15 Best Hotels for Kids in Las Vegas

Last Updated on May 7, 2022

Las Vegas has a reputation of being a playground for adults, but there are plenty of amazing, fun, family-friendly things to see and do. When looking for a place to stay, you want a hotel or resort that offers as much for the kids as it does for you. Whether you’re staying on or off the Las Vegas Strip, there are plenty of kid-friendly hotels that you’ll love staying at. 

When you’re looking for kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas, one thing to keep in mind is the age of your young travel companions. Some hotels are great for younger kids, but teens might find the lack of age-appropriate entertainment a bit boring. Likewise, there are great hotels for teens, but some things might not be appropriate for younger children. 

To save you the stress of finding the perfect Las Vegas hotel for your next family vacation, here’s a list of the 16 best hotels for kids in Las Vegas – and as a bonus, we’ve grouped them by age!

Best Hotels for Toddlers 

Traveling with toddlers or babies is an entirely different experience than traveling with older kids. Most parents that travel with toddlers want a hotel that isn’t huge on the party scene has wonderful in-room amenities for those times when the little one is too tired to go out and is welcoming to even the youngest of guests. 

South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa 

south point hotel, casino & spa 

There are more than a few reasons to love South Point Hotel as a kid-friendly hotel in Las Vegas. For starters, there’s its location on Las Vegas Boulevard, which puts it just a short distance from all the most famous Vegas attractions. Just because you’re traveling with a young one doesn’t mean you have to stay far away from the Strip. 

The next reason we really like South Point is that even though it’s reasonably close to all the action, it has a definite quieter feel to it. There’s a casino if you want to spend a little time at the tables (without the little one), but it isn’t a hotel where you’ll find too much traffic, especially during the wee hours of the morning. 

The rooms at South Point Hotel are spacious, with lots of room to stretch out and let your little one play. Plush mattresses are great for mid-day naps, and 50-inch television is perfect for snuggling up and watching a family-friendly show. 

There’s also a bowling center, movie theater, showroom, restaurants for all tastes, and a fabulous spa for those times when you want to sneak off and indulge in a little pampering by yourself. 

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas 

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas 

The Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas is perfect for parents of babies and toddlers that want the experience of a luxury hotel that’s also welcoming of young children. The Four Seasons is a non-gaming hotel located on the Las Vegas Strip, and while there isn’t a ton of activities to do at the hotel itself, it offers a wonderful, luxurious reprieve for families after a long day of exploring Las Vegas. 

The rooms at the Four Seasons are roomy and comfortable, with twice-daily housekeeping available. They also offer babysitting services for those times when you want to relax by the pool, indulge at the spa, or maybe try your luck at one of the nearby casinos. 

Green Valley Ranch Resort 

Green Valley Ranch Resort 

The Green Valley Ranch Resort is an off-Strip hotel with a location that’s just a bit removed from the constant buzzing energy of the busiest sections of Las Vegas. You’ll find everything that adults love at this resort, like a wonderful pool complex, casino, and spa, but there are also fun things to do with your little one. 

One of the main attractions that both parents and youngsters will enjoy is Kids Quest. Kids Quest is a wonderfully engaging venue for kids that offers a wide range of supervised, age-appropriate activities that kids can enjoy while the parents go off and have a little fun on their own. Kids Quest is available for an hourly fee, with more details available at each location. 

Best Vegas Hotels for 6-12-Year-Olds

Traveling with older kids might seem more accessible than visiting Las Vegas with little ones, but it’s also more challenging in some ways. Bigger kids want to experience more of Las Vegas and crave to be entertained with fun and exciting activities. Considering this, here are some of the best kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas for your 6-12-year-olds. 

Mirage Hotel & Casino

Mirage Hotel & Casino

The Mirage Hotel & Casino offers a good selection of larger rooms and suites that are perfect for families with older children. Smaller families will enjoy staying in one of the double queen rooms with a view of the Mirage Volcano, or step up with a bit more space and luxury and choose one of the suites or villas. 

At the Mirage, you’ll also find attractions that older kids will love, like Siegfried & Roy’s  Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat, family-friendly entertainment options for older kids, and an up-close view of the Mirage Volcano, which erupts nightly into a wonderful display of fire, color, and music. 

Excalibur Hotel

Excalibur Hotel

The Excalibur Las Vegas is arguably one of the most well-known kid-friendly hotels in Vegas. The rooms at Excalibur or classic and comfortable, with the larger two-bedroom suites being perfect for a little extra room to spread out and relax. Dogs are also welcome at Excalibur, which is important if the fur babies are tagging along too. 

Excalibur offers the Tournament of Kings dinner show, which both older children and adults will enjoy, along with several other entertainment options for the entire family. There aren’t a ton of dining options at the Excalibur Hotel, but what they do have is suitable for even picky eaters for those times when you just want to eat where you’re staying instead of venturing out. 

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

If you’re looking at family hotels in Las Vegas and want one that offers lots to do while still welcoming children, Mandalay Bay Resort is exactly what you’re looking for. 

One of the main attractions at Mandalay Bay is the Shark Reef Aquarium, which is home to more than 2,000 animals, including sea creatures of all sorts, endangered green sea turtles, a Komodo dragon, and more. We also like that Mandalay Bay has such a nice selection of restaurants, from more upscale options to very casual spots where kids can get their hands all messy. 

Another area that earns Mandalay Bay high marks is the Mandalay Bay Beach. This is an 11-acre aquatic paradise with sun, sand, yummy eats, a wave pool, and a lazy river to float along with the kids in. 

Circus Circus 

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Circus Circus is one of those Las Vegas hotels that offers something for kids of all ages (including the ones that are technically all grown up). Long known as one of the best kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas, you’ll find attractions for the whole family here, like the Adventuredome with rides, games, and activities suited to every group. 

Circus Circus also offers the Midway with hundreds of arcade and carnival games, along with free circus shows throughout the day and The Splash Zone for some wet and wacky family fun. The Splash Zone features splash playgrounds, a kid-friendly pool, gigantic water slides, and lots of kid-friendly fare for when hunger strikes.  

Hilton Grand Vacations 

Hilton Grand Vacations 

Hilton Grand Vacations has several locations in Las Vegas, but we like this one that’s right on the Las Vegas Strip for families who are looking for a nice, quiet place to stay that’s still within walking distance to the most popular Vegas attractions. 

This hotel is one that seems like it was designed for families. It’s a non-gaming hotel, so you don’t have all the loud noise and shenanigans that can sometimes happen in casino hotels. There’s also a great pool complex with a shallow, kid-friendly pool that’s even equipped with spray fountains. Kids will also enjoy the activity lounge with all sorts of board games, table tennis, billiards, and more. 

Wynn Las Vegas

The Wynn Las Vegas is a nice reprieve for family travel in Las Vegas if you have older kids or teens that are cool with relaxing and exploring Las Vegas at a more leisurely pace. Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, the location is ideal for all the Vegas sightseeing you can imagine, but its more relaxed vibe makes it perfect for when it’s time to rest or call it a day. 

We like that the Wynn has multiple pools, with private cabanas available. If one pool is too busy or doesn’t feel kid-friendly at the moment, simply try another. The Lake of Dreams Show, which runs nightly every thirty minutes, is a magical display of puppetry, lights, and sound that children of all ages will enjoy. 

Golden Nugget Hotel 

Golden Nugget Hotel 

Given that the Golden Nugget Hotel is located on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, it might not be the best hotel for families with small children, but if your gang is a little older, this hotel does offer a great location, spacious rooms, and a fun locale that’s not on the Las Vegas Strip. 

The Golden Nugget is located within walking distance to many downtown attractions, plus the Fremont Street Experience. While Fremont Street isn’t exactly family-friendly at night, you can find kid-friendly activities there during the day. Plus, the Golden Nugget is home to “The Tank,” which is an award-winning pool complex that features a live shark tank right in the middle. 

MGM Grand Hotel

MGM Grand Hotel

The MGM Grand is a great hotel for the whole family, including your four-legged, furry kids. The MGM Grand has a great central location in Las Vegas and is just an all-around wonderful place to take the family when traveling to Vegas. 

The MGM Grand Pool Complex is also attractive to families with kids who love spending time in the water. The entire complex sits on 6.5 acres with multiple pools, a lazy river, cave-like grottos, and more. You’ll also find lots of kid-friendly dining and entertainment at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, 

Best Hotels In Las Vegas for Teenagers 

Traveling with teenagers is different than traveling with little kids. Many teenagers are mature enough that you could consider them young adults, but age restrictions prevent them from participating in many types of Vegas entertainment. It’s important to find the right hotels in Las Vegas that are kid-friendly but also offer amenities that teens will enjoy without being geared at too young of an audience. We think these hotels are perfect. 

New York New York Hotel & Casino 

New York New York Hotel & Casino 

On a certain level, it feels as though the New York New York Hotel & Casino was designed for families with teens that love a little adventure, fun, and laughs. 

One of the main attractions teens will enjoy in New York New York is the Big Apple Roller Coaster that soars into the sky and then does a 180-degree twist. This is the perfect way to get the adrenaline pumping before heading out to experience the city. There’s also the Big Apple Arcade, where you and your teens can lose hours indulging in a little competitive play. 

Teens will enjoy shows at the New York New York, like Terry Factor and his comedic puppetry. Many of the dining options also have a big city feel to them and feature cuisine that teens will love. 

Venetian Resort Las Vegas

Venetian Resort Las Vegas

One of the most wonderful things about traveling with teens is that you can stay in hotels that you might have stayed away from when they were younger, simply because of the more mature vibe of the hotel. If you want to give your teen a taste of luxury, the Venetian Las Vegas is perfect. 

Take your teen shopping at the picturesque Grand Canal Shoppes, and maybe enjoy a gondola ride while you’re there. You’ll also find lots of concerts and show that might be of interest to your teen, a beautiful pool complex for them to relax at, and a long list of restaurants with just about every type of cuisine imaginable. 

The Strat

The Strat

The Strat is one of the family-friendly hotels in Las Vegas that is great for teens. The Strat is a premier location in Vegas for those seeking thrills and extreme experiences (which describes many teens so perfectly). 

Activities at the Strat that will capture your teen’s attention include the Skypod and Observation Deck, where they can get a 360-degree view of Las Vegas from high in the air, several thrill rides, and the famous Strat SkyJump for true thrill-seekers. 

Teens will also enjoy many of the entertainment options at the Strat, including shows that feature magic and comedy that are appropriate for teen and adult audiences. 

Red Rock Casino Resort

Red Rock Casino Resort

The Red Rock Casino Resort is removed from the main strip in Las Vegas but still close enough that you can drive to all the main attractions without much hassle at all. The Red Rock Resort is perfect for families with teens because they have so many activities on-site and close by that teens will enjoy. 

At Red Rock Resorts, families with teens and kids of all ages will enjoy the large pool complex, complete with sprinklers, a large bowling alley, movie theater, and a kids club (great for younger siblings), and other family-friendly activities. 

Finding the Best Kid-Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas 

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas for your next family vacation? The city, while known for a lot of different things, also has some of the best family-friendly hotels in the country. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly options away from the Strip or a sprawling two-bedroom suite right in the heart of the action, Las Vegas has an option for every family. 

When choosing a kid-friendly hotel, look for amenities like kid-friendly swimming pools, spacious suites, family-friendly entertainment like the Cirque du Soleil shows, magic shows, and puppetry, plus a place where the hotel’s restaurants appeal to all the different appetites in your family. 

Most kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas have a lot to offer for the entire family. The perfect family-friendly hotel in Vegas is waiting for you. 

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