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When planning a trip to sin city, everyone is always looking for wild and crazy things to do in Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada, is for sure one of the most iconic travel destinations in the world. From the Las Vegas sign to the Las Vegas Strip, one thing is for sure. There are plenty of wild things to do in Vegas. 

No matter your version of wild or crazy activities, there are places and fun things for everyone in sin city. Let’s take a look at some of the craziest things to do in Vegas. 

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! 

Adrenaline Rush

Searching for an adrenaline rush? Vegas has lots of options for fans of thrills and a racing heart. Find the adrenaline-inducing activities that fit your fancy in the list below.

Thrill Rides

Thrill Rides at The Adventuredome

In Vegas, thrill rides are more like not-so-typical versions of rollercoasters. Each has its own unique twist that takes them to the next level. 

The Adventuredome

The Adventuredome in Circus Circus is a five-acre indoor theme park with a variety of fun rides. However, thrill-seekers will first want to ride the Canyon Blaster and El Loco, both fast roller coasters with gravity-defying loops and turns. Then, when you’ve had your fill of that, move onto the Chaos and Inverter, which have you hanging upside down for the majority of the ride.

Big Apple Coaster

The Big Apple Coaster is appropriately located outside the New York New York Hotel. The coaster begins on the casino roof, dropping you 144 feet at the start of the ride. It then reaches speeds of 67 mph before sending you into a twist and loop.  The Big Apple Coaster is a huge favorite in Las Vegas. 

The Stratosphere

Stratosphere thrill rides

The Stratosphere is one of the tallest buildings in Las Vegas. They have taken advantage of this fact and have built three thrill rides on the building itself. 

Big Shot 

Big Shot shoots you 160 feet in the air at 45 miles per hour. At the top, you’ll be more than 1,000 feet off the ground before it drops you back down. 


Experience 3Gs while dangling 900 feet in the air off of the side of The Stratosphere. The claw-like ride dangles people 64 feet off the side of the building and then propels them into different angles.


X-Scream propels riders 27 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere tower dangling 866 feet above the Strip before being sent backward and propelled again. 

Zip Lines

If soaring over Las Vegas sights is your thing, try one or all of these spectacular ziplines during your next trip. 

VooDoo Zipline

VooDoo Zipline is located at the Rio Hotel on the rooftop above the 51st floor. This zipline sends two riders at a time 800 feet below at speeds up to 33 miles an hour. It then brings you back up to the top of the roof, but backward on the return trip. 

Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon

Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon is located just outside the heart of Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert. These zip lines fly down the sides of desert mountains at speeds up to 60 miles an hour.


SlotZilla is a zipline that sends you 12 stories down to soar over the entire length of Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas at 40 mph. Choose a classic seated position or a superman flying position for even more thrill. 

Racing and Speed

Racing and speed are for the true adrenaline junkies. Las Vegas has almost any kind of racing you can think of. 

Exotics Racing

Exotics Racing is a Vegas must-do for those that love some thrill. This driving experience allows you to take the wheel of some of the fastest cars in the world, with several to pick from, including Lamborghini and Ferrari options. Hit top speeds of up to 140mph as you fly around the track.

SpeedVegas Off-Roading

Strap into an off-road race truck and floor it through a professional dirt race track that has high banks, multiple jumps, drifting turns, and a thrilling 60-foot table jump that will propel you 10 feet in the air. SpeedVegas Off-Roading is the perfect place for a midday adrenaline rush. 

Pole Position Raceway

Pole Position Raceway is go-kart racing at its best. The high-performance electric go-karts reach a max speed of 45 mph as you drift through turns and floor it through the straightaways of exciting indoor speed tracks. 

Police Chase Las Vegas

Police Chase Las Vegas gives people the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a cop car or a getaway car and partake in a full light and siren pursuit. Attempt PIT maneuvers and other techniques used by law enforcement during high-speed chases. 

Pure Speed Drag Racing

Pure Speed Drag Racing offers a wide array of thrilling experiences. From driving a dragster yourself to racing your friend in a streetcar drag race, Pure Speed Drag Racing has something on their list for all thrill-seekers. 

Operating Heavy Machinery

You might hear “don’t operate heavy machinery” in the warnings of a prescription commercial, but operating heavy machinery is something that’s encouraged in Las Vegas.

Dig This adult version of playing with tractors

Dig This!

Dig This! is the adult version of playing with tractors. Operate heavy machinery such as excavators and bulldozers all on your own. You can crush a car, play games to test your skill, or dig a hole! 

After a quick safety briefing and hands-on instruction for all of the levers and buttons, you’ll be on your way to living out your best childhood dreams. However, they do make you pass a breathalyzer, so maybe save the typical Vegas antics for after. 

Fly Sky Combat Ace

Fly Sky Combat Ace

Fly Sky Combat Ace takes you up in a small plane with an experienced pilot and gives you the reins to fly the aircraft yourself, even if you have never even been on a plane. Try an aerial maneuver, or just take in the sights, it’s up to you, but regardless, it’s a thrill-seekers paradise. 


Skydiving in Las Vegas

Take thrill-seeking to new heights with various skydiving experiences. Though you can skydive anywhere, Las Vegas offers variety and sights galore. 

Skydive Fyrosity

Skydive Fyrosity specializes in first-time tandem skydiving, making it the perfect stop for an adrenaline rush in Las Vegas. Jump directly over the Valley of Fire State Park and see Lake Mead, Moapa Valley Indian Reservation, Virgin and Colorado rivers, and a bird’s eye view of the city on your way down. 

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Vegas Indoor Skydiving is located right off the north end of the Strip and offers the fun skydiving without the plane or parachute. The freefall experience provides a skydiving sensation in a wind tunnel with winds up to 120 miles an hour. 


SkyJump allows its participants to jump off of the roof of The Stratosphere, the tallest building in Las Vegas, more than 1100 feet in the air. Like a cross between freefall and a bungee jump, you’ll take a step off the edge and plunge below while taking in all the sights of the Strip. 

Of course, harnesses will catch you, but initially, it’s like skydiving! Seasoned pros recommend doing it at night to see all of the lights around the city. 

Wild Dining Experiences

You’ll work up quite an appetite getting your adrenaline fix. Check out this list of wild Las Vegas dining experiences. 

Blackout: Dining in the Dark

Blackout: Dining in the Dark

Blackout is a sensory dining experience that uses darkness to focus you on all of the sensations of your food. There is absolutely no light during the entire dining experience, leaving you to feel your way through a seven-course meal chosen for you. There is no menu! 

Each party is assigned a guide: a staff member with night vision goggles to get you to and from your table. Keep in mind that you are required to lock up any light-emitting devices such as phones or watches in their free lockers to keep the dark environment. 

Heart Attack Grill

At Heart Attack Grill, obesity and humor reign supreme. Famously, people who top 350 pounds eat for free at Heart Attack Grill, but there is so much more to this restaurant. 

The decor is designed to make you laugh with politicians’ faces in the men’s urinals. The servers are voluptuous nurses who will greet you with a hospital gown and wristband. Wine is served in an IV bag, while jello shots are in syringes. Their menu is over the top, including things like a butter-fat milkshake and fries deep-fried in pure lard. It’s a true Las Vegas-style dining experience you’re sure not to forget.

Hell’s Kitchen

Las Vegas is home to numerous celebrity chef restaurants, but Hell’s Kitchen takes the cake for a wild dining experience. Located in Caesars Palace, you’ll get to watch the action of a commercial kitchen while you dine. Though you might not catch Gordon Ramsey and his brutal coaching, you’ll still get to see the heat and drama that is typically behind closed doors. 

Wild Nightlife

You don’t go to Las Vegas, Nevada, without partying. A trip is not complete unless you have experienced a fun, wild night.

Burlesque & Shows

Las Vegas is home to many fun things, and notably, some of the best burlesque and entertainment shows in the world. It would be a disservice not to gather some crazy stories from one of these adult entertainment shows. 

X Burlesque

X Burlesque famous for lap dance

X Burlesque in the Flamingo is famous for its lap dance. In every show, a member of the audience is pulled to the stage and sat down in a comfy chair to get a lap dance by four sexy women. You heard that right – four! X Burlesque is a good place for a chance to experience wild Vegas nightlife. 


Absinthe at Caesars Palace is one of those experiences that you’ll have to say, “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.” Hosted by The Gazillionaire and his sidekick, the show is centered around audience participation doing crazy things with strangers around them in exchange for free shots of absinthe. 

The show is part comedy, part truth or dare. It is different each time depending on the audience, but one thing is for sure; it is a true Vegas experience you’ll never forget. 

Thunder From Down Under

Thunder From Down Under

Thunder From Down Under is a Las Vegas favorite geared towards the ladies, located at Excalibur. The show includes hunky Australian men working up a sweat, acting out all of your favorite fantasies, grinding to sexy playlists, and pulling audience members to the stage. 

The wild night concludes with a moaning contest with volunteers from the audience giving their best fake moan on stage. The crowd picks the winner who gets a free, small photoshoot on stage with the scantily clothed muscular men. 

Strip Clubs: Strip on the Strip

Strip Clubs in Las Vegas

One of the wildest and crazy things to do during your trips to Vegas is visit a strip club. Strip clubs in Sin City are a sight to see.


Cheetahs is owned by the “Godfather,” a former WWE wrestler, and is where the 90’s movie, Showgirls, was filmed. It’s open 24 hours, though it might be best to stick to nightfall. 


What was once a fitness center has been turned into one of the largest strip clubs in Las Vegas. Coming in at over 70,000 square feet, there are hundreds of girls working on any given night. Sapphire also has champagne skyboxes, the Rockstar lounge with a glass ceiling to a stage above, and a pool outback that is open during the summer. 

Stripper 101

Stripper 101 in Planet Hollywood may not be a Las Vegas strip club, but it teaches you to pole dance like one of the professional girls. You’ll learn from seasoned professionals how to spin, flip, and show off. This is a wild night that will give you skills to bring home. 

Notable Nightclubs

Notable Nightclubs

A night out on Fremont Street, downtown Las Vegas, or anywhere in the city starts with nightclubs that will get the party started in spectacular fashion.


Moon at the Palms is aptly named for the retractable roof over the club’s main room. When open, you can stargaze and dance the night away– at the same time! The roof is still the main event even when closed as it acts as a screen where you’ll see action from all over the club. 

There is nothing crazier than significant amounts of alcohol consumption caught on videos and projected for everyone to see.  


Located at the Wynn Las Vegas, Tryst is known for its 90-foot waterfall view from the dance floor. Vegas always has to be over the top. 


Bellagio Casinos

There are a plethora of casinos in the hotels and all throughout sin city, but a few are extra crazy. Here’s our list. 

The Playboy Club

The Playboy Club is located at the Palms Casino Resort. It’s not like any other casino because this one comes from the imagination of Hefner. The games are high-stake, the red carpet is rolled out, and Bunnies deal the cards. 


Bellagio is famous for its fountain show; however, it is one of the best casinos in the city and prides itself on luxury. The casino floor is 100,000 square feet with over 2,000 slot machines, any table game you could want, sports betting, and a live poker room. 

Players in their poker room can get neck and shoulder massages delivered to the table while they’re playing. How’s that for crazy?

Las Vegas Day Parties

Though not technically nightlife (sunbathing can only happen during the day), hanging poolside in Las Vegas can be just as wild as anything that happens when the sun goes down. 

The Wet Republic

The Wet Republic pool located at the MGM Grand boasts two huge saltwater pools, eight personal pools, VIP bungalows, daybeds and cabanas, and a 2,500 square foot lounge. Each area is its own party and is wild from sunup to sundown. 


Bare is at the Mirage, where everyone is VIP. Their poolside amenities include iced towels and exotic frozen fruit. However, the sinful side of Vegas comes to light because guests can go bare at Bare, also called European-style sunbathing. This is definitely one of the more interesting and different things to do in Vegas. 

Bottom Line

There are many different wild and crazy things to do in Vegas that will land you with some crazy stories. Try them all to have one of those trips you will remember forever– or not, depending on how it goes!

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