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Korean BBQ referred to as KBBQ by its most die-hard fans, consists of grilling meats over a gas or charcoal grill built into the dining table. It is not only a delicious cuisine but also offers a fun dining experience since you get to cook your own selections. 

Korean restaurants might not be the first thing you think of in association with Las Vegas, NV though they sure do have tons of Korean BBQ hot spots that would rival any Asian cuisine mecca. 

Here’s a look at the best Korean BBQ Las Vegas offers to get your KBBQ fix while in Sin City.

Best Korean BBQ On the Las Vegas Strip

Master Kim’s Korean BBQ

Master Kim’s Korean BBQ has two locations in Las Vegas, and they are opening a third on Spring Mountain Rd soon! However, their location on S. Las Vegas Blvd. is one of the most popular and is convenient if you are staying on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s located just past the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign near the airport, so Master Kim’s isn’t technically on the Strip, but it is close enough. 

They offer all-you-can-eat and a la carte Korean BBQ delivered right to your table through a high-tech conveyor belt. Their Black Angus Beef Brisket, Kurobuta Pork Belly, Marinated Short Rib, and Premium Bulgogi Beef are just a few of the meat highlights on the menu. All their side dishes, sauces, and even their noodles for their infamous Cold Noodle Soup are made in-house every day. 

The AYCE pricing starts under $30 per person, which includes unlimited meats and sides, one soup, one house special, and one dessert.  

Best Friend by Roy Choi

Best Friend is a Korean BBQ Joint created by prominent Korean-American chef Roy Choi located at Park MGM on the Strip. His inspiration behind the restaurant is to bring all the best parts of his neighborhood in LA, Las Vegas, and Korean cuisine into one place where patrons can spend quality time with friends and share a huge meal. 

Best Friend is not your average BBQ Joint. First, you enter through a functioning bar/bodega traditional to LA, and in the back is the full restaurant. Then, on the menu, you’ll find several KBBQ favorites as well as odes to LA and Las Vegas. Unlike most Korean-style BBQ restaurants in Las Vegas, there isn’t a grill in the middle of your table. Everything is prepared for you. 

Favorites include Spicy Pork, Kimchi Fried Rice, Kogi Short Rib Tacos, and Yuzu Shrimp. Many of these dishes are also included in the Chef Menu, which is a 7-course meal. 

The Chef’s Menu is under $70 per person, but the a la carte menu has quite a range in pricing, making it a viable choice for many budgets.  

Gen Korean BBQ House

Gen Korean BBQ House

Gen Korean BBQ House has several locations across the United States, and three of them are in the Las Vegas, NV, area. Their Las Vegas Strip location is conveniently within the Miracle Mile Shops

They only offer an AYCE option, though you’ll want to try everything anyways because their menu is vast and features tons of the best dishes and meats Korean Barbecue has to offer. Favorites from the menu include Kobe Beef Belly, Hawaiian Pork Belly with Pineapple Slices, Corn Cheese, carpaccio, and specialty sushi rolls. 

Whether you are looking for beef, pork, chicken, seafood, or veggies, there are several menu options for everyone. Pricing includes everything on the menu and comes in under $35 per person.    

Best Buffet

All You Korean BBQ

All You Korean BBQ

All You Korean BBQ is one of the newer restaurants in Las Vegas, but it has already made a big impact. Located just North of the University District on Maryland Parkway, it’s under a 10-minute drive from the middle of the Strip.

They are serving up AYCE divided into three pricing options, each of which includes different items. 

The least expensive package, “A,” comes in around $25 per person, with favorites like thinly sliced pork belly, Angus beef brisket, and spicy chicken. 

One level up is the most popular package, “B,” where you’ll find items like pork jowl, Spicy Squid, and Bibimbap, as well as every item from “A.” 

The most expensive package is “C,” where you get the chef’s choice of seafood selections such as Salmon Crudo and Galic Tuna Carpaccio and the highest quality meats like Wagyu Brisket and Salt and Pepper Filet Mignon. 

Their tasty appetizers, like steamed egg, Korean Kimchi Pancake, Corn Cheese, and sides like white rice, house dipping sauce, and salad, come with all of the packages, too. 

Best All You Can Eat Korean BBQ

Biwon Korean BBQ and Sushi

By far, one of the most popular and well-loved all-you-can-eat Korean Barbecue restaurants in Las Vegas is Biwon Korean BBQ and Sushi. It is located on Sahara Ave near Palace Station Hotel and Casino and is a go-to midnight food destination since they are open until 2 a.m. 

There are three all-you-can-eat options, including AYCE BBQ, AYCE sushi, and AYCE K-BBQ & sushi, with pricing ranging from under $25 to around $40 per person, depending on which you choose. 

Favorite K-BBQ offerings include Garlic Butter Squid, Ribeye, Spicy Pork, and Green Tea Pork Belly. On the sushi menu, everyone loves the Bulgogi Sushi Burrito, the Popcorn Lobster Roll, which has deep-fried baby lobster, and all of the Shrimp Tempura Roll variations (there are 19!). Don’t forget to try their steamed egg, spicy garlic edamame, and kimchi soup appetizers. 

Arirang Korean BBQ

Arirang Korean BBQ opened in 2017, just a 5-minute drive from S. Las Vegas Blvd. on Flamingo Road. It serves up your favorite K-BBQ dishes in an all-you-can-eat format. 

Try some of their hot menu items like Marinated Octopus, Signature Pork Steak, or O Sam Bulgogi which is squid and pork belly. Of course, you can’t miss getting one of their appetizers and soups too! 

The Arirang all-day menu starts around $23 per person, but you can save even more with their lunch menu available on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p..m. which is about $20 per person. Just don’t forget to bring a friend because the special is not valid for a party of one.

Honey Pig Barbecue

Honey Pig is a 24/7 authentic AYCE Korean Barbecue joint. Despite not having as high of a star rating as some of the others on this list, this place should be your go-to if you prioritize authenticity and great service. The majority of its mediocre reviews are because it is not as updated and modern as its competition, but despite this, the food, service, and experience are incredible. 

You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, and pricing starts as low as $20 per person. Find it on Spring Mountain Rd. in Chinatown. 

Best Korean Barbecue in Chinatown

888 Korean BBQ and Soup

888 Korean BBQ and Soup is located in the unassuming Chinatown Plaza on Spring Mountain Road, where Chinatown Las Vegas got its start. 

Their menu is all you can eat divided into three-tier, each with a higher quality of meat ranging from Black Angus to Kobe Style. Each tier also gives you access to more and more appetizers. You have to try their Seafood Miso Stew. We like to ask for their noodles to have with it! 

Pricing ranges from just over $25 to about $42 per person, depending on your chosen tier.  


Hwaro is another all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurant located in Chinatown, just up the road from 888. 

Their menu includes all of your favorite appetizers, soups, sides, meats, and vegetables that you expect. We like their Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) for an appetizer, the Spicy Tofu Soup, and Garlic Jalapeno Beef Belly with a side of Cheese Fondue, just to name a few, though you can’t go wrong with just about anything on their menu. 

The Hwaro all-day special pricing, available any time, comes in under $27, though you can save about $3 per person if you go for lunch or late at night. They are open until 2 a.m. making Hwaro another late-night go-to. 

Tofu Hut

Tofu Hut
Photo Credit: Google Photos by Krys M Gatmaitan

If you are looking for K-BBQ that is popular with the locals but still rather undiscovered by the tourists, Tofu Hut is just the place. 

They offer both an all-you-can-eat and an a la carte menu. The only downside is that only parties of two and up can take advantage of the AYCE. No matter which you choose, try their boneless marinated short rib or the soy sauce chicken thigh and pair them with side dishes of white rice and fried dumplings. 

The AYCE menu costs under $19 per person, making it one of the most affordable Korean barbecue joints in Las Vegas, NV. Find Tofu Hut on Spring Mountain Road right in Chinatown. 

Hobak Korean BBQ

Hobak Korean BBQ is part of the Hobak Family, a Korean restaurant group known for its high quality, delicious food and exciting, friendly atmosphere. It is designed like 80’s street vendors in Korea and features a meat display reminiscent of old-fashioned Korean butcher shops. 

Hobak only serves USDA Prime beef and offers dry-aged cuts as well. Their menu is set up so that you can order a la carte or a combo which serves 2-4 people depending on the size you choose. Some of our favorites at Hobak are the Waygu Bulgogi Hot Pot, the Cheese Kimchi Fried Rice, the Hobak Special Noodle, and Rice Pop Ice Cream for dessert. 

Pricing varies rather widely depending on what you order, but Hobak isn’t overly expensive for the quality you receive, especially if you split dinner with a few friends. Find Hobak on the outskirts of Chinatown on Spring Mountain Rd. 

Best A La Carte in Las Vegas

Gangnam Asian BBQ

Gangnam Asian BBQ is conveniently located right behind The Hard Rock Hotel and offers Korean and Japanese fusion BBQ in an a la carte format. You’ll order soups, salads, and noodle dishes individually and then pick one of their meat packages which come in three sizes for two, four, or six people. 

We love to start with the Bean Soup and go with the Meat Lover package. We also always order a noodle dish like the Spicy Seafood Noodle. 

To give you an idea of the pricing, the Meat Lover package costs around $65 which includes appetizers, side dishes, and the various types of meat ready to be cooked.   

Goong Korean BBQ Restaurant

Goong Korean BBQ Restaurant

Goong Korean BBQ Restaurant is located on Rainbow Blvd. on the southwest side of town. It may be a bit of a drive, but Goong is contemporary and delicious. They even have floor seating which makes for a unique dining experience, though don’t worry, they have booths if that’s not your style. 

You’ll order everything a la carte from their menu. Consider trying the Prime Brisket or Boneless Marinated Short Rib. 

Entrees cost, on average, between $15-$25, though if you are looking to save a few bucks, consider going for their lunch special.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, Las Vegas, NV, boasts a ton of delicious Korean BBQ restaurants that are way better than takeout. Whether you want late-night, all-you-can-eat, a la carte, or a spot convenient to your accommodations on the Strip, you can’t go wrong with one of these in Las Vegas.

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