Casa Playa Wynn

Last Updated on March 3, 2023

Casa Playa Wynn is one of the newest restaurants at the resort, drawing inspiration from the coastal cuisine of Mexico’s Baja California. With a reputation for delicious high-end Mexican food and great service, Casa Playa brings a different type of dining experience to Encore at Wynn Las Vegas. 

Casa Playa Wynn

About Casa Playa at Wynn 

Casa Playa is a restaurant that’s tucked inside Encore Las Vegas, which is located within the Wynn hotel. Wynn and Encore Las Vegas have a reputation for restaurants that offer exceptional food and dining experiences. Casa Playa Las Vegas is no exception. 

When you walk into Casa Playa, the atmosphere is classy, warm, and vibrant. The backdrop is one filled with good music and the aroma of dishes from the culinary world of coastal Mexico. 

For a moment, you might even forget that you’re dining in a restaurant with a prime location on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Casa Playa is one of the newest restaurants to become part of the family at Wynn Las Vegas. The menu is brought to life under the guidance of executive Chef Sarah Thompson, who came to Casa Playa with a passion for the regional cuisines of Mexico and the talent to elevate each dish to a new level.  

Casa Playa Menu

Coastal Seafood 

The focus of the menu at Casa Playa is on the coastal cuisine of Mexico’s Baja California, which means you can expect fresh, flavorful seafood selections on the menu. 

One of the highlights is the Mexican Blue Shrimp Ceviche with cool cucumber and watermelon radish. West Coast Oysters are perfect for sharing, and then there are the Seafood Platters. 

The Seafood Platters feature king crab legs, lobster tail, Hokkaido scallops, west coast oysters, and caviar. The Seafood Platters are available in both large and small sizes. The small is ideal for sharing with one or maybe two others, while the large is perfect for a party size of four. 


The appetizer selection at Casa Playa extends well beyond the typical appetizer selection. What you’ll find are appetizers that are fresh, flavorful, and light, which is perfect for just tantalizing your appetite without filling up before the main course. 

The Summer Squash Tamale with Mole Verde is delicious, as is the Maitake Mushroom and the Gem Lettuce Salad with a pepita cilantro vinaigrette. The Queso Fundido offers a slightly richer option, with your choice of chorizo or mushroom to go along with it. 

For a light meal, the appetizer selection offers enough variety and interesting flavors that you could choose a couple of different options and create your own meal of light nibbles. 


Chef Sarah Thompson has created bright, unique dishes that perfectly highlight the cuisine of coastal Mexico. The Shrimp & Green Rice is simple, but the flavors are so on point that this dish doesn’t need to be fancy. 

If you’re craving something on the richer side for dinner, the chicken mole offers one of the best mole sauces we’ve tasted. The only complaint here is that the chicken can be a bit dry. However, the flavor of the sauce was enough to overlook this. 

For a different style of mole, try the Dorado in Banana Leaf. This is a green mole with chayote squash and hoja santa. 

There’s even something for steak lovers at Casa Playa in Wynn, Las Vegas. The New York Strip is 14 ounces and is served with a pasilla chile adobo and chimichurri. The Wagyu short ribs are another option if you’re in the mood for beef but want to try something other than a traditional steak. 

Sides can be ordered to accompany your meal at an extra cost. Cucumber salad, green rice, corn esquites, and crispy brussels sprouts are just a few of the options. 

sides at casa Playa

Our one complaint about the menu is that there isn’t a vegan menu to accommodate guests not interested in eating meat or cheese. 

There appears to be a good selection of gluten-free options, just by glancing over the ingredients listed on the menu. However, if you have a gluten allergy or intolerance, definitely check with the kitchen to make sure your dinner is appropriately prepared and safe for you to eat. 

For the Table to Share 

Delicious Mexican food and regional cocktails are best shared with a table full of family or friends, which is why we really like that Casa Playa offers six menu selections that are created to be shared with the table. 

The Casa Playa Surf & Turf is irresistible, featuring Wagyu carne asada with lobster & chorizo, short rib suadero, green chorizo, and serrano peppers. The Wagyu carne asada just really takes this dish up to a whole new level, plus it’s fun to eat with others at the table. 

The Pork Belly Al Pastor is another dish that’s perfect for sharing. It’s served with roasted baby pineapple that offers just the right amount of sweetness to offset the richness of the Al Pastor dish.

Another dish that’s sure to be well received is the Whole Roasted Carnitas. Crispy skinned carnitas are married with smoked agave syrup, charred cucumber salsa, chipotle slaw, and chile toreado. 


What’s the best way to end an amazing dinner? Our vote is for a delicious dessert. The desserts at Casa Playa range from classic to playful, with options that are perfect for ending a birthday dinner or as a just-because indulgence.  

The Choco-Taco is far more decadent than the one you get from the ice cream section at the grocery store, and the churros are unbelievable with Mexican chocolate, toasted coconut, and candied peanuts.  

Other options include flan, horchata pudding, tres leches, la flama blanca, and a decadent chocolate mousse. 


There’s not much better than a really good margarita to compliment a plate of authentic cuisine from Mexico. Casa Playa at Wynn Las Vegas offers a cocktail menu and list of agave spirits that rivals what you’d find south of the border. 

Agave expert Noah Arenstein is the mastermind behind a rotating collection of top-notch agave spirits. The agave expert, combined with the talents of expert mixologist Mariena Mercer Boarini, has created a menu of cocktails that are too tempting to resist. 

Margarita options cover the spectrum from classic to inspired, and they’re served in an over-indulgent-sized glass. But then it’s Las Vegas, so this is the norm. The Temple of Doom margarita with grilled pineapple and chipotle is a favorite. 

In addition to margaritas and other cocktails, the tequila collection offers plenty of options, with a rotation collection of the very best agave spirits on the Las Vegas Strip. 

If you can’t decide which to choose, opt for a tequila flight instead. There are six different flights at Casa Playa, each with three tequilas to sample. Prices for the flight range from cheap (by Las Vegas standards) to pricey for top-shelf selections. 


Casa Playa at Wynn Las Vegas is considered a finer dining experience. This translates to a higher price tag than what you might be accustomed to paying at a Mexican restaurant. In addition to the quality of food, you’re also paying for amazing service and a great location. 

On average, diners can expect to pay upwards of $100 per person. The average price of an entree on the menu is $30-$55. Once you add in appetizers, cocktails, and possibly dessert, it all adds up rather quickly. 

The entrees that are designed for the table to share will cost between $105-$225 and are created to serve 2-4 depending on the entree and the appetites at the table. 


Casa Playa is one of the newer restaurants in Las Vegas, so they don’t have the same level of restaurant reviews that other more established restaurants have. 

Most review sites with over a hundred reviews for Casa Playa have the restaurant rated between 4.2 and 4.7. TripAdvisor is the lowest at 3.7, but at the time of this review, there were less than a dozen guests sharing their experience. 

High points that guests have enjoyed include the ambiance, presentation, service, and mezcal selection. When it comes to food, the majority of reviews enjoyed their meals, but there were more than a handful that said their food was just “ok.” 

If you decide to dine at Casa Playa, ask your server about the chef’s specials and ask for suggestions. 

Dress Code

The dress code at Casa Playa Las Vegas is casual chic. This translates to dressing nicely and leaving the casual attire back at the hotel. 

For ladies, a nice dress or dressy top and bottom combination are fine, and for gents, nice slacks with a collared shirt are what you’re looking for. Athletic wear, open-toe shoes, and relaxed, casual attire are not allowed. 


Reservations at Casa Playa at Wynn Las Vegas are strongly encouraged. Like many restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip, Casa Playa is often full. Plus, the Wynn and Encore Las Vegas are known for exceptional restaurants, which makes it even more challenging to get in without a reservation. 

Reservations can be made online or by calling 702-770-5340.


Casa Playa at Wynn Las Vegas is closed for service on Monday and Tuesday. The restaurant is open every other night of the week for dinner service.

Visit Casa Playa on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5:30 pm until 10:30 pm. The dining room at Casa Playa opens at the same time but stays open a half hour later on Friday and Saturday. 

Map & Location 

Casa Playa is located in Encore Las Vegas, which is a hotel within a hotel at Wynn. Encore is a single tower within Wynn Las Vegas. 

The property is located at 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV. The restaurant is located off the Encore casino floor, near the Encore Players Lounge and Encore Beach Club. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Casa Playe is the newest restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas, located inside the Encore tower.
  • Executive Chef Sarah Thompson has created a menu of dishes inspired by the food of coastal Mexico.
  • Agave expert Noah Arenstein has curated a masterful collection of mezcal and tequila to enjoy
  • Food reviews for this Mexican restaurant are varied, so ask your server for their suggestions.

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