Hash House A Go Go at the Linq

Last Updated on April 19, 2023

In a city like Las Vegas, it’s a challenge for restaurants to stand out in the crowd, but Hash House a Go Go at the Linq manages to do just that.

With a reputation for serving twisted farm food, which also happens to be epic comfort food, Hash House a Go Go offers just what you need when you want to break away from the fine dining scene and sink your teeth into something delicious and substantial. 

Hash House a Go Go & The Community

Hash House a Go Go has been leaving guests satisfied and stuffed with their bellies filled with new takes on Midwestern comfort foods for about two decades. You might not expect to experience the wild and wicked farm cuisine of the Midwest on the Las Vegas Strip, yet here it is. Still, Hash House a Go Go at the Linq is more than just a funky, kitschy spin on comfort food. 

Hash House a Go Go is committed to giving back to the community. Instead of putting money into competing with all the flashing neon and extreme marketing tactics that so many businesses in Las Vegas are known for, Hash House a Go Go makes a name for itself by showing up for the local community. They’re active community partners in fundraisers and community events. 

Did we mention they’ve also been featured on a long list of media outlets and have an even longer list of accolades to their name? Truly, if you love comfort food with an attitude, you’ll find yourself easily understanding why Hash House a Go Go has developed almost a cult-like following with so many of its customers. 

Hash House Linq Menu & Prices

Hash House a Go Go at the Linq is all about the amazing food that rates high on the comfort-food scale. They have a reputation as being one of the best brunch spots in Las Vegas – as long as you’re looking for casual and unpretentious, and you also aren’t that concerned about how many calories you consume for the first meal of the day. 

Here’s a deep dive into the menu at Hash House a Go Go at the Linq. Fair warning – you’re going to be hungry after reading this. 



Brunch at Hash House, a Go Go at the Linq, starts at 7:30 am every day of the week. This coincides with just about the time you’d be done with an all-nighter at the casino. Everything on the brunch menu is the perfect hangover cure, but also equally delicious if you had a tame night the evening before. 

You can enjoy brunch until 3 pm Sunday thru Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, the brunch menu is served all day until 9 pm. 

The Sweet

Sometimes, the best meal to start your day is one that more closely resembles dessert. If this sounds right up your alley, then we strongly suggest something from the menu of flapjacks, waffles, and french toast. 

Griddled French Toast

The French Toast is a personal favorite, made with old-fashioned milk bread that’s dipped in brown sugar banana cream with hints of cinnamon. What arrives at your table is hot griddled milk bread topped with candied pecans, grilled banana, and of course, syrup. 

What really makes this great is how the old-fashioned cinnamon sugar mix caramelizes with the banana cinnamon cream when it’s griddled. Pure Yum! 

The Griddled French Toast will set you back a little under $18. 

HH Famous Twisted Flapjacks

HH Famous Twisted Flapjacks 

So, Hash House a Go at the Linq does have some plain flapjacks on the menu that you can order topped with whipped cream. For the pancake purists out there, these are your jam. But if you want pancakes with a little more flair, Hash House a Go Go offers some options. 

Order your Twisted Flapjacks with Snickers, Blueberry Lemon Curd, Brown Sugar Banana, Chocolate Chips, or Fresh Berries. There’s really no way to go wrong here. 

The Flap Jacks cost $12-$14 and are worth every penny. 



You have several delicious options for waffles at Hash House a Go Go. A personal favorite is the Churro Waffle, which starts its life as a plain vanilla waffle but then takes on new life with a dusting of the old-fashioned cinnamon sugar mix. 

Other options include vanilla waffles, a blueberry lemon glaze waffle, a vanilla waffle, and a bacon waffle. 

Waffles cost about $13 -$15 without any extras. 

The Savory

Avocado Toast

When it comes to the Brunch menu, Hash House a Go Go takes its savory dishes seriously. In our experience, the eggs are always cooked perfectly (no rubbery scrambled eggs here), and the potato options are a refreshing change from the typical hashbrown. 

The Farmhouse Scrambles are great. The 4 Chicken with roasted chicken, fresh corn, roasted pepper, and mozzarella is a fave. They also offer a Healthy Start scramble that is served with heaps of fresh fruit. 

Then there are the hashes – after all, this is HASH House a Go Go. These beauties are generous portions and served right in the skillet. Standard egg dishes come with your choice of turkey sausage patties, sausage links, or bacon. Cheddar cheese or Swiss cheese is extra. 

Of all the items on the menu, it’s the Avocado Toast that looks the most unassuming at first glance, but it’s actually quite tasty. It’s served on griddled milk bread and is topped with fresh tomato, goat cheese, fresh basil, and a balsamic drizzle.

The items on these savory portions of the menu all cost under $20. 

The Chicken & Waffles

The Chicken & Waffles 

The Chicken & Waffles at Hash House a Go Go have earned high praise from the likes of the New York Times, among others. The presentation and the taste are spot on, and they’re a true customer favorite. 

The base of this dish is a bacon waffle tower that’s stacked with two sage-fried chicken breasts. Fried leeks and a reduction made from hot syrup add the finishing touches. 

Chicken & Waffles is one of the more expensive items on the brunch menu, costing about $29. 

Farm Favorites

 Sage Fried Chicken Benedict

When Hash House a Go Go talks about twisted farm food, this is really the section of the menu they’re focused on. This is all about comfort food presented in a new, twisted way. 

One example, and probably the most popular item from this portion of the menu, is the Fried Chicken Benedict. It’s a beast, and it’s piled with fresh spinach, hickory smoked bacon slice, market tomato, and griddled mozzarella cheese (yes, griddled). The eggs are scrambled, and the entire thing is doused with chipotle cream. Oh, and it’s served on a fresh split biscuit with griddled mashed potatoes. This is the epitome of amazing food.

The Sage Fried Chicken Benedict costs about $27. 

Other Farm Favorites include grilled meatloaf and eggs, served with a fresh fruit garnish, Biscuits and Gravy, Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken & Eggs, and Chilaquiles. 

Sandwiches & Lunch Stuff

If breakfast isn’t what’s calling your name, there’s a decent selection of sandwiches and lunch items on the menu at Hash House a Go Go. The meatloaf sandwich on fresh milk bread with roasted tomato and mozzarella are delish ($19), as is the Andy’s Fried Chicken Sandwich with a heaping portion of dill pickles ($18). Sandwiches are served with regular fries or a salad, but you can upgrade to sweet potato fries for $1 more. 

Other tried and true classics are the spicy grilled marinated chicken breast sandwich, the BBBLT with triple bacon, the Fish & Chips, and the Burger with melted blue cheese crumbles. 

Dinner Menu

Grilled Salmon in Dinner

Dinner is only served two nights a week at Hash House a Go Go at the Linq, but it’s definitely worth it to try to fit it into your schedule if you’re in the mood for comfort food.

There are a couple of starters and salads, but the mains are what it’s all about. 

Andy’s Chicken & Waffles make an appearance on the dinner menu, but that’s not the only comfort food you’ll find here. 

A tender and juicy NY Strip is served with a griddled cheddar mash. Andy’s Mom’s Meatloaf is as good as it gets with fresh spinach, marsala cream sauce, and griddled mashed potatoes. 

A Pot Roast Dinner with cooked beef pot roast, a rich brown gravy, and garlic mashed potatoes has earned an enthusiastic following, And then there’s the Big O Chicken Pot Pie. Our guess is this is your first go at a pot pie with roasted chicken breasts, shaved sweet corn, mushrooms, spinach, Blue Lake green beans, and fresh tomato served in an amazingly flaky buttery hat-shaped crust. 

If you have your mind on something a bit lighter than all this twisted comfort food, the Lemon Chicken Dinner is a good choice. The main component here is a duo of griddled chicken breasts marinated in a lemon herb vinaigrette. The flavorful grilled chicken breast is served with griddled mashed potatoes and fresh veggies. 

On average, items on the dinner menu cost between $20-$30. 

Tractor Bar

With all this twisted food, you need something to wash it down. Of course, you can get non-alcoholic beverages here, but something about the Tractor Bar at Hash House a Go Go beckons you to try something a little livelier with your brunch. 

Specialty Cocktails 

The cocktails at the Tractor bar feel and taste like they’re crafted with care. The Huckleberry Sin, which starts with a twisted-jar-homemade lemonade and then has huckleberry-infused vodka, fresh berries, and herbs added to it, tastes fresh and deceivingly innocent. 

The Black Crow is more of a stiff drink for those times when you need something a bit stronger than a mimosa with your lunch. It’s basically the house bourbon on the rocks with muddled blackberries, oranges, bitters, and a hint of sugar. 

Then, there is Johnny’s Famous BLT Mary. If you’re suffering from a hangover from the night before, this is the cure you need. The house bloody mary mix is combined with vodka, hot sauce, fresh horseradish, and other secret ingredients. 

The garnish is romaine lettuce, a ripe tomato slice, and hickory smoked bacon. This goes really great with an appetizer like the Fried Zucchini Strips with Dijon horseradish aioli or the Classic Caesar with homemade dressing, heaps of parmesan cheese, and polenta croutons. 

Dress Code

Hash House a Go Go at the Linq Las Vegas has a really casual vibe, so you don’t have to worry about dressing up no matter what time of the day you go. Still, you probably don’t want to show up in your PJs. Casual clothes are fine, as long as you’re completely dressed. 


Hash House a GO Go at the Linq is open daily. The restaurant opens every day at 7:30 am. 

During the week (Sunday – Thursday), they’re only open until 3 pm, so the menu is brunch only. 

On Friday and Saturday, Hash House a Go Go at the Linq stays open until 9 pm to accommodate the dinner crowd. 

Location at the Linq

Hash House a Go Go at the Linq Las Vegas is located at 3535 S Las Vegas Blvd. The restaurant is located on the second floor of the hotel. 

Hash House a Go Go at the Linq Las Vegas Property Map

Other Locations in Las Vegas

In addition to its location at the Linq Las Vegas, Hash House a Go Go offers four other locations in Las Vegas and the immediately surrounding areas. 

West Sahara

This Hash House a Go Go location can be found at 6800 West Sahara Ave. This location opens daily at 8 am but closes earlier than the Hash House a Go Go at the Linq. The West Sahara location closes at 2 pm during the week and 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The Plaza

The Downtown location is located at 1 South Main Street, Las Vegas. This location has slightly extended hours, staying open until 10 pm every night of the week. If you had your heart set on Hash House a Go Go at the Linq but didn’t get there in time, this location is your best alternative. 


The Henderson Location can be found at 555 North Stephanie St in Henderson, NV, just on the outskirts of Las Vegas. This location is open daily from 8 am until 2 pm. 


The Summerlin location can be found at 10810 W Charleston Blvd. The hours of operation are 8 am – 2 pm on Monday – Friday and 8 am – 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

Key Takeaways

  • Hash House a Go Go at the Linq is one of the best brunch spots in Las Vegas.
  • The location at the Linq opens every day at 7:30 am
  • This Hash House a Go Go location is open for dinner on Friday & Saturday
  • There are five Hash House a Go Go locations in and surrounding Las Vegas
  • All locations keep different hours, so check before you go
  • This restaurant goes beyond scrambled eggs and fried chicken to create twisted farm food
  • Hash House a Go Go is committed to giving back to the community

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