Mandalay Bay Parking: Self Parking, Valet & RV Parking

Mandalay Bay Resort is home to the Shark Reef Aquarium, Michael Jackson One, the Michelob Ultra Arena, and popular entertainment and dining destinations. Whether staying at the resort or just visiting for a while, knowing all about Mandalay Bay parking is key to planning your trip.

Parking at Mandalay Bay

Free Parking 

Mandalay Bay Resort doesn’t offer completely free parking to their guests and visitors, but they do offer a grace period of free self-parking for the first hour of your stay. This is great for short-term visitors who only need a quick in and out. After the first hour, normal self-parking rates apply. 

Nevada residents who present a valid NV driver’s license will receive the first three hours of self-parking for free. The only exception to this is when special events are going on, which can cause parking at Mandalay Bay Resort to be in higher demand. 

MGM Rewards members who have reached at least Pearl Status (this includes Pearl, Gold, Platinum, and Noir MGM Rewards members) are entitled to free self-parking benefits. In addition, current MGM Rewards Mastercard cardholders receive free self-parking parking benefits. 

Members who are at least Pearl status must show their MGM Rewards card or MGM Rewards Mastercard to receive free parking benefits. 

Mandalay Bay Self Parking

Self Parking at Mandalay Bay Resort Las Vegas is easy and accessible for registered hotel guests and anyone visiting the property. 

Self-parking guests simply enter the parking garage and get a ticket from the self-parking pay kiosk. Hold onto this ticket because you’ll need it to pay when you exit the self-parking garages. 

If you lose your self-parking ticket, the parking attendant will attempt to determine the length of your stay and charge a self-parking fee accordingly. If they cannot determine the length of your stay, you’ll be required to pay a lost ticket self-parking fee of $30. 

MGM Resorts hotel guests who are self-parked can add their parking fee to their room bill and simply use their room key when entering or exiting the Mandalay Bay Resort parking garage. Instead of collecting a parking ticket each time you enter, swipe your room keycard instead. MGM Rewards card members with a free parking benefit can swipe their MGM Rewards card instead. 

Expedited Exit 

It seems there’s a long line for everything in Las Vegas. If you want to avoid the line when leaving the Mandalay Bay Resort, there is an option for an expedited exit if you self-park. To get out of the parking garage faster, walk over to the kiosk prior to returning to your car. You can pay your parking fees right there before even reaching the exit gate! 

Self Parking Fees 

After the first one to three complimentary hours of self-parking, normal self-park rates apply. Mandalay Bay Resort offers consistent parking rates throughout the week and weekend in its self-parking garages. 

Current pricing, which is subject to change, is $15 for 1-4 hours and $18 for 4-24 hours. Guests parked in the same parking garage for more than 24 hours will be charged a flat rate of $18 per day past day one. Full-day parking fees repeat for each additional 24 hours of your stay. 

Registered hotel guests are entitled to in-out privileges of the same parking type at both Mandalay Bay Resort and other MGM Resorts properties in Las Vegas. These include Park MGM, MGM Grand, The Signature at MGM Grand, Bellagio, Four Seasons, Excalibur, New York, New York, Luxor, ARIA, and a handful of others. 

Current self-park parking fees for Mandalay Bay Resort Las Vegas are located on the chart below. Keep in mind that parking rates are subject to change and may vary during special events. 

Parking Time

Price (Mon – Thu)

First Hour


1 – 4 Hours


4 – 24 Hours


Each Additional Day


Valet Parking 

Valet services are the best parking experience, no matter which of the Las Vegas hotels you’re staying at. You can avoid the hassle of finding parking spaces, and you don’t have to worry about how long of a walk it is to actually get to the hotel after you park your car. 

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas offers valet services for registered hotel guests and those visiting the resort. Unlike other hotels on Las Vegas Boulevard, Mandalay Bay doesn’t have a single flat rate valet fee that covers an entire 24 hours, whether you’re at the hotel for 2 hours or the entire day. 

Instead, the valet fees apply for 0-2 hours, 2-4 hours, and 4-24 hours. If you’re in the valet parking for more than 24 hours, valet parking fees repeat at the 4-24 hours rate. 

Unlike those who are self-parked, there is not a one to three-hour grace period of free valet parking for visitors and Nevada residents. 

Valet Parking Rates 

Gold, Platinum, and Noir MGM Rewards members receive complimentary valet parking benefits. At this time, Pearl status members are not eligible for complimentary valet parking fees. If you spend time at MGM Resorts Las Vegas hotels throughout the year, MGM Rewards is a great program to sign up for because it offers so many great perks, including an automatic upgrade on a room once you reach a certain level. 

Hotel guests benefit from in-out privileges for valet services. However, hotel visitors must pay a separate fee each time they use valet services. 

Check out the valet parking fees listed below. 

Parking Time

Price (Mon - Thu)

Price (Fri - Sun)

0 – 2 Hours



2- 4 Hours



4 – 24 Hours



Each Additional Day



Parking Garage

The Mandalay Bay parking garage is easy to access right off Las Vegas Blvd. You want to turn west onto the road that runs between Mandalay Bay and Luxor. This will take you to a pedestrian bridge, which you’ll pass under. After you pass the bridge, be on the lookout for signs pointing the way. Then turn left onto Luxor Drive, where you’ll find the entrance and exit gate to the parking structure. 

The garage can also be accessed via Frank Sinatra Drive, which runs along the backside of the resort, near the Michelob Ultra Arena. Stay in the right lane and turn when you see the signs. 


Vehicles parked in valet parking will use a separate entrance located at the front of Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. From Las Vegas Blvd, you’ll see signs directing you to take the road to Mandalay Bay. Stay to the left for valet parking, as the right lane is used for ride shares, shuttles, and taxis. 

Once there, wait for the valet attendant to arrive and take care of the parking for you! 

Mandalay Bay Rv Parking

Mandalay Bay doesn’t offer oversized vehicle parking at the resort. Guests who wish to have their oversized vehicles parked at an MGM Resorts Las Vegas property will need to use the oversized vehicle parking lot, either the Excalibur or Mirage. 

Oversized parking fees are charged on a per-day basis and are based on the size of your vehicle. Oversized vehicles that are under 30ft in length will be charged $30 per 24 hours, while vehicles that exceed 30ft will be charged $50 per 24 hours (or a fraction of). 

The oversized parking lot can fill up and is subject to availability. 

Mandalay Bay Event Center Parking

Guests and visitors who are attending an event at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center or one of the event venues can use the same parking garage as other guests. Those attending a Mandalay Bay Convention Center event may also park in a dedicated underground parking structure toward the south end of the resort. The Convention Center lot can be accessed via Las Vegas Boulevard or W Russell Road.

The parking fee for Mandalay Bay Convention Center parking is the same as standard self-parking rates. 


Does Mandalay Bay have free parking?

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas does not offer free parking, but guests and visitors do receive complimentary hours of self-parking. All visitors can park for free for the first hour. Nevada residents with a valid NV driver’s license or ID can park for free for up to three hours.  

Can you park at Mandalay Bay for Allegiant Stadium?

You can park at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas parking garage for all Allegiant Stadium events. Normal parking rates apply. 

How much is parking at the Mandalay Convention Center?

Parking at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center depends on how long you stay. Parking for 1-4 hours costs $15. 

Bottom Line  

Parking at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas is easy to use and offers a great location on the Las Vegas Strip. In-out privileges at all MGM Resorts are a definite bonus for anyone staying at the hotel, and the parking is convenient for the many events and entertainment venues at Mandalay Bay and nearby resorts, arenas, and convention centers in Las Vegas.

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