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Last Updated on November 14, 2022

New York is a long way from Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the New York Style of pizza with the delicious chewy crust you crave. Slice of Vegas always pops up in our thoughts when it’s great pizza that we want. 

From signature pizzas to tasty salads and gluten-free menu offerings, here are the tasty details about our favorite Vegas pizza kitchen.

About Slice of Vegas

What we love about Slice of Vegas, aside from the yummy food, is that they do pizza right while keeping things simple. There’s nothing flashy or fancy here. 

They’ve mastered the basics, like their homemade, fresh pizza sauce and their perfectly chewy crust. These are the foundations of a great pizza. Anything beyond that is just extra icing on the cake (or pie, in this case)

Slice of Vegas is also a great Vegas pizza kitchen for anyone with special dietary needs or preferences. If you’re dairy-free, gluten-free, or vegan, they have you covered. 

You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope your food isn’t going to irritate a food allergy or intolerance, and if you’re living the keto life, Slice of Vegas makes it easy to have your pizza and eat it too! 


Here are a few of the favorites that we’ve tried at Slice of Vegas. 

Margherita – fresh pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil 

Buffalo Chicken – hot sauce, bleu cheese crumble topping, chicken tenders, carrots, celery, and spicy ranch sauce 

Chicken Parm – fresh pizza sauce, mozzarella, herb-crusted chicken breast, and basil

Il Mangino – fresh pizza sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, red onion, prosciutto, arugula salad, and shaved parmesan

Of course, there are other things on the menu besides the amazing pizza. If you’re in the mood for a dish that leaves you feeling like you just left your grandma’s house, they also serve classic Italian pasta.

Think along the lines of homestyle lasagna that are piled high with lasagna noodles, ricotta cheese, mozzarella, and parm Reggiano. You then get your choice of their classic marinara, spicy marinara, alfredo, or the three-meat bolognese. 

We also really like the Spicy Mac & Cheese, which is a cheese penne made with a three-cheese sauce, jalapeno, bacon, and herbed bread crumbs to give a nice, savory, crunchy top. 

For the kids (or those of you who can’t handle the spice), they also have a really good mac & cheese, which is the classic cheese elbow macaroni. The cheese sauce is rich, creamy, and delicious. Personally, we think this is good with a little of their basil pesto aioli or even a little bleu cheese crumble topping. 

For something a little lighter, there are soups and salads. Even a simple classic, like the garden salad spring mix with cucumber, tomato, red or yellow onions, and edamame, is super fresh, delicious, and spot on every time. 

The Caprese salad is also a step above most others. It starts with arugula, basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella, but then it’s dressed up in a wonderful balsamic vinaigrette, balsamic reduction, and capers. 

It also feels like we wouldn’t be doing you a service if we didn’t mention the savory sandwiches, including a nice thick burger patty turned into the classic cheeseburger or the Philly that’s just loaded with green peppers and cheese. An order of their fires with cheese, garlic-herbed oil, and other goodness is an indulgence you shouldn’t pass up.

The sausage and pepper calzone never disappoints and isn’t shy on the green pepper. For an appetizer, we always go for the calamari that’s sprinkled with lemon zest. It’s just all so good. 

For the sweet tooth, this is one restaurant that doesn’t disappoint. There’s the classic chocolate cake with the most decadent peanut butter topping you’ve ever tasted. 

There’s also the vanilla cheesecake with a honey graham crust. We find it hard to resist the cookie skillet topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, and lots of whipped cream. 


This isn’t a pizza place where you’ll find just a couple of vegan options to choose from. Instead, they have an entire menu devoted to delicious food that fits your vegan lifestyle. The vegan menu includes appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, vegan pizza, and even a couple of vegan desserts. 

Vegan cauliflower bites and vegan chicken tenders are great when you’re craving meat and dairy-free versions of your favorite bar food. The vegan fries are available in several well-seasoned, savory flavors. The garlic rosemary fries are our favorite. 

Even with all the other good stuff on the menu, like the vegan garden pesto penne, the real star of the vegan menu is the pizza. There are six different vegan options, all of which feature the classic chewy crust. 

Traditional-style pizzas feature their supreme fresh pizza sauce, like the Veggie Garden, with veggie, fresh pizza sauce, and vegan mozzarella. 

We also really like the Vegan Meat Lovers and the Vegan Buffalo with spicy ranch sauce. Yum!

For dessert, don’t pass up the vegan chocolate cake with whipped peanut butter frosting. 


Slice of Vegas offers all of its pizzas in a gluten-free version. They use a cauliflower crust that makes a running for the best gluten-free pizza in all of Las Vegas. 

You’ll find all of their pizzas among their gluten-free menu offerings. Gluten-free favorites are the Four Cheese with four types of cheese, herbed garlic oil, and spinach on a cauliflower crust and the Gluten-Free BBQ Chicken pizza with bbq sauce, chicken breast, red onion, and fresh mozzarella. 

It’s important to note that while Slice of Vegas does a great job of offering gluten-free options, there is a risk of cross-contamination since some ingredients may come in contact with others that contain gluten. 

In other words, be cautious and speak to your server or the manager about the best options if you have a severe gluten allergy or Celiac Disease. 

Double Down Challenge

Double Down Challenge

For the extreme pizza eaters out there, you’ll want to know about the Double Down Challenge. The pizza is a double-stacked 18-inch pie. It’s loaded down with cheese, fresh pizza sauce, five types of meat, mushrooms, yellow onion, and jalapenos. 

If you alone can tackle this beastly nine-pound pizza, not only is your pizza free, but you also get your picture on their wall of fame and score a $100 gift certificate, plus a t-shirt! 


Prices are pretty reasonable, especially when you take into consideration that this is Las Vegas, where you usually have to do a little digging around to find a great budget-friendly place to eat. 

Appetizers cost somewhere in the ballpark of $10-$15. The calamari and meatballs, which are made from beef, ground pork, and veal mix, are among the most expensive. Simple appetizers, like fries or pretzel bites, are the least expensive. 

The salads run in the $15-$20 range. You can get a caesar salad for about $15 and a cobb salad for just under $19. 

Entrees cost between $18-$22, and you get a generous portion with each. 

For the pizza, plan on paying $19-$23 for a 12-inch pizza and closer to the $30-$35 range for an 18-inch pizza. The cheese pizza is the least expensive and the best option if you want to customize it with your own toppings. 

Toppings are extra but include all the favorites, like green pepper, arugula, bacon, bleu cheese, bolognese mix, fontina, or artichokes. 

Sandwiches, calzone, and strombolis are priced on average for the area and run you somewhere in the $18-$25 range. 


Find Slice of Vegas at the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay. The official address is 3930 S Las Vegas Blvd. 


Are there gluten-free options at Slice of Vegas?

Yes, all of their pizzas are offered in gluten-free varieties. The cheese cauliflower crust pizza is simple, classic, and delicious. 

Is there a vegan menu at Slice of Vegas?

Yes, they have one of the most impressive vegan menus of any pizza restaurant in Vegas. The menu includes everything from vegan chicken to a vegan meat lovers’ pizza, plus lots of pure veggie options. 

Bottom Line 

When you’re craving ice-cold craft beers and the best thin-crust pizza, Slice of Vegas at Mandalay Bay will become your new favorite Vegas pizza kitchen. Vegas has so many great pizza restaurants and places to get the best slice. We don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t try them all! 

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