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You’re in Vegas and you’re ready to have some fun away from the strip. Las Vegas ATV tours are a favorite, and we’ve taken the time to review the top ATV rental companies on everything from family-friendliness to their adrenaline factor. Here’s how they best stack up.

Family-FriendlySunBuggy Fun Rentals
Best for Thrill SeekersVegas ATV Adventures
Best ATV EquipmentAdrenaline ATV Tours
Most Scenic UTV TourLas Vegas UTV Tours

Best Family-Friendly ATV Tour

SunBuggy Fun Rentals

family friendly las vegas atv tour

SunBuggy Fun Rentals is a popular destination for ATV riding in Vegas. With an expansive fleet that includes ATV, Dune Buggies, Polaris RZRs, and ¾ Scale Desert Racers, they offer a premier experience that’s hard to beat. 

SunBuggy Fun Rentals receives great reviews for the skill of their tour guides, and the range of skills and ages they accommodate. They offer a family fun night with buggies that are suitable for ages four and up. SunBuggy also welcomes large parties and corporate groups of up to 1000 people. 

You’ll also find special deals, like the Early Bird special that saves you 20% on the first run of the day.

Best Family-Friendly ATV Tour

Las Vegas ATV Tours

If your Vegas bucket list includes an off-road tour with some of the most stunning views of the strip, then Las Vegas ATV Tours should be on your list of destinations. There’s an incredible expanse of desert that surrounds Vegas, and Las Vegas ATV Tours will make sure you make the most of it. 

They offer ATV and UTV tours that are designed for all skill levels. While kicking up desert sand, you’ll see the amazing views of the city in the distance. With instructors who will stay right by your side until you’re comfortable, Las Vegas ATV Tours is perfect for beginners. 

They also offer perks like destination drop-off and pick-up, along with expert concierge tour guides, and a staff that’s willing to take all the pictures you could ever want. It’s guaranteed to be a day you won’t soon forget.

Most Challenging Terrain for Thrill Seekers 

Vegas ATV Adventures

Vegas ATV Adventures offers both ATV and Dune Buggy rentals in Las Vegas. This company provides transportation from your hotel, which is perfect for tourists who don’t want to fuss with Vegas traffic or navigating transportation.

Located about 20 miles from the Strip, Vegas ATV Adventures is all about good fun without any pretentiousness, no matter what your skill level. Their staff is outgoing and knowledgeable, their pricing is budget-friendly with no surprises, and they provide absolutely everything you need for a great experience. 

Much of the terrain that Vegas ATV Adventures covers is suitable for beginners and younger riders. However, if you’re someone with a little more skill that’s seeking an adrenaline boost, Vegas ATV Adventures doesn’t disappoint. Ask them about their more challenging terrain options.

Best ATV Equipment

Adrenaline ATV Tours

Your Vegas off-road tour is only as good as the ATV you’re provided with. A subpar or old ATV just isn’t going to cut it. Adrenaline ATV Tours takes the experience up a few notches by offering a true adrenaline-filled adventure with their fleet of top of the line off-road vehicles. 

Single and dual riders can choose from options like the Polaris ACE 900 XC, the Las Vegas Yamaha YXZ, or their ACEs and RZRs with safety features like a built-in roll cage. 

Adrenaline ATV Tours accommodates larger groups, but they’re not the best choice for families with younger riders. All riders must be 16 or older, and tour times run as long as 3 hours for an extreme adventure.

Most Scenic UTV Tour

Las Vegas UTV Tours

Whether you’re part of a large group or completely on your own exploring the Vegas scene, Las Vegas UTV Tours is one of the best, with literally thousands of satisfied customers to prove it. They go above and beyond with accommodations, like working to pair single riders with just the right group for their skill level. 

Las Vegas UTV tours get high marks for customer service and their knowledgeable, always-friendly staff, but it’s the gorgeous views of these tours that really leave a lasting impression. With varied terrain to explore, the views have been described as nothing short of breathtaking. 

They offer UTV dune tours, desert tours, and trail riding. Las Vegas UTV Tour’s main goal is to ensure you have a safe, incredible, and memorable experience. Before you set out, plan on your guide taking the time to make sure you fully understand how to manage the UTV through different types of terrain for the best possible experience.

ATV Tour Guide

How to Choose an Las Vegas ATV Tour


Most companies offering Las Vegas ATV tours have multiple types of off-road vehicles to choose from. For those with a passion for the sport, the choice can be easy, but for newcomers, the options are sometimes overwhelming. 

It pays to do a little research about equipment before you commit to a reservation. 

The first consideration is the size of your group. Families and friends that want to ride together should look for tour companies that RZRs that seat 2-4 people. If you’re a single rider with no non-drivers tagging along, a single-person ATV might be a better option unless you want to team up with another group. 

Also, consider the quality and age of the ATVs. Look on the company’s website and review sites for images. Adrenaline ATV Tours offers a great visual guide to their vehicles on their website. 

Pay attention to customer reviews, and don’t hesitate to contact the tour company and ask them about their equipment. Newer is often better, but maintenance and quality are even more important. 

Tour Guides

A tour guide can make or break your Las Vegas dune buggy or ATV experience. Nothing is worse for a first-time rider to nervously hop in and then feel less than confident with their tour guide’s expertise. 

Tour guides should be experienced, uber-knowledgeable, and friendly. You should feel comfortable asking beginner level or more advanced questions, and you should feel safe. 

You can try contacting the company ahead of time to speak with your future tour guide, but keep in mind these professionals are busy and likely out with another group. Vegas ATV Tours is well-known for its knowledgeable tour guides. 

Reviews are a great place to learn about the quality of a company’s tour guides. All Las Vegas ATV tour companies on this list have great reviews in this department.

Location of Tour

The next consideration is the location of the tour. There’s a ton of incredible terrain to explore near and around Vegas, and each tour location provides a somewhat different ATV experience.

The Vegas landscape provides dunes, desert, and trails to explore – including the visually stunning Valley of Fire, Nellis Dunes, and Red Rock Canyon. What type of experience are you looking for? Las Vegas UTV Tours offers options for each. 

For example, is your goal to experience the Vegas backdrop from a new perspective while immersed in natural beauty? If so, a company that boasts about its scenic tours is your best choice. 

Do you want terrain that gets the heart pumping and will leave you amped up once you return the strip? Look for challenging terrain, or even competitive racing, options that might be located further out.


There’s no reason to be intimidated and shy away from a memorable ATV tour just because you’ve never been on one before. It’s your tour guide’s job to make sure you’re fully prepared to have a safe, unforgettable experience. 

Contact the company ahead of time to ask whether their tours are suitable for beginners or any young riders you have in your party, and if an instructor will be by your side through the experience, or if you’re expected to be on your own after a short tutorial. Go with the one that meets your comfort level. 

Transportation to the Tour

You have to travel a bit to reach the destination of your ATV tour, so how are you going to get there? All companies provide a shuttle to the destination, but there are some differences in their services. 

Some companies will pick you up directly from your hotel, making transportation a complete non-issue. Others shuttle you from their business location. 

One more important thing to keep in mind is whether transportation to the site is counted against your ride time. SunBuggy Fun Rentals doesn’t count shuttle time against your ride time. 


ATV Tour Questions Answered

How Much Does a Las Vegas ATV Tour Cost?

This depends on the length of the tour, the type of vehicle, difficulty of terrain, and the party size. A single person looking for an hour or two can get a deal for as low as $90. Expert terrain, longer rides, and groups can expect to pay up to $200 or more.

What Should I Wear for a Las Vegas ATV Tour?

Wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. Keep in mind that it’s going to be hot. The ATV tour company will provide necessary safety gear, including a helmet with a protective face shield.

How Fast Do ATVs and Dune Buggies Go?

With a dune buggy, you’re going to top out at about 25mph. ATVs can go much faster, with high-powered, top of the line ATV reaching 80mph. It’s important to choose a vehicle that you feel you can handle safely.

Are Minors Allowed to Operate an ATV?

Family-friendly ATV tours welcome young riders as young as 4, however, they won’t be allowed to operate the vehicle. Nevada has laws stating that a person must be 18 to operate a dune buggy or ATV.

Bottom Line

Craving an adrenaline-filled afternoon? These ATV tours in Las Vegas won’t disappoint. Now you should be armed with the details you need to see Vegas in a way you never have before. Make your reservation today and get ready to get a little dirty in Vegas.

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