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Las Vegas is known for bringing culinary classics from around the nation and world to its city streets. Buddy Valastro has recently opened his latest restaurant venture on the Las Vegas Strip called Pizza Cake. 

Buddy Valastro gained fame with his show, Cake Boss, where he designs and makes creative cakes. He also owns Buddy V’s Ristorante, an Italian Restaurant in Las Vegas, and Carlo’s Bakery, the bakery that started it all, with 17 locations nationwide. 

The latest coming from Buddy Valastro, Pizza Cake, is an old-school pizza joint inspired by his Italian Roots. It is located in Harrah’s Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip. The restaurant features old photos, street art, and Buddy’s personal playlist playing in the background, as well as a more than 400 square foot outdoor patio with a few tables that faces the Mirage. 

Pizza Cake Menu

Pizza Cake Menu

The Pizza Cake menu was developed in partnership with chef Bryan Forgione and Buddy V’s father-in-law, Mauro Belgiovine, who was a pizzaiolo for 30 years. They state the secret behind making the best pizza is having passion, the right balance in the perfect ingredients, and a crisp but not crunchy bottom. The trio spent months perfecting the signature Pizza Cake recipes to bring New York/New Jersey-style pizza to Las Vegas. 

Though the pizza is the main event on the menu, there are sweet treats and fun additions like snow cones. Let’s take a deeper dive into what you can find on the Pizza Cake menu. 


You’ll find classic pizzas on the menu, like the classic cheese pizza with crushed Italian tomato sauce and a blend of mozzarella and provolone. Of course, you can get pies with simple toppings like pepperoni, but there are also some fun combinations as well. 

The Boss is the classic cheese pizza topped with meatballs, thick-cut pepperoni slices, and sliced sweet Italian sausage. 

If their take on meat lovers isn’t your style, try the Chicken Alfredo pizza, which has a garlic bechamel sauce topped with fresh mozzarella and provolone cheese, breaded chicken cutlet slices, and finished off with fresh chopped parsley. 

One of their other fun takes includes the Pizza Cake Buffalo Chicken pizza, which starts with the same garlic bechamel sauce and fresh mozzarella provolone blend topped with breaded chicken cutlet slices tossed in spicy buffalo sauce and finished off with a touch more bechamel. 

Dessert Pizzas

Get a dessert pizza to finish off your meal. Pizza Cake has some over-the-top cookie cakes, which they consider dessert pizza because they are cut into slices just like pizza. The cookie cakes have a chocolate chip or sugar cookie base and are topped with all of your favorites. 

Try the Peanut Butter Cookie Cake, which has the sugar cookie base with a peanut butter buttercream frosting and is then sprinkled with Reese’s cups, Reese’s pieces, and Nutter Butter Cookies and finished off with a chocolate syrup drizzle. 

Another favorite is the S’mores Cookie Cake, a chocolate chip cookie base with a marshmallow fluff buttercream topped with toasted marshmallows, Teddy Grahams, and a chocolate drizzle.

Other Sweet Treats

If you are not in the mood for a cookie cake, you can try the cannoli, a cinnamon pastry filled in the center with sweet ricotta cream and cocoa drops. 

Another treat available is Buddy’s take on the Pane e Nutella that he had while growing up, which is Sicilian pizza dough with Nutella, bananas, strawberries, and crumbled caramel popcorn. 

Pizza Cake is also offering snow cones to beat the Las Vegas heat. You can get them spiked or regular and in a variety of fruity flavors. What complements hot pizza better than a cold spiked snow cone. 

Cake ATM

One unique feature of Pizza Cake is their Cake ATM. Spot the Cake ATM from a distance with the 6-foot rainbow vanilla cake sculpture that sits right next to it. The Cake ATM is exactly what it sounds like. It is a vending machine stocked with fresh cake slices made with the Carlos Bakery recipe. 

You’ll find a variety of flavors like rainbow vanilla, chocolate, and more. It is restocked throughout the day so that you never have to worry about it not being available or fresh. Pizza Cake’s Cake ATM is such a fun thing to do on the Las Vegas Strip. Don’t forget to take a selfie to show your friends!

Hours & Location

As we mentioned earlier, Pizza Cake is located in Harrah’s Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip. Pizza cake has entrances in front of Harrah’s right off the Strip and from the casino floor. The walk-up window and indoor sit-down area are open Sunday through Thursday from 12 pm to 12 am. 

They extend their hours on the weekend opening at noon and closing at 4 am. Luckily, the Cake ATM is open 24/7, so you can get a slice of cake at any hour. 

Sunday – Thursday | 12PM – 12AM
Friday – Saturday | 12PM – 4AM


Get New York Style Pizza, Sweets, and Cake in Las Vegas

New York Style Pizza

When that craving for pizza hits after your long day of activities in Las Vegas, head to Pizza Cake on the Strip. With its classic pizza, sweet treats, and Cake ATM, Pizza Cake is not to be missed on your next trip to Las Vegas. 

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