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Pizza, pasta, and burgers top the list of comfort foods for many. Comfort foods are great any time of day but are especially good on a busy sightseeing day or after a few too many adult beverages. There are a lot of restaurants in Las Vegas that serve pizza, pasta, and the like, but one of the tourist and local favorites is Brother’s Pizza. 

Brothers Pizza in Las Vegas

Brothers Pizza Las Vegas

Brothers Pizza is the place for great specialty pizzas in Las Vegas, thanks in part to their famous Brothers pizza sauce. Even if pizza isn’t your thing, they round out their menu with hot sandwiches, winges, pasta, burgers, salads, and more to satisfy your hunger and cravings.. 

Brothers has multiple locations in the Las Vegas area, with most open late, making Brothers  the perfect spot for lunch or a late-night meal. Let’s take an in-depth look at the menu, locations, and everything you need to know about Brothers Pizza in Las Vegas. 

Brothers Pizza Vegas Menu

Brothers menu is huge and there’s something for everyone. Of course, the pizzas pilled high with toppings and fresh mozzarella cheese are among the fan favorites. 

If you want a pro tip, try the Brothers Special Pizza with pepperoni, salami, bacon, grilled chicken, black olives, mushrooms, and feta. You won’t be disappointed.  You could also go for something out of the ordinary like the Verde Pizza with broccoli, spinach, artichoke, fresh basil,  fresh cilantro, and fresh tomatoes. 

The Ranch Pizza is a favorite with ranch sauce and crispy chicken with mozzarella cheese. If you like the Ranch Pizza but want some spice, the Buffalo chicken pizza is for you with Buffalo hot sauce, mozzarella cheese, spicy chicken, and ranch sauce. 

They also have some classics like the Supreme topped with pepperoni, sausage, ham, fresh garlic, peppers, and black olives. If you don’t see a pizza on the menu that strikes your fancy, you can take things into your own hands and create one from scratch with toppings like grilled chicken, breaded chicken, roasted garlic, philly steak, breaded eggplant, and more. 

The Secret Is in the Brothers Homemade Marinara Sauce

Brothers Homemade Marinara Sauce

One of the things that sets them apart is the Brothers homemade marinara sauce, a perfectly balanced sauce layered on in just the right amount. There’s just something about a fresh, hot pizza pie with a sauce that you can taste the love in. 

Yo can also dress your pizza with other types of sauces, including pesto, alfredo white sauce, and garlic butter.

More Yum on the Brothers Menu 

If calzones are more your thing, they have a create your own calzone,  or go for a stromboli with ham, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, green peppers,, and onions.

Their subs, burgers, and pastas are customer favorites, right up there with the pizza. Get cold subs like the Brothers Italian Sub or The Triple Decker Chicken, or get hot subs such as the Brothers Sub with chicken fingers, crispy bacon, ranch,, and provolone or the Meatball Parmesan. 

You can also get traditional burgers, including the bacon cheeseburger or a mushroom swiss burger. Still, they also have some fun ones like the Mexican Cheeseburger, Texas Cheeseburger, or the Pepperoni Pizza Cheeseburger. 

As far as pasta goes, the Brother Special is popular, consisting of homemade marinara, freshly sliced mushrooms, crispy bacon, and ham over spaghetti pasta and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. They also have the classics and some other combinations like Chicken Pesto and Seafood Linguine in a red or white sauce.

If you’re looking for an appetizer, Brothers has you covered with Garlic Mozzarella Cheese Bread, Garlic Balls, Breaded Mushrooms, Fried Ravioli, Zucchini Sticks, Chicken Wings, Crispy Onion Rings, Mozzarella Sticks and more. 

Their salads are also a good starter or even great as the main dish. Options include a California Shrimp Salad, Buffalo Chicken Salad, Egg Chef Salad, and more traditional options like the Antipasto Salad or Caesar Salad. Check out their soups too ( the Italian Wedding Soup is our favorite!). 

To finish off your meal, go for the cannoli, zeppolis, or tiramisu. But if you want something more classic like cheesecake, cakes, or brownies, they have that, too. 


If you are looking to try a bit of everything, Brothers has every day and lunch specials that will help keep the price down. The every day specials feature meal deals with different combinations of wings, pizzas, sodas, sides, and more. The lunch specials include a variety of meals with a free twenty-ounce soda. 


Luckily, you can dine in at Brothers, get it to go, or have it delivered. There are two ways to order delivery or takeout. First, on their website, you can order online from each of the Las Vegas locations. Additionally, they also take delivery and takeout orders by phone. 

Brothers Pizza Locations in Vegas

There are five Brothers Pizza locations in Las Vegas. Though there are no locations on the Las Vegas Strip, several of them are just a short drive. 

The locations include Northwest, which is in the Town Center Lounge on Sky Pointe Drive, and Southwest on South Rainbow Boulevard. There’s also a location in Summerlin, which is on Flamingo Road.

You can find them on the westside of Las Vegas on Sahara Avenue, and North which is inside Town Center Lounge, but on Cheyenne Avenue. No matter where you are in Las Vegas, there is always a Brothers Pizza nearby.

Each location has different hours that range from 8 am opening to 3 am closing depending on the location, so always check the official Brothers Pizza website for the most up-to-date operating hours. 

Get Your Pizza Fix in Las Vegas

Pizza, pasta, and sandwiches are always a great options when in Las Vegas. After all, they make a great lunch, dinner, or even a fourth meal. Brothers Pizza is one of the best, most well-rounded options to get your fix in Las Vegas.

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