The Best Indian Restaurants in Las Vegas

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

Las Vegas is a hub of wonderful cuisine from all cultures. In our opinion, one of the best is Indian cuisine. The warm and fragrant spices make our mouths water. If you’re in the mood for some authentic Indian food, these are the best Indian restaurants Las Vegas offers.

We start our roundup with Indian restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip, or at least within close proximity to the Strip. Then we venture downtown to Fremont Street and over to the airport. We’ve also included some vegan options and more casual Indian restaurants for quick bites or a fast lunch. 

Best Indian Restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip (Or Close By)

The Las Vegas Strip is the busiest, most popular area of Sin City. There are so many great restaurants all packed into an area that spans only a few miles. There aren’t many Indian restaurants located directly on Las Vegas Blvd, so we took a few liberties and included a couple of our favorite Indian restaurants that are within about two miles of the Strip as well. 

Marigold Fine Indian Cuisine 

So, Marigold Fine Indian Cuisine isn’t exactly on the Las Vegas Strip. They’re located on Flamingo Rd, about two miles from the Bellagio Hotel. Logistically, they’re about six minutes away from the Strip, but that’s if you don’t encounter heavy traffic. 

But enough about the location, let’s talk about the food. Marigold Fine Indian Cuisine is phenomenal. Nearly 1,500 Google reviews have them at a 4.9-star rating, if that tells you anything. 

In our opinion, this is a great Indian restaurant if you’re looking for authentic flavors and South Indian dishes. 

The dining room isn’t the smallest, but it quickly becomes packed on a busy night. You’ll find satisfied guests dining on classic Indian dishes like a starter of onion bhaji or garlic naan. For entrees, Chicken Tikka masala, Lamb Chili, Butter Chicken, and Goat Curry are favorites. 

No matter what you’re in the mood for, the menu is huge. Marigold Fine is open daily for lunch and dinner, but they do close for a bit between 2:45 PM and 5 PM to change over their menus. 

Spice Indian Cuisine 

Spice Indian Cusine 

Like Marigold, Spice Indian Cuisine isn’t located directly on Las Vegas Blvd, but rather a couple of miles down the street, on Decatur Blvd. We enjoy this Indian restaurant, and if we could, we’d give it the award for best restaurant fragrance in Sin City. The aroma is amazing and strikes you as soon as you walk through the door. 

We like that they have a segment of their menu devoted to Indian street food, but the rest of the menu offers so many selections that it feels endless. We can’t leave without an order of our favorite naan bread, and the chicken biryani is a favorite. 

Spice Indian Cuisine is open from 11 AM until 10 PM daily.

Springleaf Prata Place at Resorts World in Las Vegas, NV

Springleaf Prata Place is located on Las Vegas Blvd in Resorts World Las Vegas. Maybe you’ve heard of them and are familiar with their reputation for their fantastic Indian flavors and great Indian food. 

This is a more casual spot, but it’s also an award-winning restaurant, earning the Michelin Plate award, making them one of the top rated Indian restaurants in Las Vegas.  

The menu at Springleaf Prata Place is very simple and features only a handful of perfectly prepared Indian dishes that highlight delicate spice and saffron flavors. What you will find is a combination lunch and dinner menu that features classic dishes that you’ll love.

Chicken curry, Prata plaster, and nasi lemak are just a sampling. This is a great spot on the Las Vegas Strip to grab a quick lunch that features the flavors of India. 

Mt Everest India’s Cuisine 

Mt Everest India’s Cuisine is in an unassuming location, just a short trip down Sahara Ave from Las Vegas Blvd. This is one of the Indian restaurants in Vegas where the customers rave about both the food and the friendly service. 

Their menu is based on traditional recipes, and the dedication to tradition shines through in the taste. We always like to start with the vegetable samosa or the mixed appetizer that offers a few different selections to sample. 

For the main course, the tandoori chicken is perfectly prepared in their tandoor oven and served on a sizzling hot plate. Other sizzling tandoori specials include tandoori shrimp, tandoori chicken tikka made with boneless chicken, and the seekh kabob, that’s lamb with mint, cilantro, ginger, and green chili. Don’t forget an order of garlic naan to go with it. 

Mt Everest Indian Cuisine is open from 11 AM until 9:30 PM daily, but they are closed for a couple of hours between lunch and dinner to change over their menus. 

Best Indian Restaurants Near the Las Vegas Airport

In our opinion, it’s nice to know that there are some great restaurants near the airport when you’re traveling to and from a city. You don’t have to travel too far to get from the Harry Reid International Airport to the heart of Las Vegas, NV, but we’ve found a couple of restaurants to enjoy Indian food without worrying if you’ll miss your flight due to traffic. Pure Indian Cuisine, Mint Indian Bistro, and Delhi Indian are all close by. 

Pure Indian Cuisine Inc

Pure Indian Cuisine is located super close to the Las Vegas Airport, so they’re perfect for when you’re craving Indian food while you’re waiting for your departure time to arrive. This Indian restaurant is surprisingly quiet and calm, even when they’re busy, which is a rarity in Las Vegas, NV.  

The menu is pretty standard, featuring all of your favorites. The dining room is open and simple, with a more modern appearance than other Indian restaurants in Las Vegas. The lamb tikka masala is excellent, as is the garlic shrimp masala. 

Pure Indian opens at 11 AM daily and stays open until 10 PM, except on Friday and Saturday, when they stay open until midnight to satisfy your late-night Indian food cravings. 

Delhi Indian Cuisine  

Delhi Indian Cuisine is located on S Maryland Pkwy, about two miles from Harry Reid International Airport. Let us just start by saying that this menu is huge, and if you really love Indian food, it’s going to take you some time to decide what to order. 

Many people come here for the lunch buffet for that very reason – they can’t decide and want to sample everything! 

Of course, we start with our usual favorites – the vegetable samosas, but the Nepali Vegetable Momo is great too. There’s a long list of soups, including mulligatawny, which is delicious and hard to find at most Indian restaurants. The butter chicken is some of the most tender that we’ve had, and the chicken or shrimp biryani is always good. 

Delhi is open daily from 11 AM until 10 PM. 

Mint Indian Bistro

Mint Indian Bistro is a few miles from the airport on Flamingo Rd. It’s close to the University District and a short walk from the National Atomic Testing Museum if you’re out doing some sightseeing and decide you want to grab some great Indian food for lunch. 

Mint is an Indian restaurant that’s famous for its Inferno Curry Challenge. Each year in the month of October, they invite anyone to play along. All you have to do is finish their Inferno Curry, and you win a spot on their wall of fame, a gift card, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a complimentary dinner entrée every month for a year. A free meal every month in Las Vegas, NV? How hot can it possibly be? 

In fact, Mint Indian Bistro has an entire Inferno Menu for you to explore if you like your Indian food to be EXTRA hot. Personally, we’ll stick to something a bit milder, like the lamb lollipops, or the saffron cauliflower, which beautifully highlights the saffron flavors of cuisine from India. 

Mint Indian Bistro is closed on Tuesday but is open every other day of the week for separate lunch and dinner services. 

Best Vegan Indian Restaurant

Almost all Indian restaurants offer a nice selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes that highlight the flavors of India. However, we wanted to bring attention to Lazeez Indian Grill, not only for their great vegetarian cuisine but also because they’re rumored to have the largest Indian buffet featuring flavors of both north and south India (although, in full disclosure, we haven’t sampled it ourselves). 

Lazeez Indian Mediterranean Grill

Lazeez Indian Mediterranean Grill has one of the largest and most tasty vegetarian and vegan menus of any Indian restaurant in Las Vegas. 

The pakoras are perfectly spiced and addictive. There’s also the vegan chana chaat and a vegan appetizer platter to start your meal with. 

Vegetarian entrees run the spectrum from paneer chili and chana masala to aromatic veggie korma and mutter pulao, which is a pilaf with basmati rice and green peas. 

Lazeez Indian Mediterranean Grill isn’t exclusively a vegan Indian restaurant because they do also serve plenty of meat-based Indian dishes. But, this just makes this restaurant a great place to join friends and have meat eaters and vegetarians both feel included and catered to on the menu. 

The restaurant also offers a very popular lunch buffet that’s worth the trip if you happen to be in the area. 

Lazeez Indian Mediterranean Grill is open daily from 11 AM until 9 PM and is located on Desert Inn Rd in Las Vegas, NV. 

Best Indian Restaurants for Lunch

When it’s midday, and you’re in search of food in Las Vegas, there’s certainly no shortage of options. The restaurants we chose in this category offer a really nice lunchtime ambiance and relaxed vibe so that you can enjoy a leisurely lunch without feeling like you have to rush off and head to the next place on your sightseeing list. 

India Palace Las Vegas 

India Palace Las Vegas 

India Palace on Twain Ave in Las Vegas, NV, is a wonderful place to enjoy a meal of Indian cuisine. The main dining room is warm and welcoming, and the menu is filled with pure Indian flavors. 

On the menu, you’ll find classic dishes, like vegetable pakora made with a blend of five spices, Bombay fish with herbs and spices, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, a nice selection of vegan dishes, and also plenty of gluten-free options. 

You can enjoy India Palace Las Vegas any time for lunch or dinner, but we wanted to include them among our favorite lunchtime Indian restaurants in Las Vegas. They also have a small kids’ menu, making this a nice place to stop for lunch when you’ve spent the day doing everything in Las Vegas. NV offers, and you want to sit back, relax, and decompress with some really good Indian food.  

Curry Leaf

Curry Leaf isn’t close to the bustling epicenter of Las Vegas. Instead, it offers a Spring Valley location out on Fort Apache Rd, away from the fast pace, where you can enjoy a slower, more relaxed meal of delicious Indian food. 

We love that this Las Vegas restaurant offers some refreshing spins on traditional Indian food. For example, they have this watermelon salad that’s complimented by fresh mint and chat masala dressing. This is fabulous for a light lunch. 

There is a nice selection of tandoori specialties, including chicken tikka masala and the paneer tikka platter. The chef’s specials, like the tandoori salmon and lamb nihari, are delicious. The menu goes on with curry bowls, Indo-Chinese fusion dishes, vegetable dishes, and more. 

The dining room is warm and relaxing, which makes this a nice place for lunch or dinner, but we especially like to join Curry Leaf at lunch because we always leave perfectly satisfied and refueled for whatever the day brings us. 

Expanding Your Repertoire of Indian Food

When we put together this list, we focused on the Indian restaurants we were personally familiar with and those with that we have heard great word-of-mouth reviews for. With that in mind, as true Las Vegas foodies, we also like to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and maybe try that lesser-known spot. 

There are a few restaurants that are on our next-to-try list, that we thought we’d share with you. Maybe if you’re in the neighborhood, you can try one of these yourself and let us know how it was. 

  • Royal India Bistro at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
  • Divine Dosa on Las Vegas Blvd
  • Taj Palace Indian Cuisine in Silverado Park Place 

Permanently Closed  

Sometimes, change is good. Other times, not so much. In this case, there is a handful of Indian restaurants in Las Vegas that both tourists and locals love, but they’re no longer open. We’re not including these just to tease you about the Indian food that you can’t have. 

Instead, we wanted to mention them in case any of you were already familiar with the best Indian food restaurants in Las Vegas and were thinking about returning to one of these restaurants on your next trip. 

A few of the Indian restaurants in Las Vegas that are no longer open include Tamba Indian Cuisine, India Masala Bar (also called India Oven Masala Bar), and Turmeric Flavors of India. 

While you might miss these spots, we can assure you that there are plenty of other great restaurants in Las Vegas where you can enjoy both south and north Indian cuisine. 


What should you order your first time at an Indian restaurant in Las Vegas? 

If this is your first time visiting an Indian restaurant in Las Vegas, NV, we suggest you go with something flavorful but that is also mild on the more pungent spices. A dish like chicken or lamb tikka masala would be a good place to start. Samosas are always well-liked, as are dishes like chicken biryani. 

What are the features of Indian cuisine? 

Indian food is characteristically warm and fragrant, but there are so many ways that Indian dishes can be interpreted. You’ll find fragrant spices like curry and saffron that are common in Indian dishes, along with creamy bases such as yogurt or coconut milk. The dishes aren’t traditionally heavy, but they can be rather rich. 

What is the most liked Indian food?

Curries tend to be among the most popular and well-liked types of Indian food. Vegetable curry, chicken curry, and lamb curry seem to rank among everyone’s favorites. 

Are Indian restaurants in Las Vegas expensive?

It seems like everything is more expensive in Las Vegas, NV, but Indian food, for the most part, is reasonably priced. Of course, this depends on which restaurant you go to and what you order, but you can often find great dishes for under $20. Just keep in mind that all of those appetizers and naan are going to add up when it comes to the final bill. 

Is Las Vegas a good place to get Indian food? 

Las Vegas is a great place for Indian food. There are a good number of great Indian restaurants that serve really good, authentic, and flavorful Indian cuisine. 

Bottom Line

We love Indian food almost as much as we love Las Vegas, NV. When you’re craving the flavors of India, there are some great restaurants in Las Vegas that are ready to welcome you through their doors. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite Indian dish for lunch or dinner tomorrow in las Vegas, NV. 

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