The 10 Best Las Vegas Kayak Tours

Last Updated on October 22, 2022

Kayak tours from Las Vegas offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Travel up and down the Colorado River and experience natural wonders like emerald waters, natural hot springs, gorgeous canyon views, and historical landmarks that are just a short hike away from the river’s edge. 

Most kayak tours are appropriate for beginner-level kayakers who have at least a moderate level of fitness. Some tour companies offer both single and tandem kayaks, which can be less intimidating for those new to the sport. If you have younger members in your group, it’s always best to contact the tour company directly to ask about age restrictions since each company operates with its own set of guidelines. 

With so many great tours to choose from, we’ve highlighted ten of the best kayak touring options from Las Vegas. 

A kayaking adventure is a great way to escape the constant buzz and energy of Las Vegas and allow yourself to connect with nature. There are a lot of kayak tour companies that offer tours that go up and down the Colorado River, exploring many of the fascinating sights along the way. Here are 10 of the best. 

Half-Day Kayak Tour of the Black Canyon

by Blazin Paddles LLC

Half-Day Kayak Tour of the Black Canyon by Blazin Paddles LLC

Blazin Paddles offers one of our favorite half-day kayak tours of the Black Canyon. Your adventure starts with a complimentary shuttle service, which lands you at Willow Beach. From here, your kayaking tour begins as your tour guide gets you set up with all the necessary kayaking equipment, along with great instructions to make sure everyone is ready to have a great time kayaking to the Black Canyon. 

You’ll spend approximately three hours on the water kayaking upstream to the Black Canyon and back. One of the most memorable stops on this tour is the historical overlook, where the picturesque views of all the natural wonders are unprecedented. There’s always lots of wildlife on display in their natural habitats, including big horn sheep and bald eagles. 

This kayak tour offers free cancellation within 48 hours notice. Snacks, water, shuttle transportation, and park entrance fees are included in this unforgettable Black Canyon kayak tour. 

Three Hour Emerald Cave Kayak Tour by River Dogz

If you’re looking to experience the beauty of emerald waters and do a little kayaking along the Colorado River, this three-hour Emerald Cave tour by River Dogz is a favorite. Your tour guide will lead you along a 4-mile journey on what’s considered a half-day tour. 

This tour is ideal for beginners and those with a moderate skill level. You’ll explore the legendary Colorado River and view picturesque natural attractions as you head toward the gemstone-colored waters of Emerald Cave. You’ll also have the chance to explore Willow Beach Marina, Falcon Cave, and a short hike to the historic Gauging Station. 

Everything you need is provided, including complimentary snacks, kayaking equipment, life jackets, complimentary shuttle service, and incredible wildlife viewing opportunities. 

Emerald Cave Kayak Tour with the Option of Las Vegas Pickup by Las Vegas SUP Kayak Club

Get ready for an amazing kayaking adventure along the historic Colorado River with this Emerald Cave Kayak Tour that will take you past some of the most breathtaking views on the southwest. This tour starts at Willow Beach, and you’ll travel along the Colorado River for about 2 ½ miles, where you’ll paddle inside the Black Canyon and get an up-close view of not only the canyon but also native wildlife, like bighorn sheep. 

On your way back is when you’ll make a stop at Emerald Cave and another historical site where you’ll enjoy snacks and water to refuel and recharge for the rest of the trip. This kayak tour also offers the choice between single or tandem kayaks for your kayaking adventure. 

Full Day Hoover Dam Kayak Tour by Vegas Kayak Tours

Are you looking to escape from Sin City for a while, and love the idea of spending about 8 hours exploring the Colorado River and the historic Hoover Dam? This tour takes you out of Las Vegas and into some of the best kayaking in the area. 

Your kayaking tour starts at the Hoover Dam, and then you spend the day exploring every nook and cranny of the Colorado River. Along the tour, you get a great sense of the rich history and natural wildlife of the area. You’ll also visit the Sauna Cave where you can enjoy the geothermal hot springs, then onto Emerald Cave and the historic fish hatchery. The tour ends at scenic Willow Beach before returning to the Las Vegas Strip. Make sure to bring your camera for this tour!

hoover dam kayak tour by las vegas sup kayak club

If you’ve ever wanted to see the Hoover Dam up close, this tour is one of the best kayaking experiences. This tour starts at the Hoover Dam and is a full-day excursion that includes about 7 hours on the water. Thanks to experienced tour guides and quality safety equipment, this tour is perfect for all levels who are interested in some adventurous kayaking. 

During your adventure, you’ll stop and spend some time enjoying the hot springs, explore along 12 miles of canyon scenery, enjoy the wildlife, and more along this scenic adventure. Lunch, snacks, water, and shuttle service from the Mandalay Bay Resort are all included in this tour package. 

twilight kayak tour from las vegas by blazin paddles llc

Of all the natural wonders, a sunset view of the Black Canyon from a kayak is one of the most spectacular. The lights of Las Vegas at night have nothing on the sunset view of the Black Canyon that you’ll experience with this tour. 

Departure times are set so that a shuttle will bring you to the launching spot about an hour before sunset. You’ll then kayak two miles along the Colorado River and enjoy the sights of the Black Canyon. You’ll stop and enjoy a little refreshment of campfire marshmallow and hotdog roasting before kayaking back under a starlit sky. 

Kayak Hoover Dam with Hot Springs From Las Vegas by Evolution Expeditions 

This experience by Evolution Expeditions is a full-day tour that takes you along for an up-close and personal view of the Hoover Dam from its base. Participants on this tour will kayak from the Hoover Dam and then through the Black Canyon. You’ll find the sauna cave and have the chance for an indulgent soak in the geothermal natural hot springs. 

This tour ranks high when it comes to top-notch, awe-inspiring views. Between the waterfalls, bald eagles, bighorn sheep, the stunning Colorado River, and the green waters of Emerald Cave, this is an exceptional guided tour for adventurous kayakers. 

Hoover Dam permits for this tour (which are included in the package price) sell out quickly, so advanced reservations are recommended. You’ll also want to make sure that you bring along a valid photo ID. A catered lunch is provided, along with bottled water, juice, and snacks. 

Willow Beach Kayak Tour by Vegas Kayak Tours

If you’re looking for a half-day kayak tour that takes you on an adventure away from the Las Vegas Strip, this journey to Willow Beach offers an incredible escape. An experienced tour guide will lead you along to kayak past a picturesque scene that includes the beautiful volcanic canyon walls, and a few breathtaking historical sites. 

This kayak tour explores Willow Beach, the Fish Hatchery, and Emerald Cave. After you’re done exploring in your kayak, you’ll spend some time at Willow Beach, where you can go swimming or find a spot of sandy beach to relax on before returning to the high-energy city life of Las Vegas. 

Pick-up and drop-off service is available, with the departure and drop-off location being across from the Mandalay Bay Resort on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Three Hour Kayak Tour of Boulder Islands by River Dogz

River Dogz offers several great kayaking tours, but one of our favorites is the three-hour tour of Boulder Islands. Experience tour guides will introduce you to the natural beauty of Boulder Islands, where you’ll have a breathtaking view of the Ancient Paint Pots. On this tour, you’re also encouraged to get out, explore, stretch, and even take a dip in Lake Mead. 

On this tour, you’ll also see the Emerald Cave, Falcon Cave, Willow Beach, and the historic Gauging Station. You’ll also see lots of native wildlife of the area, including bald eagles, desert big horn sheep, rainbow trout, and more. 

This tour lasts a little more than 2 hours and is suitable for beginners with a moderate level of fitness. Hotel pickup is available and included, along with snacks, water, safety equipment, and admission into the park. 

Neon Tour by Vegas Glass Kayaks 

The Neon Tour is a special type of kayaking adventure by Vegas Glass Kayaks. Offered several times a month between April and October, this tour takes you by kayak at sunset where you’ll have the chance to see the Emerald Cave in a whole new light. 

You’ll be in a special kayak that has been retrofitted with neon lights, which are both a navigational tool as you navigate the darker sunset passages, and also light up the Colorado River and the green waters of the Emerald Cave in a spectacular display. In contrast with the clear starry sky, this tour offers spectacular scenery and an incredible experience. 

The Neon Tour covers four miles and begins an hour before sunset. The skill level is easy to moderate and is ideal for beginners with at least a minimum amount of experience in a kayak. You’ll travel down the beautiful Colorado River, with points of interest being the Historic River Gauger’s home site, and the green waters of the Emerald Cave. Hotel pickup is included, as well as beverages and smores at the campfire upon return. 


How long is the Emerald Cave kayak tour?

There are several Emerald Cave Kayak Tours from Las Vegas. Most are offered in either a half day or full day option. Keeping in mind that there’s travel time to get to the kayak launch site, a half day tour is typically about three hours on the water, and a full day tour is 4-6 hours on the water. Some kayak tours also include extra activities, like swimming, hiking, and a picnic lunch.

Can you kayak at Hoover Dam?

You can kayak on your own near the Boulder Canyon area, but if you want to Kayak at the base of the Hoover Dam, your best bet is contact a Las Vegas kayak touring company that has access to special passes and help you kayak the area safely.

How long does it take to kayak from Willow Beach to Emerald Cove?

Kayaking from Willow Beach to Emerald Cove typically takes about 1.5-2 hours. The distance is about two miles, so timing will depend a lot on your level of kayaking experience, and if you’re kayaking as part of a tour (which often assumes a basic to moderate skill level) or on your own.

How long does it take to kayak from Willow Beach to Hoover Dam?

Kayaking from Willow Beach to Hoover Dam typically takes 2-3 hours for a moderate skill level, so you should plan on about 4-6 hours for a round trip kayak adventure. You will also want to factor in extra time if you want to stop at the Hoover Dam Lodge, or if you want to take time exploring the hidden gems or stop at a historical site along the way.

Enjoy a Day Kayaking Along the Colorado River

Beautiful natural scenery, wildlife like big horn sheep, eagles, and aquatic creatures, gorgeous emerald waters reflecting the sunlight, and canyon walls painted by nature are just a sampling of what you’ll experience while kayaking along the Colorado River and exploring all the stops along the way. Step out of the city and into nature with one of the best kayaking adventure tours in Las Vegas.

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