Cocolinis in Venetian

Last Updated on November 15, 2021

Cocolini’s Gelato Bar is nestled in the heart of St. Mark’s Square in the Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes. It’s also right next to the Streetmosphere stage, so stop by Cocolini’s and grab a cup or cone of Italian Gelato before the Streetmosphere performance starts.

Cocolini in St Marks Square at the Venetian
Cocolini in the Grand Canal Shoppes

Cololini’s Menu

While Cocolini’s is best known for its 32 flavors of gelato, including sugar-free options, they also offer hot fudge sundaes, tiramisu, banana splits, smoothies, shakes, and drinks.

Cocolini Gelato

The prices are rather high at Cocolini’s, but it’s not outrageous compared with other Vegas dessert bars. It’s still about twice what you’d pay for a Ben & Jerry’s cone, but ice-cream is commonplace in the US, whereas gelato is a unique treat.

Cocolini in the Venetian


Monday – Thursday: 10am – 11pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am – 12am (midnight)
Sunday: 10am – 11pm

cocolini gelato bar venetian
The Grand Canal Shoppes Cocolini

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