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Last Updated on October 21, 2022

The New York New York Las Vegas has a prime location on the Strip. While there are lots of great restaurants nearby, there’s certainly no shortage of wonderful places to eat inside the NYNY Las Vegas. From fine dining to casual, there’s a restaurant here for every appetite. 


Nusr-Et is an extraordinary and unique dining experience in New York, New York in Las Vegas. Prepare yourself for an exquisite dining experience that borders on magic. Nusr-Et is as much about the presentation and the show as it is about the sensory experience for your taste buds. 

Nusr-Et is luxury dining at the New York, New York, where the menu tantalizes. One area of the menu that is sure to catch your attention is the selections from the grill. Nusr-Et efforts several of their exquisite Wagyu steaks served coated in 24 karat gold. The most extravagant item on the menu is a 70-ounce Wagyu Tomahawk Ribeye that’s coated in gold and offered for a price that exceeds $2k. 


If you’re not looking for your Wagyu to be wrapped in gold, there’s a mouthwatering selection of Wagyu steaks and premium cuts of beef that are offered without the extra sparkle.

Nusr-Et offers generous hours for a restaurant of its caliber. They’re open daily for lunch and dinner hours. They’re also open late on the weekends, so you can enjoy the finer things, even as the clock strikes midnight. The dress code at Nusr-Et is business casual, which should be interpreted as casual upscale for this incredible culinary journey.  

Gallagher’s Steakhouse

A New York original has found its way to Las Vegas Blvd, with Gallagher’s Steakhouse. Gallagher’s is a classic steakhouse that was originally opened in 1927, with its first home being in New York City. Gallagher’s Steakhouse is known for serving the finest dry-aged beef, but we think there’s also so much more to love about this New York City landmark steakhouse. 

From the appetizer menu, we can’t help but be in love with the market-fresh oysters and Maryland crab cakes. For the main course, steak lovers will find it hard to resist the traditional dry-aged steaks, like the Dry-Aged New York Strip or the Cowboy Ribeye. Even if you’re not in the mood for a steak, you can enjoy the Holland Dover Sole, Pan Seared Sea Scallops, or the Veal Chop with Romanesco Sauce. 

Gallagher’s Steakhouse is open nightly for dinner service. The Dress code is business casual, so no athletic wear or super casual clothing. 

Il Fornaio

Il Fornaio

Let’s talk about Italian restaurants and food. There are so many great restaurants in Las Vegas, but sometimes all you really want is a heaping plate of housemade pasta or an authentic pizza that’s fresh and hot right out of the wood oven. For lovers of Italian food, Il Fornaio is one of the best restaurants in the NYNY Hotel. 

Il Fornaio offers a menu that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Plus, a bakery menu where you can choose from fresh pastries, breakfast items, and beverages like an exquisite fresh brewed espresso. Il Fornaio offers fresh, seasonal deliciousness and has won awards for its culinary perfection. 

The Il Fornaio Cafe is open early to satisfy your breakfast cravings. They’re also open daily for lunch and dinner service. 

Nine Fine Irishmen

It’s hard to pass up the idea of enjoying a meal or drinks at a restaurant that truly feels like a real Irish pub. Nine Fine Irishmen at the New York New York Hotel Las Vegas is exactly that, with dark wood décor and an atmosphere that feels like you’ve been transported to Ireland. 

There’s a bit of a backstory to Nine Fine Irishmen, which really involves nine extraordinary Irishmen. We’ll let you read or hear the story for yourself during your visit. If you cozy up to the bar, surely someone will tell the tale. But during your time in Las Vegas, this is one pub experience you don’t want to miss. 

You’re going to find some classic Irish dishes on the menu, along with a few traditional pubs or sports bar-style favorites. Start your meal with the Beer & Cheese Dip, the Drunken Onion Rings, or Fried Sausages. If you’re there to just share a few nibbles and drinks with friends, you can order up an entire table full of your favorites to enjoy. 

For the main course, try a taste of the Irish with the Shephard’s Pie, Hot Corned Beef Sandwich, Bangers with mash, or the Fish & Chips. 

The menu of Irish whiskeys and beers is impressive. A stop by Nine Fine Irishmen is a great way to start your night out on Las Vegas Blvd. 

Nine Fine Irishmen is located near the New York, New York Hotel Casino, right next to the Strip Access exit. They’re open most days for lunch and stay open late into the evening. 

Chin Chin Cafe & Sushi Bar

If your mouth waters at the thought of the freshest sushi, modern Chinese dishes, and Pan-Asian specialties, Chin Chin Cafe & Sushi Bar is one of those restaurants you don’t want to miss. 

The food is prepared in exhibition kitchens, so you get to see all the hard work and artistry that goes into each dish. They offer a great selection of sushi rolls, but their dim sum menu is a favorite. The menu also features classic dishes that you find in most Chinese restaurants, but all of them have been elevated with fresh new flavors. If you don’t know what to choose, try the Tangerine Beef or Salt & Pepper Shrimp. 

Chin Chin Cafe & Sushi Bar is also a great place to go if you’re dining with little ones – even if the kids don’t care for sushi or Chinese-style cuisine. They offer a children’s menu with kid favorites, like chicken bites and kid-friendly beef & broccoli. 

Chin Chin Cafe & Sushi Bar is a casual restaurant. They open early and stay open reasonably late every night. 


America is one of those simple, classic, and enjoyable restaurants at the NYNY Las Vegas. America offers classic American cuisine with a menu that features favorites from each coast and all the places in between. What makes America unique in the New York, New York is that it’s open 24 hours. Imagine waking up in Vegas and wandering into America, where early mornings bring rustic dishes like Old Fashioned Pancakes or cinnamon-dusted Brioche French Toast. 

America also has a lunch and dinner menu that is packed with your American favorites. We also like that they offer a vegan menu. Granted, the vegan menu isn’t huge, but it is more than most other casual restaurants offer. 

Wander into America any time of the day or night. The cuisine and the atmosphere are casual, so come as you are (within reason!).



Beerhaus at the New York New York Hotel Casino in Las Vegas is a modern take on a classic beer hall. The serve of your favorite draft beer, along with a long list of craft beers that please even the most discriminating brew lover. Beerhaus is the complete beer hall experience, with bar games, socializing, and more. 

The kitchen at Beerhaus offers lots of savory deliciousness to balance out all that brew. Try the Freerange Chicken Sandwich and the Shaved Beed Sandwich with epic horseradish slaw, or choose something from the Brewhaus menu of sausages. Stop by Beerhaus when you’re in the mood for a beer menu of epic proportions, especially during their 777 Happy Hour that happens every day from 2-4 pm. 

Tom’s Urban 

Tom's Urban 

Tom’s Urban Las Vegas is your go-to sports bar vibe at the New York, New York Hotel. You’re going to love the atmosphere, with outdoor seating that gives you an up-close view of people watching along the Las Vegas Strip and the bustling atmosphere. At Tom’s Urban, there’s always something happening, from the latest game to top-level live entertainment. 

Tom’s Urban is one of those rare places that open early enough to catch a great breakfast but stays open late, so you can stop by for a drink or satisfy your appetite later in the evening. 

During the early morning hours, you can enjoy a tasty breakfast that might include Salted Caramel Skillet French Toast (total yum for a morning sweet tooth), Crispy Chicken & Cornbread Pancake, or a Beach Bum Omelet. Plus, Tom’s Urban offers bottomless mimosas every day until 2 pm. 

For lunch, dinner, or sharing some appetizers with friends, look at Tom’s Urban menu to find elevated sports bar classics, like a Prickle Brined Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Lobster & Shrimp Mac & Cheese, and Braised Short Rib Tacos

Tom’s Urban is a sporting house with a chill, relaxed vibe. The dress code is casual, and you can find them in the New York New York Hotel, right across from the Sportsbook, not far from the Village Street Eateries. 

Gonzalez y Gonzalez

Gonzalez y Gonzalez

Gonzalez y Gonzalez is a great adventure in Mexican cuisine at the New York, New York Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. As soon as you walk in, you can smell how the Mexican-inspired flavorful sauces simmer in the background. Gonzalez y Gonzalez is also where you’ll find an authentic tequila bar that’s perfect for getting the night started in Las Vegas. 

The menu at Gonzalez y Gonzalez features all of your classic Mexican restaurant favorites, like the Gonzalez Nachos, which are absolutely loaded will kinds of goodness, Classic Tortilla Soup, Pork Carnitas, fajitas, and house specialties like Habanero Chili Salmon and Chiles Rellenos.

The atmosphere at Gonzalez y Gonzalez is casual and laid back. They’re open for lunch and dinner service every day. If you’re in the mood, try one of their 32-ounce margaritas, in a variety of flavors, that’s served in a souvenir cactus cup. Don’t worry. It’s plastic and has a straw if you feel like sipping your margarita while walking along the Las Vegas Strip. 

Broadway Burger Bar & Grill 

Broadway Burger Bar & Grill 

Broadway Burger Bar & Grill definitely has a Big Apple feel, especially since their patio seating allows you to enjoy the Greenwich Village-style scenery of the Village Street Eateries. If you’re craving a thick, juicy burger with your favorite toppings, Broadway Burger Bar & Grill is definitely your go-to at the New York, New York in Las Vegas. 

They offer a selection of gourmet burgers like their Classic Broadway Cheeseburger, the Black & Blue, and the Hangover Burger that’s topped with fried egg, bacon, and cheese while being served on an English muffin. 

There are also non-beef burgers and a nice selection of specialty cocktails and draft beers to wet your whistle. Broadway Burger Bar & Grill is open daily for a late lunch and dinner. They open a little earlier on the weekends, so you grab a burger before heading out to explore the city. 

48th and Crepe 

What’s better than a fresh crepe that’s stuffed with all of your favorite fillings? When you wander down Village Street in the New York, New York, during the morning hours, you can’t help but catch the scent of the fresh crepes floating through the air. 

48th and Crepe offers breakfast crepes, savory crepes, and sweet crepes to satisfy whatever your craving may be. Don’t wait too long into the day to try one of their fresh crepes. They open early but close around 3 pm each day. 

New York Pizzeria 

New York Pizzeria 

New York Pizzeria is one of the New York New York restaurants where you can grab a quick, easy slice of pizza pie when you’re on the go and your stomach is growling. Hand-tossed, New York-style pizza is available by the slice, but you can also order one of their many varieties of whole pizza and stuffed pizza. Don’t forget to order a side of garlic knots – they are so good!

New York Pizzeria is open for lunch and dinner. Most nights, they’re open until 11 pm, but they stay open even later on the weekend. 

Village Street Eateries 

Village Street Eateries 

Village Street Eateries is a collection of small restaurants that are designed to look like the village streets of Greenwich Village. For a moment, you completely forget that you’re actually in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd. 

The Village Street Eateries are a great place to grab a quick bite, sit along the village streets, and do a little people-watching while you satisfy your appetite. The Village Street Eateries feature delicious options that include NY-style pizza, sandwiches, fish & chips, hot dogs, pastries, and more. 

Quick Bites & Fast Food 

If you’re not in the mood or don’t have the time for one of the sit-down restaurants, the Quick Bites & fast food options at NYNY Las Vegas won’t leave you hungry. In addition to the quick bite eateries of Village Steet, there are also options like Starbucks, the Shake Shack, Nathans Hot Dogs, and a Hello Kitty food truck that serves all sorts of themed treats. 

New York New York Hotel Casino Location 

The New York New York Las Vegas is located at 3790 Las Vegas Blvd. The property is easy to recognize on the Strip with a half-size, to-scale replica of the Statue of Liberty and a design that resembles the New York City skyline. New York, New York is also close to the MGM Grand. 


Does NYNY have a buffet?

The NYNY in Las Vegas doesn’t currently have a buffet available for guests. However, the hotel is adjacent to the MGM Grand, where it only takes a short walk before you can feast at the MGM Grand Buffet.

Does New York New York have a food court?

Instead of a traditional food court, the New York New York offers their Village Street Eateries, which is a collection of delicious quick bites that are reminiscent of a tree-lined Greenwich Village street.

Whether you’re staying at the NYNY in Vegas or are just curious about what their culinary scene has to offer, you won’t be disappointed with the collection of restaurants and eateries for all tastes and appetites. Reservations are strongly recommended at some NYNY restaurants, so plan early for your next trip to Vegas. 

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