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Last Updated on November 5, 2022

Caesars Palace Las Vegas is one of the most iconic hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Whether you will be staying there as a guest or just visiting the Forum Shops, casino, spa, entertainment, or restaurants, you’ll likely need to know what the Caesar Palace parking situation entails. After all, parking in Las Vegas is much easier when you know what to expect. 

Before your visit, here is what to expect when it comes to Caesars Palace parking.   

Caesars Palace Self Parking

Caesars Palace self-parking is located in a parking garage on Jay Sarno Way, which can be easily accessed from the less popular Frank Sinatra Drive. 

To get there from Las Vegas Blvd. instead, turn onto Caesars Palace Drive and follow the signs directing you to the parking garage past the Forum Shops valet. Ensure that you stay in the right lane when self-parking, as some spots are reserved for Colosseum Valet parking. 

Hotel guests who are self-parking should check in first, as the parking fees will be charged to your room balance, and you’ll use the room key to open the gate in the garage. Parking is an additional charge on top of the daily resort fee. 

Non-guests will need to take a ticket when entering and use one of the kiosks to pay before leaving. 

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Parking Garage

The Caesars Palace parking garage, as we mentioned, is not only for guests to self-park but also is home to the Colosseum Valet. When entering the parking garage, to get to the valet, stay to the left. 

With eight levels, there are more than enough spaces for both valet and self-parking. The parking garage is also well-lit, rather secure, and open 24 hours.

Caesars Palace Valet Parking

There are three primary valet parking areas at Caesars Palace, all of which are available 24 hours a day for a flat rate only. 

Main Entrance Valet

The main valet is located on Caesars Palace Drive at the front hotel entrance, just past where the taxis line up. The valet parking at the main entrance is the best to use for casino and hotel guests who are visiting Caesars Palace more on a short-term basis.

Colosseum Valet

The Colosseum Valet is mostly for registered hotel guests though people attending concerts at the Colosseum and Omnia visitors are able to use it, too. 

As mentioned above, it is located within the Caesars Palace parking garage accessed via Las Vegas Blvd to Caesars Palace Drive or from Frank Sinatra Drive. 

Augustus Valet

The Augustus Valet parking facilities are for Caesars Rewards Seven Star members, Qua Spa guests, and those dining at Guy Savoy. The Augustus Valet can be found off Flamingo Road and is considered VIP valet parking. 

Forum Shops Parking

The Forum Shops is an upscale shopping area connected to Caesars Palace. For those wanting a little retail therapy, there are two main parking options. First, you can self-park in the parking garage, which isn’t too far of a walk to the Forum Shops. 

The other option is valet parking. Two valet locations are available to Forum Shops visitors. The first is the main valet near the Caesars Palace front entrance, and the other is right off of Las Vegas Blvd just North of the Caesars Palace marquee sign, often called the Forum Shops valet.  

Handicap Parking

For those looking for handicapped parking at Caesars Palace, the best option is going to be the main valet parking since it is closest to the main lobby. 

However, the self-parking garage also has handicapped parking spots available, though you’ll want to keep in mind that it is a moderate walk to get to most areas of the property. 

Oversized Parking

Oversized Parking

Unfortunately, Caesars Palace does not offer oversized parking. Guests who have an oversized vehicle can park at the Flamingo Las Vegas oversized parking lot, which is also owned by Caesars Entertainment. The Flamingo Las Vegas oversized vehicle parking lot does not have any electric or water hookups available.

The clearance maximum for parking at the Caesars Palace property is 6 feet 10 inches. Any vehicle that cannot fit under this height is considered an oversized vehicle.  

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Parking Fees

To make it easier to see all of the parking fees at Caesars Palace, we have combined all of the current rates for every self-parking and valet option into the tables below.

Self Parking

Parking Time

Price (Mon - Thu)

1st Hour


1 – 3 Hours


3 – 24 Hours


Each additional 24 hours


Parking Time

Price (FRI - SUN)

First Hour


1 – 24 Hours


Each Additional Day


Caesars Palace Hotel Guests


The Caesars Entertainment hotels previously offered all hotel guests complimentary parking, but like many other properties, that is no longer the case. Self-parking fees vary depending on the day of the week, how long you stay, and whether there are any special events going on. 

Parking for under three hours begins at $15 Monday through Thursday, with 3-24 hours costing $18. 

On the weekends, which is considered Friday through Sunday, self-parking fees are by the day (up to 24 hours) and cost $23. Registered hotel guests of Caesar’s Palace still retain the $18 per day rate, even on the weekends. 

During special events like holidays, Superbowl Sunday, and any other time when Las Vegas is busier than normal, self-parking fees will be a flat rate that, in our experience, starts at $25. 

Valet Parking

Parking Time




The valet parking fees at Caesars Palace Las Vegas are all charged per 24 hours, unlike the self-parking, which charges by the day or fraction of a day. 

Only registered hotel guests have in and out access as well. Non-hotel guests will be charged every time they enter or leave the valet parking. 

It is also important to note that the valet stands only accept cash tips, as the kiosks only allow you to insert your valet ticket and pay the valet fee, which doesn’t include a tip. 

Main Valet Parking Fee

The main valet parking fee is $50 per day or a fraction thereof. This means that you’ll pay the same flat rate regardless of the day or how long you stay. 

Colosseum Valet Parking Fee

Parking Time


Monday – Wednesday


Thursday – Sunday


The Colosseum Valet parking rates are less expensive Monday through Wednesday at $36 and go up to $40 per day or a fraction thereof Thursday through Sunday. Again, these valet parking fees are for a 24-hour period, even if you do not stay the entire 24 hours. 

Augustus Valet Parking Fee

The Augustus Valet is the only free valet parking at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, though, as we mentioned above, this is because it is only available to Seven Stars members of Caesars Rewards and visitors to Guy Savoy and Qua Spa. 

Forum Shops Valet Parking Fees

Parking Time


Sunday – Thursday (10 AM – 10 PM)


Friday & Saturday (10 AM – 11 PM)


The Forum Shops Valet has a flat rate of $7 per day, though keep in mind that it is not open 24 hours. The valet parking closes shortly after the shops. 

Free Parking Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Despite not offering free self-parking to everyone anymore, there are still some ways to find free parking at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Additionally, during special events, some of the free parking options may not be available.

One Hour Free

The first way to get free self-parking is to utilize the first-hour free policy in the parking garage. Anyone parking for less than one hour on any day where there are no special events. 

This is a great option for those just wanting to take a peak at the beauty of the property or for those of legal casino gambling age to get a few spins in on the slot machine.  

Platinum, Diamond, Seven Stars Caesars Rewards Members

Caesars Rewards Diamond, Platinum, and Seven Stars members also get free self-parking. Seven Star members, which is the highest rewards level, also receive free valet parking at the Augustus (VIP) Valet.  

A Caesars Rewards member who also has the Caesars Rewards Visa card, but is not a Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars member, can get an automatic, free Platinum level upgrade if they do not qualify otherwise, which will give them free self-parking. 

If you are not a Caesars Rewards card member but would like to take advantage of the benefits, you can sign up anytime at the Caesars Rewards Center. 

First 3 Hours Free For Nevada Residents

Parking is free for local residents of Las Vegas in the self-parking garage. With a valid Nevada driver’s license, the first 3 hours are complimentary, though after 3 hours, the standard self-parking rates apply. Las Vegas locals must show their valid Nevada license as proof of residency. 

Nearby Free Parking

If you do not qualify for any of these opportunities, you can also skip the paid parking at Caesars Palace and opt to park at nearby properties for free. It is a longer walk, though you’ll be saving quite a bit of money. 

Resorts and facilities on the Las Vegas Strip with free parking include Circus Circus Las Vegas, the Fashion Show Mall, and Treasure Island Hotel & Casino. 

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel Guests 

If you are staying at Caesars Palace, once you have checked in to receive your room key, you’ll be able to access the self-parking at any of the Caesars Entertainment resorts for free since you have already paid the daily parking rate. 

However, guests who valet park will still have to pay the valet fees if using the valet at another resort, even if it is on the same day. 

Of course, Caesars Rewards members at the Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars level retain their complimentary parking benefits regardless of which Las Vegas Caesars Entertainment resort they visit.  


Is there free parking at Caesar’s Palace?

The only way to get free parking at Caesar’s Palace is if you are a Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars level Caesar’s Rewards member. Additionally, the first hour is free in the self-parking garage for all guests and the first 3 hours are free for residents with a valid Nevada license. 

Is parking free at the Forum Shops?

Parking is only free at the Forum Shops if you stay less than an hour, are a Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars Caesars Rewards Member, or for the first 3 hours with a valid Nevada license. The Forum Shops no longer has free valet parking.  

Can you get free valet parking at Caesars Palace? 

The only way to get free valet parking at the Caesars Palace property is to be a Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars Caesars Rewards membership level.

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  1. I need to ask a question regarding Valet parking…what is the phone # for the Valet parking office at Caesars. Thank you

    1. They dont publish their direct valet parking phone, but you can call the self parking line at (702) 794-3356 and ask to be transferred.

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