of the best steakhouses in Las Vegas by offering the city’s finest steaks, outstanding service, keeping the unique steakhouse concept alive, and making sure each guest feels like family. 

Owner and Chef Barry S Dakake is the one who creates and helps to execute a classic steakhouse menu that’s infused with modern innovation. Along with Chef Barry are co-owners Donnie Rihn, Yassine Lyoubi, and Marco Cicione (also the masterful wine director). Patrick Hodge III serves as Chef Barry’s partner as chef de cuisine. 


The menu at Barry’s Downtown Prime offers the City’s finest stakes and dishes that are created with modern innovation while retaining the allure of a classic steakhouse. The menu features several categories of dishes that you’ll have a difficult time choosing from during your visit. 

Appetizers & First Courses

We’ve noticed a trend in steakhouses in Las Vegas, where the appetizer menu is almost exclusively filled with seafood options, offering little for the guest who might prefer their appetizer not to come from the sea. Barry’s Downtown Prime is different in that there is seafood on the appetizer menu, but there are other selections too. 

The appetizer portion of the menu isn’t large, but it does offer a nice variety. 

For example, guests can start their culinary journey at Barry’s Downtown Prime with Fettuccine Alfredo Bone Marrow Luge, Braised Short Rib Ravioli, or Buffalo Chicken Wontons. For those that do crave seafood appetizers, the Chilled Shellfish Platter with Maine Lobster, King Crab Legs, Oysters, Calamari Salad, and more is pure heaven. 

For the soups and salad portion of the menu, the Lobster Bisque or Onion Soup is hard to go wrong with. There’s also a nice selection of salads if you desire something a little lighter. 

Steaks & Entrees

So, now we come to the real stars of the show. Barry’s Downtown Prime is considered a steakhouse, so you can expect the steaks to be the center of attention. 

The menu offers both wet and dry-aged steaks, along with American Wagyu. If you’re someone who prefers Japanese Wagyu hands down over American, we encourage you to give the Mishima Reserve Tomahawk Rib Eye a try. It’s a massive steak weighing 46 ounces, so this is definitely a dish you want to share. 

Wet-aged steaks that will tempt your palate include Barry’s Steak, which is a 12-ounce rib cap, and the Bison Filet. For a side to accompany the steak, the Whole Maine Lobster Mac & Cheese is among the best we’ve tasted, and the Roasted Bone Marrow is pure decadence. For veggies, the Crispy Brussel Sprouts, Creamed Spinach, and Grilled Asparagus are solid go-to’s. 

Additional entrees that are popular at Barry’s Downtown Prime include the Colorado Lamb Chops, Surf & Turf, and Barry’s Burger. The Burger is crafted with American Wagyu and topped with caramelized onions, mushrooms, and cheese. It’s served with fries, but if you’re in the mood for true comfort food, ask to be served mashed potatoes instead (even more decadent when you have lobster added to them!). 

Vegan Menu

Whether you’re vegan or just enjoy a really delicious vegan meal from time to time, finding a great vegan menu at a steakhouse is often a challenge. We give Barry’s Downtown Prime serious props for the effort they’ve put into the dishes on the vegan menu. 

Options like Roasted Asparagus Soup, Vegan Chicken Marsala, and Vegan Ceviche step outside the box and are cooked with the same care and dedication to amazing flavor that the rest of the menu is given. The vegan menu isn’t huge, but it is ample enough that most non-carnivores will be satisfied. 


Vegan Chocolate Cake

It’s difficult not to get a little giddy when writing about the dessert menu at most restaurants, but Barry’s Downtown Prime takes it up to the next level. We love that their desserts are modern representations of the classics. 

We’re talking about classic desserts like Banana Cream Pie, Creme Brulee, and Sticky Toffee Butter Cake that will have you hooked from the first bite. For a showstopper of a dessert, choose the Tahitian Baked Alaska or the Campfire S’mores – both of which are enhanced with fresh tableside preparations. The Tahitian Baked Alaska features a combination of chocolate, Tahitian Vanilla, and Strawberry ice Cream. There’s a reason that desserts like these are considered classics! 


Wine at Barry's Downtown Prime

For wine aficionados, the wine list at Barry’s Downtown Prime is one that impresses. With about seventeen pages of wines from around the world, it’s more or less a playground for wine lovers. 

What’s truly wonderful about the wine list at Barry’s Downtown Prime is that it’s so inclusive for just about every budget. Bottles are offered that cost less than $100 and go up in price to cherished, exclusive rare bottles that cost in the thousands. 

Dress Code

When dressing for a visit to Barry’s Downtown Prime Las Vegas, keep in mind that the restaurant is infused with classy, vintage glamour and that you want to dress appropriately for the experience. Business casual or elevated casual attire is appropriate. Don’t be afraid to glam it up a little! 

Are Children Allowed?

Are Children Allowed

There seems to be a bit of a gray area when it comes to whether or not children are allowed to dine at Barry’s Downtown Prime. Circa, where Barry’s Downtown Prime is located, is a 21+-only hotel, so it stands to reason that anyone under 21 isn’t allowed at any of the venues at the property. However, there’s no stated policy about this. 

Our understanding is that older children may dine at Barry’s Downtown Prime but that it may be necessary to have a staff member from the hotel escort the child and the accompanying adult(s) to the restaurant to ensure that the 21+ policy throughout the hotel is adhered to. This is likely also for the safety of the child since the atmosphere isn’t one that’s well suited for children. 

If you’re attending a private dining occasion, such as a birthday dinner party or another event, it never hurts to contact the hotel or restaurant directly to ask if children are welcome.  


Barry’s Downtown Prime opens daily at 4:30 pm. The first half hour that they’re open is reserved for bar guests only. Dinner service is offered to begin at 5 pm daily. If you make an early dinner reservation and arrive before your table is ready, the early bar opening time gives you the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful cocktail or two before you’re shown to your table. 

During the week, Barry’s Downtown Prime Las Vegas is open until 10 pm. On Friday and Saturday nights, the restaurant stays open to serve the city’s finest steaks and more until 11 pm. Barry’s Downtown Prime isn’t open for lunch. 


Barry’s Downtown Prime can best be described as Downtown’s legacy in Las Vegas. The restaurant is located in the Circa Resort & Casino at 8 East Fremont Street in Las Vegas. 

Key Takeaways

  • Barry’s Downtown Prime is one of the best steakhouses in Las Vegas.
  • With a throwback vibe worthy of supplying the backdrop for amazing selfies, the food, and drinks combine to epitomize “the good life.”
  • Barry’s Downtown Prime is located in the Circa Hotel & Casino on Fremont St.
  • Dinner is served nightly beginning at 5 pm, and the bar opens a half hour earlier than the dining room. 
  • Reservations and private parties are accepted. 
  • Prices are typical for an upscale steakhouse dining experience.
  • Call ahead before bringing guests under the age of 21 

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