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Last Updated on October 22, 2022

Las Vegas, NV, is full of surprises around every corner. From some of the best entertainment in the world to unique shopping experiences, Las Vegas has it all – including the Pearl Factory. 

Pearl Factory is a retail store that should not be missed on your next trip to Sin City. Pearl Factory is a jewelry store where shoppers pick their own oyster, harvest a beautiful pearl, and are able to place it in the setting of their choice. 

Here’s what to expect, a little backstory, and what you need to know before you go!

What To Expect at Pearl Factory Las Vegas, NV

grey pearl in a shell. a gray pearl in an open mother of pearl o

When you enter a Las Vegas Pearl Factory location, you’ll be greeted by a Pearl Factory specialist that will start you on the journey to creating your own jewelry masterpiece. 

First, you’ll choose an oyster. The specialist will then help you shuck your oyster from the shell and harvest the beautiful pearl inside. 

Once you have harvested and the specialist has cleaned off and polished up your pearl, it is time to pick a setting. You can place your pearl in a necklace, ring, pendant, or even a bracelet. 

After the pearl is placed, you’ll have a beautiful piece of jewelry that will be perfect in photos on your Instagram or for a special occasion like your birthday. 

If you love pearls, Pearl Factory is such a cool concept to get behind. Not to mention that pearls come in so many different colours. This means that you don’t have to feel pressured into going with the traditional white pearls if that is not your style! 

The Pearl Factory History

luxury jewelry pearl earrings with reflection on golden black ba

The Pearl Factory started in Hawaii more than thirty years ago. They are the original “pearls in the oyster” jewelry store  After expanding through the islands of Hawaii, they have continued their expansion to California, Nevada, and Florida. 

Their popularity came from honoring Hawaiian traditions, embracing personal, attentive service, and their unique business idea to change the way customers purchase jewelry. 

Pearl Factory Las Vegas, NV Locations

Though Pearl Factory has its roots in Hawaii, there are four locations in Las Vegas. Each of them is located on Las Vegas Boulevard. 

One is at Excalibur Hotel and Casino, and another is at the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian. The final two are at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood and at Luxor Hotel and Casino. 

Best Time To Visit Pearl Factory Las Vegas

All of the Pearl Factory locations have different hours, but they are all also the least busy just after opening, at a lull in the middle of the afternoon, and before closing. Sunday and Tuesday are specific days of the week that are the best to go.

That means that if you are looking for the most attentive service, these times are the best times to visit any of the Pearl Factory locations in Las Vegas. Keep in mind that you should always contact the store or location you intend to go to in order to verify hours of operation before arriving. 


Here are the two most frequently asked questions about Pearl Factory in Las Vegas.

Is Pearl Factory real pearls?

Yes, Pearl Factory sells real pearls in cultured oysters so that you can harvest your own pearl.

What is a wild pearl?

A wild pearl is rare and is one found in an oyster in the wild versus ones that are cultured by humans.

Get Your Pearls at Pearl Factory Las Vegas, NV

Join a sales girl or guy at a Pearl Factory store in Las Vegas to pick out a cute Hawaiian-inspired piece of jewelry. If you can’t make it into the store to pick out your own pearl, you can still shop for beautiful pearl jewelry online on their website which is the next best thing.

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