Sushisamba Las Vegas Menu, Dress Code, & Map

Last Updated on March 26, 2023

SushiSamba Las Vegas is a blend of Japanese, Peruvian, and Brazilian cuisine that creates a delicious and fun meal with an infusion of flavors from multiple cultures. The restaurant welcomes guests to stop into their location at Grand Canal Shoppes inside The Venetian and create their own SushiSamba Las Vegas experience! 

The menu has no shortage of positive feedback, and with a quick glance, you’ll understand why.

Sushisamba Las Vegas

Menu & Prices

Lunch & Dinner 


Start your meal with a tasty appetizer at SushiSamba Las Vegas! Green bean tempura with black truffle aioli is a must-try appetizer for just $10. Shishito is a grilled spicy pepper served with sea salt and lime. There is six appetizers total, and each one is better than the last.

Small Plates 

Small plates offer the perfect smaller serving, so you can try more from the menu. Small plates are priced from $12 to $25, which makes them much more affordable than large plates.

Crispy taquitos can be ordered with a yellow tail or Japanese wagyu. Taquitos are served with spicy aji panca sauce, fresh lime, and yuzu aji amarillo foam. Salt and pepper squid is another popular choice with dry miso, shichimi, sea salt, crispy garlic, and su shoyu dipping sauce. 

Mushroom tobanyaki has a fresh poached organic egg, assorted mushrooms, yuzu soy, and garlic chips.


The raw menu at SushiSamba Las Vegas includes sashimi seviche, sashimi tiradito, and oysters.

Oysters must be ordered in at least a half dozen at a time with your choice of east or west-coast oysters. West coast oysters are $6 each, while east coast oysters are $5 each.

There are two types of Sashimi Seviche offered, yellow tail and jumbo shrimp. Yellowtail is served with ginger, garlic, and soy for $18. Jumbo shrimp is served with passion fruit, cucumber, and cilantro for $17.

Sashimi Tiradito includes four options priced from $17 to $21. These items are very flavorful with combinations like Kanpachi with yuzu, sea salt, black truffle oil, chive, and garlic or tuna with granny smith apple, serrano, and fresh lime. 


Robata is fresh ingredients cooked over a Japanese charcoal grill on Peruvian skewers. There are meat, fish and seafood, vegetables, and anticuchos to choose from. Anticuchos are skewers served over Peruvian corn.

Vegetable robata choices are the most affordable at $9, while filet mignon is the most expensive at $24.  

Japanese Wagyu 

Japanese Wagyu 

Grade A5 Japanese Waygu is a dining experience everyone should try at least once. It may be pricey, but there’s nothing that compares.

Ishiyaki wagyu is served with dipping sauces and a hot stone with a 5-ounce minimum order. Robata Yaki wagyu is served with dipping sauces and requires a minimum order of 2 ounces. Both types of wagyu are priced at $38 per ounce.

Large Plates 

Large plates are what the name suggests. These larger servings can easily be shared if you want to try more than one dish, or you can indulge all on your own. Large plates are priced from $25 to $65.

Moqueca Mista is a large plate with shrimp, squid, Chilean sea bass, mussels, and clams with coconut milk served with dende oil and chimichurri sauce. The Tonkostu ramen large plate has Berkshire pork belly, sweet tamago, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, and scallions.

There is truly no bad option out of the large plates on the menu!

Samba Rolls 

Samba rolls are rolls that include multiple ingredients. For instance, the Samba Strip features Maine lobster, mango, avocado, soy paper, lotus root chips, and aji honey truffle. This is the most expensive Samba Roll at $32. 

The Sasa handroll, Amazonia roll, and Neo Tokyo are other popular Samba rolls. Rolls start at $12.

Nigiri and Sashimi 

nigiri and sashimi

There are 18 types of nigiri and Sashimi during lunch and dinner at SushiSamba Las Vegas. If you’re not familiar, Nigiri is raw fish served on top of rice, while Sashimi is raw fish served alone. Both types are priced per piece, with prices starting at $3 and going up to $15 per piece. 

You’ll find popular nigiri and sashimi favorites like yellow tail, salmon, octopus, and Japanese snapper alongside more exciting options like sea urchin, quail egg, and Japanese eel. 


There are 5 sides that can be added to your order. Peruvian corn, coconut rice, and purple potato mash are $8 each. Steamed Japanese rice is $7 for a side order, and a field green salad is $12. 


 Samba Brunch

Try Samba Brunch on weekends from 11:30 AM to 3 PM. Like any good brunch menu, you’ll find mimosas, bellinis, and other brunch-friendly cocktails. Enjoy bottomless mimosas or bellinis for two hours at just $28 per person! Bellinis can even be personalized with your choice of fruit purees, including granny smith apple, lychee, citron honey, and strawberry.

Herbal, black, and green teas are available for $5 per serving as well as coffee and espresso.

There are savory and sweet menu items for brunch. The sweet menu items include options like an acai bowl and rabanda french toast with sweet potato butter, caramelized pecans, seasonal fruits, farofa, crispy bacon, and dolce de leche shichimi sauce. 

Savory items include a morning sandwich with yuzu fries, a traditional Brazilian bean stew, palmito salad, and more. Savory and sweet brunch items are priced from $8 to $26. 

Samba Hour

Samba Hour is from 3 to 6 PM, Sunday – Friday. Samba hour offers a limited menu with discounted prices that make it more affordable than ever to taste multiple SushiSamba Las Vegas menu items. 

The discounts begin with three cocktails offered for just $9 each. Choose from a mojito, lychee cooler, and caipirinhas. There are also three types of wine for $7-$8 per glass, two beers for $6 per serving, and 1 type of sake for $7 per glass.

Happy hour has never tasted so good, with a variety of discount items from the Samba kitchen and sushi bar at $7-$12 per order. 

Organic chicken anticuchos with aji amarilla, edamame with fresh lime, and rock shrimp tempura with snap pea julienne, spicy mayonnaise, green peas, and black truffle dressing are popular choices from the kitchen menu.

From the sushi bar, try jumbo shrimp ceviche with passion fruit cucumber and cilantro, an Amazonia roll, or a yellow tiradito with jalapeno and lemongrass. End Samba Hour on a sweet note with Sata Andagi, dolce de leche Japanese donuts with red fruit coulis. 

Gluten Conscious

Gluten Conscious

One of the things that set SushiSamba Las Vegas apart from other sushi restaurants is its extensive gluten-conscious menu. The menu is made up of items that can be found on the traditional lunch and dinner menu, but it’s all gluten-free! Sushi Samba proves you can have a delicious and fun meal despite dietary restrictions. 


SushiSamba Las Vegas is inclusive for all, with a full vegan menu! The vegan menu is small but perfectly curated to capture the best of SushiSamba’s flavors. 


The vegan menu begins with two appetizers, edamame for $8 or shishito for $10. There are two small plates available too. The first is coco tobanyaki Japanese mushrooms for $19. The second is a field green salad with greens, radish, and beet with a carrot-ginger dressing for $12.


The menu continues with cucumber, avocado, ume shiso, oshinko, and natto rolls for $6 each. The Amazonia roll is a fan-favorite that includes collard greens, portobello mushroom, takuwan, cucumber, avocado, and wasabi-onion soy for $15 per roll. 

Veggies & Sides

Asparagus, mushroom, and mixed wild mushroom robata are an excellent addition to any order. You can also add a side of Peruvian corn, coconut rice, collard greens, steamed Japanese rice, or black beans for $7-$8.


Tapioca Con Leche is the only vegan-friendly dessert option. The dessert is made of coconut-infused tapioca, toasted coconut wafer, and pineapple confit. An order of Tapioca Con Leche costs $12.


The dessert menu at SushiSamba Las Vegas highlights their selection of Japanese Whiskey as well as bourbon, brandy, scotch, and port wines. There are a few coffee options available costing $5 – $6 and tea blends for $5.

As for the actual desserts, there are seven options priced from $8 to $16. Dessert selections stay true to the theme of SushiSamba Las Vegas with traditional Japanese Mochi, Sata Andage Japanese donuts, and honey toast with shio koji ice cream.



The primary beverage featured on the menu at SushiSamba Las Vegas is sake. Sake is said to be the heart of the restaurant, and their extensive selection makes that statement hard to argue with! If you’re new to the world of sake, the helpful staff will help you choose the perfect libation to pair with your meal at SushiSamba Las Vegas.

Sake-by-the-glass pricing starts as low as $10 and goes up to $40. There is also an option to try three types of sake for $33. Bottles of Japanese sake can be purchased, as well as specialty sake by the glass, but you should be prepared to pay top dollar for these choices.

Cocktails & Mocktails

There are two pages of cocktails to choose from. There’s an incredible variety offered because the recipes have been created by current and former bar team members from multiple SushiSamba locations. Cocktails cost $15 to $21, depending on your selection. There are also three mocktails on the menu for $9 each.

The Sambatini is a drink that changes monthly with a new drink inspiration created by the bar team. If you can’t choose a cocktail, trying the Sambatini is always a safe bet.


Beers from Japan, Brazil, Peru, and the USA are available. Step outside your comfort zone to try a Brazilian Pilsner, Red Rice Ale, or Peruvian Lager. Beer costs $8 to $15 per serving.

Wine & Whiskey

There is a premium wine list that includes sparkling, white, red, and rose wines that can be purchased by the glass or half bottle. Finally, experience Japanese Whiskey by the glass or as a flight with multiple types to try. Wine and whiskey pricing can be quite affordable or cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. It all depends on what type you order and how much, but prices are clearly listed on the menu.

Wine & Whiskey

Tree Bar

Tree Bar

The Tree Bar welcomes guests to enjoy exclusive cocktails and small bites under a stunning tree canopy illuminated for the perfect ambiance. This dramatic art installation turned bar with a stunning visual effect evokes emotions that are impossible to ignore and creates the photo opportunity of your dreams.


To view the signature cocktails served at the Tree Bar, you’ll have to visit for yourself. As for the small bites, some items are pulled from the great-tasting menu used for lunch and dinner, while other items are unique to the Tree Bar.

The Japanese A5 Wagyu beef gyoza with kabocha puree, su shoyu, and sweet soy dipping sauces is a small plate for $25 that will leave you both impressed and satisfied. A Lima Samba Roll with spicy king crab, shrimp tempura, and avocado offers the perfect flavors to pair with Tree Bar cocktails.

The complete Tree Bar menu includes traditional sushi rolls, hand rolls, appetizers, small plates, raw items, and sashimi/nigiri. There are even a handful of sides and desserts you can try!

Dress Code

SushiSamba Las Vegas calls its dress code “smart casual.” To be more specific, style is welcome and encouraged! Guests are asked not to wear beachwear, flip-flops, sportswear, shorts, slides, and athletic trainers.

Location & Map

SushiSamba Las Vegas is located on level 2 of the Grand Canal Shoppes inside The Venetian. The restaurant is located near Tory Burch, with men’s and women’s restrooms between SushiSamba and Villa Azur next door.

On the map, it’s location 323.

Hours & Reservations

SushiSamba Las Vegas is open 11:30 AM to 12 AM Sunday to Thursday. They have slightly extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays from 11:30 AM to 1 AM. 

Reservations are not required to dine at SushiSamba, but they can ensure you won’t have to wait for a seat. You can make reservations online using Open Table or by calling the restaurant at 702-607-0700.

If you’re planning a large event, contact the event coordinator by calling 702-414-2265. There are multiple spaces available to accommodate special events from 10 people to 300 people in size. 


What hotel is SushiSamba Las Vegas in? 

SushiSamba Las Vegas is located at Grand Canal Shoppes inside the Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip.

Can you walk into SushiSamba Las Vegas for drinks? 

The Tree Bar at SushiSamba is a wonderful place to walk in for small bites and signature, hand-crafted cocktails.

Does SushiSamba have a dress code?

SushiSamba asks that guests don’t wear flip-flops, athletic wear, beachwear, shorts, and athletic trainers. Other casual clothes are welcome.

Final Thoughts

Overall, SushiSamba is one of the best sushi spots in Las Vegas. The restaurant is so much more than just a sushi bar, though! You can expect great service, delicious food, and a fun dining experience when you visit SushiSamba Las Vegas.

Many satisfied guests leave the restaurant planning their next visit to try more inventive dishes on the menu. If you’re not sure what to order, ask your server about the popular dishes they recommend, or order something from this review!

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