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Last Updated on March 22, 2023

You can find all types of cuisine in Las Vegas, including delicious Ethiopian food with just the right amount of spice that you’ve been craving. We’ve taken a look at the Ethiopian restaurants in Las Vegas, looked at their menus, the types of food they serve, ambiance, price, and the quality of service to come up with a list of the best. 

When Ethiopian food in Las Vegas is what you have in mind, these top spots are perfect for lunch, dinner, dessert, or a late-night meal. 

Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar


Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar is an unassuming restaurant located in a strip mall just a few blocks away from the Las Vegas Strip. It’s also the perfect example of how great things in Vegas don’t need to come in flashy packages. Lucy Ethiopian has a long-standing reputation of being a favorite among both locals and out-of-towners. 

The atmosphere is warm, inviting, and often compared to being welcomed into a friend’s home. Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant also has outside seating on its patio, perfect for an early evening meal on a more temperate day in Vegas. 

Of course, the real star of the show, and why Lucy wins the top spot, is the food. The dishes are authentic, with fresh, vibrant flavors that leave you craving more. A few favorites on Lucy Ethiopian’s menu include the Veggie or Meat Sambusas for starters and then a tasty selection of main dishes to follow. 

Special Kitfo is a popular dish at Lucy. It’s lean ground beef tartare with authentic Ethiopian herb butter and spicy mitmita mix. Cottage cheese and collard greens cool the spice and add a nice balance. The whole, fried tilapia is a showstopper from a presentation standpoint, and there’s also a nice selection of vegetarian dishes. Lucy also serves breakfast. 

The prices at Lucy are very reasonable, especially for Las Vegas. Lunch and dinner selections offer generous portions and are priced between $7-$16. A selection of beer is available for $5 or less a bottle. 

For Ethiopian restaurants in Las Vegas, Lucy is perfect for a casual meal or a date night that’s close to the Strip but a little quieter. Lucy is currently open for dine-in and carryout. Join them starting at 10:30 am for breakfast, or stop by for a late-night bite until they close at 1 am. 

Asmara Restaurant

Best Ethiopian Restaurant Runner Up

No matter where you are, it seems like it’s the little hole-in-the-wall restaurants that always surprise you with the best food. Asmara Restaurant in Las Vegas is no exception. At first glance, Asmara, with a location a few miles away from the Strip, gives off the impression of an off-the-beaten-path restaurant. 

What you find inside is something a bit unexpected. The dining area is rather small and intimate, with a larger bar area. The menu is small at Asmara Restaurant, featuring just over a dozen dishes, but each one is authentic and so spot-on for the flavor of true Ethiopian cuisine. Customer reviews overwhelming rave about their Ethiopian food, especially the Injera, a style of Ethiopian flatbread. 

Asmara’s menu prices range from about $10-$15, and you won’t want to pass up the complimentary Ethiopian coffee. Asmara Restaurant is open in the evenings until nearly dawn. Their regular hours of operation are 5 pm – 4 am daily. 

Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant is recognized among Vegas locals for its ambiance almost as much as their delicious Ethiopian food. Like the other Ethiopian restaurants on this list, Abyssinia’s location is tucked into a strip mall a few miles off the Strip. It’s one of those places that if you’re not really looking for it, you might miss it altogether. 

When you first walk in, you enter through a hookah lounge, where you’ll find a doorway to the restaurant off to the side. The inside of Abyssinia is elegant but inviting, and the aroma of Ethiopian food invites you to make yourself comfortable and stay awhile. 

Anysssinia’s menu is larger than some of the other Ethiopian restaurants on the list. Their pricing is also slightly higher but still very reasonable in the culinary world of Las Vegas. You can tell by the taste of their dishes that their ingredients are fresh and the chef has a true passion for the regional cuisine. The Vegetable Combo and Beef Ribs are among the most popular dishes. 

The one area that Abyssinia takes a couple of hits in their customer reviews is service. Some comments make mention of the slow service. One thing to keep in mind is that Ethiopian food is just as much about the experience as it is the food itself. Come here when you have time to relax and enjoy a slower pace. 

Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant is open Monday – Thursday from 4 pm – 5 am, and Friday – Sunday from 7 pm – 5 pm. 

Nu Ethiopian Kitchen

One of the lesser-known Ethiopian restaurants in Vegas, Nu Ethiopian has a devoted following among locals. Nu Ethiopian Kitchen creates meals that are flavorful, authentic, and vibrant. The presentation is beautiful, and according to the reviews, if you haven’t tried this hidden treasure, you’re missing out. 

The menu features a good selection of vegan dishes, like the traditional Gomen, and Shiro, which is ground chickpeas simmered in a perfectly spiced sauce. The Vegetarian Combination is also very popular. Nu Ethiopian has more appetizers and wraps on their menu than other Ethiopian restaurants in the area, plus they offer a selection of breakfast dishes. 

Nu Ethiopian is worth exploring, especially if you’re looking for a more modern ambiance and beautiful presentation of food. They’re open from 11 am – 10 pm daily, except for Sundays when they open at noon. 

Habesha Ethiopian

Habesha Ethiopian is one of the more beautiful Ethiopian restaurants in Las Vegas. It’s hard to find someone who has eaten here to say a negative word about them. The food is amazing, the staff is friendly, and they have a fully stocked bar. 

The menu features traditional starters like lentil of beef samboussas. Main courses include the treasured staples of Ethiopian food, like Kitfo, Lamb Tibs, Gomen, and a nice selection of vegetarian and meat dishes. Habesha Ethiopian also likes to tease you with a menu of breakfast items, but currently, these options aren’t available. 

Habesha Ethiopian has a location in a strip mall on Flamingo Rd. in Las Vegas. They’re open daily from 11 am – 11 pm. 


What is the best Ethiopian restaurant in Vegas?

There are a handful of contenders for the best Ethiopian restaurant in Las Vegas. The favorite on this list is Lucy, but each restaurant we named has a devoted following that would say that they’re the best. The trick to finding your new favorite Ethiopian restaurants is to look for them. Most are tucked in strip malls where you might not see them at first glance. 

What is the most popular Ethiopian dish?

One of the staples of Ethiopian food is the injera, a type of flatbread that’s traditionally made with teff. Injera is used in place of utensils to pick up favorite Ethiopian foods like Gomen, Tibbs, Kitfo, and various stews. 

Bottom Line

Ethiopian cuisine is becoming one of the most popular types of food. In a city where the culinary scene is always hot, Ethiopian cuisine is a blossoming trend. Lucy Ethiopian restaurant Las Vegas NV wins the top spot for their menus, price, ambiance, and service, but honestly, others are almost as good. Try a few, find your favorite, and enjoy.

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