Battista’s Hole in the Wall

Last Updated on December 15, 2022

Las Vegas, NV, is famous for its culinary scene (among other things!), but there’s just something special about really good, authentic Italian food. There’s one Italian restaurant in Las Vegas that has stood the test of time, serving millions of hungry guests in the same location since the 1970s. Battista’s Hole in the Wall is the oldest Italian restaurant in Las Vegas, and our experience says you’re going to love it. 

We’re going to give you all the details about this favorite Italian restaurant in Las Vegas, but we owe you a fair warning. You’ll be craving Italian and ready to book a reservation before you even reach the end of this article when you hear about everything Battista’s Hole in the Wall offers.

About Battista’s Hole in the Wall


Battista’s Hole in the Wall has been open since 1970. Even more impressive, the restaurant is still open in its original location! That explains why Battista’s looks a bit out of place among all the modern resorts and restaurants on the Strip.

The restaurant was opened by a man named Battista Locatelli, and word quickly spread about the amazing signature dishes on the menu. Celebrities quickly flocked to try one of the newest Italian restaurants in the city, but it wasn’t long before tourists became the primary clientele.

Today, Battista’s stands as both a classic restaurant that’s still popular among those in the know in Las Vegas and also as a glimpse into the past of Sin City. 


Walking into Battista’s Hole in the Wall feels like walking into a time capsule. A neon marquee sign with a brick entryway draws you into the main dining room, which features an artistic display of eccentric interior decor.

The atmosphere at Battista’s is welcoming, friendly, and fun. The walls are lined with decor that ranges from a mounted moose head to old vinyl records and even some classic Las Vegas memorabilia. The ceiling is home to a hanging farm basket collection, and you can also get an up close and personal look at the largest collection of miniature liquor bottles in the world. The table settings are cozy, and the service is always done with a smile!

Food & Drinks

Battista's Hole In The Wall Food and Drinks

One of the most noticeable things you’ll find at Battista’s that has been there since the beginning is a large wall-mounted menu. The wall-mounted menu highlights daily specials, which come with generous servings of the complimentary house wine, minestrone or Italian salad, a pasta side, garlic bread, and a homemade cappuccino. 

One of the reasons this Italian restaurant has lasted so long In Las Vegas is because of the large serving sizes and great-tasting Italian cuisine. The menu features Italian classics like ravioli, lasagna, chicken alfredo, and eggplant parmesan.

The menu presentation is probably one of the simplest in Las Vegas. The dishes are categorized by price point, with most entrees ranging between $30 to $45. 

All dinners are served with a free glass of house wine, either red or white. You can also explore a vast wine list that includes reds, whites, blush wine, sparkling wine, and champagne.


Battista’s Hole in the Wall is open for daily dinner service from 5 – 9:30 PM.

Reservations can easily be made online, or you can contact Battista’s directly at 702-732-1424.


Battista’s Hole in the Wall is located just east of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s a short 8-minute drive from the Las Vegas Convention Center and within walking distance to many other destinations on the Strip.

Cromwell, The LINQ, and Flamingo Las Vegas are among the major resorts that sit close to Battista’s. This prime location brings in plenty of foot traffic and makes it easy for guests staying on the Strip to try Battista’s.

The restaurant sits at 4041 LINQ Ln, Las Vegas, NV.

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