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Good Pie Las Vegas is a classic New York-style pizzeria where you can get the best slices in town. 

Award-winning pizzaiolo Vincent Rotolo had the vision to expose the expansive culinary scene in Las Vegas to a better pizza, with a style and flair that other pizza joints in Las Vegas were missing. 

The result is a pizzeria that offers the reputation of being some of the best pizza in town, using only truly good ingredients, many of which are imported directly from Italy. 

You taste the difference in each pizza slice, with offerings that include New York and Grandma-style pizza, along with Detroit-style, vegan, and gluten-free options. 

You can enjoy your food served inside, at the bar, or enjoy their outdoor seating, which is amazing on those nights when Las Vegas is just a bit cool. Good Pie offers takeout, and no reservations are required. 

Is your appetite ready for you to learn more? Here are all the tasty details!


Good Pie Las Vegas Menu

The amazing menus at Good Pie are really what you’re here to learn about, so let’s dig in. 

First, it’s important to know that Good Pie offers several styles of their famous pizza. There are definitely New York influences, but there’s also pizza done in the style of Detroit pizzerias and a style known as Grandma’s pizza. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Grandma’s style of pizza, it’s a New York-style pizza but it’s baked in a rectangular pan instead of a round, and it has a thinner crust than other types of rectangular pizzas. 

If you haven’t tried this style before, we highly recommend it. It’s really, really good food! 

Now, let’s talk about some of our favorite slices in each category on the menus.

The Brooklyn round pies are what you picture when you think of a traditional New York-style pizza. They’re round, with a thinner, nicely charred crust. 

One of the most popular Brooklyn styles on the menus, aside from the Cheese, is the Brooklyn White. Picture a blend of white cheeses, including whipped ricotta, mozzarella, pecorino, garlic oil, and whatever toppings you desire. 

A Detroit-style pizza is one that you eat when you’re serious about stuffing your belly. This is a rectangular-style pizza with a nice, thick and delicious, chewy dough. 

The Detroit Cheese has fresh mozzarella, marinara sauce, shaved parmesan, and freshly torn basil leaves. This deep dish-style pizza is so good. Be prepared to be stuffed when you leave. 

Next up is the Grandma Pie. Rectangular like the Detroit pizza but with thinner crusts, Our favorite is The Good Hot. The toppings include pepperoni, chili flakes, sausage, and what they call “holla pain yos” (jalapenos). A nice dose of Mikes Hot Honey adds just a touch of sweet flavor to this otherwise spicy slice. 

Sicilian style is also rectangular but has a soft, almost spongey dough. If you love to sink your teeth into a lightly chewy crust, these are delicious. 

Top your Sicilian pizza with whatever you like. Our favorites are fresh garlic, caramelized onion, and cherry tomatoes. This is one of the best we’ve ever eaten for dinner. 

There are also other types of dishes to enjoy. Their Lasagna is a house favorite that disappeared for a bit. Imagine layers and layers of tender pasta topped with marinara, whipped ricotta flowers, and a drizzle of olive oil. We sat for a while after we were finished because we were so stuffed we couldn’t even move. 

There’s also lighter fare like salads and of course some appetizers. Our faves are the Garlic Nots (yes, they’re spelled that way on the menu, and the fried ravioli that’s nothing short of addictive. Honestly, we could just bring the main course home and feast on a double or triple helping of these. 

Gluten-Free & Vegan 

Good Pie restaurant offers vegan and gluten-free options for their pizza. Vegan options feature non-dairy cheeses, and imported marinara, topped with your choice of items, and are available in any style. They even have garlic knots for vegans, which we love. Gluten-free items are available upon request. 


So, how much do some of the best pizzas in Las Vegas, NV, cost? The prices are pretty comparable to any other pizza restaurant in the city. Depending on the style and size of the pizza, you can plan on paying anywhere in the range of $15-$36. 

If you’re just looking for pizza by the slice, most slices cost in the range of $6-$7, including the famous grandma slices that everyone loves. 


Good Pie gets great reviews across the board. On Facebook, they have an overall rating of 4.7, and on Google Reviews, their rating is 4.5. It’s obvious that people love this restaurant, its food, and how they do business. 

Customers praise the restaurant for its food and service, quick bar service, and the cool atmosphere that’s relaxed and enjoyable to hang out in. 

Almost every review mentions the super-friendly staff and includes a picture of the food that will make your mouth water. In our opinion, reviews like these are the best, because you get a chance to see what the food and drinks from the bar look like when they land at a customer’s table. 

Sometimes sites like to post images that look like they’ve been enhanced by food artists, but with this restaurant, all of the images look spot on and absolutely delicious. 

Review for takeout rate the quality and service equally high. Even when you come across a review that is a bit disappointed with the business, it often centers around the pricing, which is pretty typical for Sin City. 

Hours & Location 

Find this awesome pizzeria in Downtown Las Vegas, located at 1212 S Main Street, Las Vegas, NV. Bring your friends and enjoy a cheesy pizza for lunch starting at 11 AM. They close at 10 PM on Sundays through Thursday and stay open until 11 PM on Fri and Sat. 



Monday - Thursday

11am – 10pm

Friday - Saturday

11am – 11pm


11am – 10pm


What are the most popular things on the menu at Good Pie?

The pies are the most popular item at this highly-recommended pizza joint in Las Vegas. Top sellers include cheese pizza, white pies, and garlic knots. 

What is the average price of a slice at Good Pie in Las Vegas? 

A slice will cost in the ballpark of $6-$7, which is a great price for something to eat at a restaurant in Las Vegas, NV. 

Bottom Line

When you want to dine out at a restaurant, we strongly suggest a visit to Good Pie Las Vegas so you can find out why Good Pie is rated so highly among the locals and visitors alike for having the best pizza. All the food is amazing, from the high-quality sauce to the chewy crust, and even the service, Sit back with a beer from the bar and great food on the table. You can’t go wrong ordering anything in the house. 

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