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Last Updated on May 16, 2023

Did you know that a longstanding belief about sandwiches claims that they were invented by the Earl of Sandwich? It might just be true—at least for the modern rendition of sandwiches. People have been eating food between two slices of bread for millennia, but no one makes them quite as well as the Brits – except at Earl of Sandwich Planet Hollywood.

Earl of Sandwich

Is this Las Vegas sandwich stop worth a visit? Why does this restaurant have so many British Flags around it? We’ll give you the full scoop on this delicious place of business.

A Quick View Of The Restaurant

Earl of Sandwich Planet Hollywood is one of many franchise locations serving up delicious sandwiches throughout the Las Vegas region. The chain itself was founded by Britain’s 11th Earl of Sandwich and his son, Orlando. 

It’s easy to spot in the Miracle Mile Shops. As soon as you’re in Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, all you have to do to find it is ask where “that British-looking deli” is. People will immediately know what you’re talking about. 


As you might have guessed, the menu is geared towards making high-quality sandwiches featuring artisan bread, different meats, and toppings like fresh mozzarella and cranberry sauce. Let’s take a look at the menu’s main staples.


The Breakfast Menu features tons of hot sandwiches like breakfast burritos, egg and cheddar sandwiches, and BLTs. You can top cheddar eggs with breakfast sauce, a tangy sauce meant to help you wake up. You can also get cheddar bacon, cheddar ham, or Swiss ham sandwiches, too – along with a fruit cup, bacon, and other sides. 

Whether you want egg, bacon, and cheddar or something a little lighter, breakfast here is a no-brainer. It’s affordable and delicious.


When it comes to ordering from their lunch menu, you can choose from premade combinations or create your own. These are currently the most popular premade sandwiches:

  • Albacore Tuna Salad. Because everyone loves a well-made tuna sandwich. You can also upgrade this to a tuna melt by adding Swiss and mayonnaise. 
  • Earl’s Club Turkey. It features turkey, Swiss cheese, bacon, a sliced Roma tomato, and a heaping topping of sandwich sauce. Yum!
  • The Original 1762. This is a simple (but delicious) sandwich made of roast beef, cheddar, and horseradish sauce. This particular menu item was named after the year the Montagu family first invented it. 
  • Chipotle Chicken Avocado. Grilled chicken, bacon, cheddar, and avocado are among a handful of ingredients that get topped with chipotle sauce. 
  • The Montagu. Roast beef, lettuce, Roma tomato, turkey, Swiss, cheddar, and Earl’s mustard sauce all come together in one of the best sandwiches on the menu. 
  • Holiday Turkey Sandwich. Miss Thanksgiving? This turkey sandwich has cranberry sauce with dried cranberries, cornbread stuffing, gravy, and mayo. Yum!
  • Italian. This is one of the best that Earl makes. It features a wide array of Italian cold cuts (like salami and capicola), Italian seasoning, Italian salad dressing, and Roma tomatoes. Tasty? Oh, my yes. 
  • Buffalo Chicken Wrap. Are you in the mood for a wrap? You might want to check out this one. It has grilled chicken, lettuce, cheddar, and Romaine lettuce, with Buffalo sauce. Then, a small smattering of bleu cheese dressing is added. 
  • The Ham & Swiss. Ham is definitely the center stage of this one since the smoked ham is absolutely phenomenal. You also get some melted Swiss and Earl’s mustard sauce for a tasty yet simple hot sandwich. 
  • The Cuban. This is a lot like the ham sandwich above, but it has a little bit of extra thrown in the mix. You also get carnitas, pickles, and Earl’s mustard sauce. 
  • Caprese Sandwich. This (also offered as a salad) features a chopped Roma tomato, fresh mozzarella, balsamic vinaigrette, and fresh basil leaves. It’s like eating a pizza without the actual pizza. You can also ask for some banana peppers and Italian seasoning if you want to spice things up. 

Non-Sandwich Options

If you’re not having a sandwich craving morning or afternoon, don’t panic. This Las Vegas hotspot has a lot more to offer than just typical sandwiches on toasted bread. They also have an extensive menu of salads and soups. These are their most popular ones below:

  • Chicken Caesar Salad. This involves chicken, lettuce, Parmesan cheese, croutons, and Caesar salad dressing. It’s like their Caesar wrap, minus the Bread. 
  • Buffalo Chicken. Once again, this is like their Buffalo Chicken Wrap without the bread. You still get the delicious flavors, but it’s a little more waistline-friendly. Much like other Las Vegas eateries, the chicken here is hand-tossed in Buffalo sauce. 
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup. Because sometimes, the world’s greatest hot sandwich isn’t hot enough. This is delicious. 
  • Earl’s Cobb Salad. Tons of greens and lettuce, bacon, cheddar, Roma tomatoes, cranberries, and ranch dressing are what make this a popular pick at Earl of Sandwich. 
  • Tater Tots. If you’re looking for a good side dish for your roasted beef sandwich, then you might want to grab these. They taste amazing with blue cheese, ketchup, or even horseradish sauce. 
  • House Salad. This salad is a classic in almost any restaurant in Las Vegas. You should expect a sliced Roma tomato, red onions, cucumbers, ranch dressing, and house-made croutons. 
  • Cheese/Pepperoni Pizza Bread. If you want a fast fix for lunch, you can get artisan bread topped with classic pizza fixings like pepperoni and cheese. 


The drinks are fairly simple, including an Earl Grey-based Arnold Palmer, lemonade, and fountain drinks. They also come in a cool cup featuring a Union Jack design. Any time you see someone with a British flag cup on the Las Vegas Strip, you know where they’ve been. 


Did you get a sweet tooth while walking through the Planet Hollywood Resort? Don’t worry. You have a small selection of cookies to satiate that craving. We strongly encourage you to try the brownies. 

Is The Food At Earl Of Sandwich Good?

Is The Food At Earl Of Sandwich Good?

Earl of Sandwich is a fairly respected dining location at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. With that said, it’s also meant to be more of an affordable place to get a quick breakfast or lunch that’s made for fast eating. After all, it is a restaurant chain.

If you are looking for a simple sandwich with ham, egg, bacon, and other goodies, then you can expect this to be a good place to go. People who came here and tried it rated it as a better option than other chain delis nearby. So, yeah, it seems like the Earl of Sandwich is good at what they do. 

Location at Miracle Mile Shops

While this is officially part of the Las Vegas Strip, it’s worth noting that it’s closest to the Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops. If you want to go to the Earl of Sandwich Planet Hollywood, you can do so by visiting the address below:

3667 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Or, you know, you can ask people where it is. Locals in Las Vegas are surprisingly helpful and seem to be fans of what the Earl of Sandwich Planet Hollywood has, too. 

Earl of Sandwich Planet Hollywood Property Map


One of the best reasons why Earl of Sandwich Planet Hollywood is worth a visit is the hours. It’s open 24/7. Branches elsewhere, including locations in the Palms Casino and the Fashion Show Mall, are not open 24 hours.

Vegas is great, but the hours behind a typical Las Vegas deli are limited. This is one of the few parts of Las Vegas where you can actually get a tuna melt at any time of the day. So, if you feel like getting a Chipotle Chicken Avocado at 3 AM after a night of clubbing, you absolutely can do so.  


Does the Earl of Sandwich still exist?

If you’re talking about the chain, then yes. The Earl of Sandwich is still around and serving up tasty treats. Las Vegas currently has not one but five locations where you can get Earl of Sandwich food.

The Earl of Sandwich is also a title bestowed by birthright. Believe it or not, the 11th Earl of Sandwich is John Montagu. John Montagu is the founder of the Earl of Sandwich restaurant chain. 

Who is the current Earl of Sandwich person?

The current person serving in the House of Lords as the Earl of Sandwich is John Montagu. 

Which hotel is the Earl of Sandwich found in Las Vegas?

Technically, there are two hotels that have Earl of Sandwich in their territories. The first is Planet Hollywood, and it’s the only franchise that is open 24 hours a day. The second is the Palms Casino, which closes at 11 PM. 

Where does the current Earl of Sandwich live?

John Montagu might have businesses in Las Vegas, but he still lives in Great Britain. He is an active member of the House of Lords. His son Orlando also still lives in the United Kingdom, most likely near the family seat of Dorset. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Earl of Sandwich is a British-inspired sandwich franchise in Las Vegas. 
  • There are currently five branches in Las Vegas, with the most popular one being the Earl of Sandwich Planet Hollywood. 
  • The restaurant features excellent breakfast sandwiches (and a breakfast sauce) as well as a full lunch menu. 
  • Their sandwiches feature fresh ingredients like grilled chicken, Roma tomato, sliced red onions, ham, egg, and bread. 
  • Their Planet Hollywood location is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • The restaurant chain was actually founded by the 11th British Earl of Sandwich and his son. 
  • It’s one of the best places to grab a fast meal on Las Vegas Blvd.

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