Biggest Party Hotel in Vegas

Last Updated on September 27, 2022

Las Vegas is home to the biggest party hotels, including the Cosmopolitan, one of the hottest destinations on the strip. Other hotels like the Palazzo and the new Virgin Hotel are also hot on the scene. After looking at what each hotel has to offer, these are the ones that emerge as the biggest and best.

The Cosmopolitan

Best Party Hotel

The Cosmopolitan, located in the heart of the Strip in Las Vegas, has become known as one of the hottest, trendiest spots to party in Vegas. The name is iconic, but the atmosphere and vibe are modern, electric, and high-energy. Best of all, almost everyone that visits loves the Cosmopolitan so it’s perfect no matter who’s in your party group.

Features that make the Cosmopolitan the top choice for the best, biggest party hotel in Vegas include their three outdoor pools where you’ll frequently find big concerts, popular DJs, and other events that draw a crowd. The pools at the Cosmopolitan also offer some of the best views of the Strip.

The Marquee Nightclub is popular among the younger, trendier scene in Vegas. The ambiance is seductive, and it’s not uncommon to find bikini or lingerie-clad servers delivering drinks and notorious noshes – making it a top spot for bachelor parties in Vegas. The Marquee also offers bottle service, adding a special VIP touch to your party.

The restaurants of the Cosmopolitan are some of the best places in Vegas for your party to enjoy unique, irresistible dishes in an incredible atmosphere. Among them include the popular Rose.Rabbit.Lie that serves modern versions of American classics, combined with live music and performances.

Other restaurants in the Cosmopolitan include the authentic Spanish flavors found at the award-winning Jaleo and the American-Asian fusion fare of the trendy Momofuku.

The Palazzo

Runner Up

The Palazzo at the Venetian is more than worthy of a runner up spot on our list of the biggest party hotels in Vegas. The Palazzo is synonymous with luxury in Las Vegas, meaning that you can expect nothing but pure decadence when you make it the central point of your Vegas party. 

The Palazzo is known for having some of the largest rooms and suites, so there’s plenty of space to spread out and mingle with your party. While the rooms are huge, the Tao Nightclub provides plenty of incentive to leave your suite and never look back. 

Tao is one most popular clubs in Vegas. It’s not uncommon to find yourself partying next to a celebrity along with enjoying the hottest entertainment on the Strip. Tao also features an Asian Bistro, where you’ll dine under the watchful gaze of a large Buddha that floats serenely above a pool of koi gracefully swimming. 

If Asian cuisine isn’t what you’re after, try LAVO for authentic Italian fare and some of the most decadent desserts on the Strip – 20 Layer Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake or Nonna’s Tiramisu, anyone?

Caesars Palace

Runner Up

Caesars Palace is an iconic name for parties in Vegas, and with good reason. For hot days in the Vegas sun, the Palace pool scene is popular, especially the Garden of Gods pool, where the resort claims that you can party like a Ceasar with them every weekend. 

Caesars Palace is also known as a premier entertainment destination in Vegas. What better way to liven the energy of your party than attending a performance by Usher or Sting, followed by a high-energy night in the Palace casino. 

Lavish, large rooms are just another feature that makes Caesars Palace a top choice for parties in Vegas. 

Virgin Hotel (formerly Hard Rock)

Runner Up

For years the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel was one of the hottest party hotels in Vegas. The venue will soon be opening as the Virgin Hotel, and anticipation is high that the hotel will meet and exceed its predecessor’s reputation.

Taking reservations beginning April of 2021, the Virgin Hotel multiple themed lounge areas, a massive casino complete with a high-stakes lounge, iconic Vegas pools, and the rebranding of the popular Vinyl as the 24 Oxford Club. If you’re looking for a Vegas party scene that is new and fresh, reservations at the Virgin Hotel are sure to impress. 

Features of the Best Party Hotel in Vegas 

Planning an event and are looking for only the best party hotel in Vegas? Here are the key features to look for when making your reservations. 

Pool Parties 

Las Vegas is famous for plenty of things, including the lavish pool parties where every guest is treated like a VIP. When partying in Vegas, you expect an experience that’s over the top, so why not choose a hotel that is known for hosting the best pool parties under the hot Vegas sun?

Of course, the size of the pool matters, but let’s be honest – a Vegas pool party usually isn’t about the swimming. It’s about mingling with friends or meeting new ones. It’s about being treated like a VIP and sharing all of it with your friends. 

When considering the best Vegas party hotel for your pool party, consider details like the size of the pool – are your quests going to be packed in there with a crowd of others, or is there enough room to freely mingle? Is there only one pool or several, like the three amazing pools at the Cosmopolitan? 

Does the hotel offer reservations for private parties, and if not, what type of accommodations do they offer? Some hotels have cabanas you can reserve for a small group that includes perks like bottle service and a special menu. You can find every type of experience, from the wild to the tame, so make sure to ask lots of questions before you commit. 

Nightclubs with Bottle Service 

If you want to take your party to the hotel’s nightclub, you might want to plan on reserving a bottle service if you want the luxury of having your own table. Some nightclubs require bottle service when reserving a table. 

Bottle service in a Las Vegas nightclub is designed to offer a VIP experience at the comfort of your own table. This includes bottles of top-level spirits and mixers for drinks to be made right at your table. Bottle service typically comes with additional VIP perks, including attentive service, an experienced mixologist, and sometimes your own security to oversee your table. 

Prices vary for bottle service depending on what bottles you order, the size of your group, and the location of your table. The Marquee in the Cosmopolitan has a tiered price scale for their bottle service, with their Boom Box room being the most economical and the lower dance floor being the most expensive. 

Big Rooms

If you’re planning on bringing a group with you to Las Vegas or using your hotel room as a home base for a special night, the size of the room is a major factor. Las Vegas has over 150k hotel rooms, ranging from the small and quaint to massive luxury suites. 

The Palazzo at The Venetian is known for its large rooms, some with 3-4 bedrooms and a balcony jacuzzi. Aria Sky Suites is an amazing spot to host your party in Vegas, with a Penthouse suite that includes spa services and unparalleled views of the Las Vegas strip. 

Great Restaurants 

Your party needs to eat, right? There’s absolutely no shortage of world-famous restaurants in Vegas to choose from. A feature that the best party hotels in Vegas share are a variety of restaurants that not only tantalize but will show you a side of culinary creativity you’ve never seen before. 

Most restaurants in Vegas accommodate larger parties, as long as you make a reservation beforehand. Some offer the option of a private dining room for your party, or if yours is a smaller group, you can dine in the main rooms where the ambiance is unforgettable. 

A few of the great restaurants you’ll find in Las Vegas hotels include Joel Robuchon in the MGM Grand, Picasso in the Bellagio, Nobu at Ceasar’s Palace, and Twist in the Waldorf Astoria, just to name a few. 

Location on the Strip 

One of the best things about hosting a party in Vegas is that you’re never really quite sure where the night is going to take you. Vegas is literally packed with hot nightspots, many within walking distance from one another. The iconic Strip in Las Vegas is where you’re going to find many of them. 

If you want to be in the heart of the action, look to book your room at one of the many hotels on the Strip, where you’ll have easy access to the best nightlife that Vegas has to offer. Hotels on the strip include the Cosmopolitan, the Bellagio, the Mirage Hotel & Casino, the Wynn Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay, the MGM Grand, the Palazzo at the Venitian, and practically every other iconic resort in Vegas. 

Casino Busy All Night 

Sure, you can party in a nightclub well past midnight, but everyone knows that the casino floor is where you’re going to find lots of energy and action going strong until the sun rises – at least in the best party hotels. Look for a hotel that is home to a popular casino that stays busy all night for your die-hard party-goers. 

The Encore casino a the Wynn Las Vegas is one of the largest casinos on the Strip. The casino at the Cosmopolitan is another favorite. Being located in the heart of the Strip, the Cosmopolitan casino has over 1,300 slot machines, an endless sea of table games, and a dedicated high-limit table games lounge. 


What is the best party hotel in Vegas?

In our opinion, the Cosmopolitan is the best party hotel in Vegas, but it’s in good company with lots of close contenders. The Palazzo and Virgin Hotel are also favorites, but personal preferences weigh in a lot here. Look for the Las Vegas hotel that has all the attributes that make for a great party in your eyes. 

What is the largest hotel room in Vegas?

The Venitian is known for its spacious rooms. Even many of their standard rooms are at least 720 sq. ft. (or the size of a small apartment). The Venitian’s suites are massive, but you’ll find that many of the hotels, especially those on the strip, offer large suites with multiple rooms for larger parties. 

Which hotel has the biggest pool in Vegas?

The Cosmopolitan has the largest pool area in Vegas, featuring three separate pools. Of the three, the Boulevard Pool is the largest. It’s a multi-level pool with unsurpassed views of the Strip, along with several options of cabanas, daybeds, and bars for lounging (or partying) there all day. 

Where should I stay for a bachelor party in Vegas?

The Cosmopolitan seems to be the hands-down favorite for bachelor parties in Vegas. It’s on the strip, has a modern vibe, gorgeous people lounging around poolside, a continual flow of cocktails, high-end suites, and a casino floor that never sleeps.

What hotel do most celebrities stay at in Vegas?

Many of the iconic hotels in Vegas have this status for a reason – they’re favorites of celebrities and the crowds they attract. Caesars Palace is rumored to be a hotspot for celebrity sitings, along with other popular luxury hotels on the Strip, including the Palms, the Palazzo, MGM Grand, and The Mirage.

Bottom Line

There’s no place like Vegas for an unforgettable party. The biggest party hotels in Vegas are sure to make for an unforgettable experience. No matter what the size of your group, the theme of your party, or how wild and crazy you plan to get, the hotels and resorts on the Strip will never disappoint.

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