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Last Updated on May 10, 2022

A Michelin star is considered one of the most prestigious acknowledgments in the culinary world. It comes as no surprise that Las Vegas is home to more than a handful of restaurants and chefs worthy of this designation. Looking to try the best of the best? Here are the Michelin star restaurants in Vegas you don’t want to miss.

History of Michelin Star Rating

Almost everyone recognizes Michelin as a tire company, but how did they become so respected in the culinary world, and what does a Michelin star rating really mean? Here are the answers to your curiosities about this prestigious hospitality award.

Why Did a Tire Company Start This?

Michelin is a world-famous tire company with there headquarters located in Clermont-Ferrand, France. While automobiles are a staple of modern life, this wasn’t always the case. 

Right around the turn of the twentieth century, the Michelin company’s founding brothers were looking for a way to increase automobile use and ownership to boost their growing company. 

What better way to get people to travel by automobile than to give them an incentive to explore the emerging French culinary culture, than provide them with a guide that included maps to restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and local mechanics along the area’s most popular routes. 

The guide was initially free, but it became so popular that it grew, and the format was eventually changed to what we know it as today.

What Does a Michelin Star Mean?

A Michelin star is purely a mark of quality. Unlike other restaurant rating systems, Michelin doesn’t consider the style of cuisine or price in their ratings. Also, unlike other rating systems, a single star is something to be proud of. Michelin only awards stars to exceptional restaurants, so even one star is an accomplishment that speaks of a restaurant’s high standards of quality. 

According to Michelin, this is what their starts mean:

  • 1 star – A restaurant that demonstrates high-quality cooking. Definitely worth a stop.
  • 2 stars – A restaurant that demonstrates excellent cooking. Definitely worth a detour.
  • 3 stars – A restaurant with exceptional cuisine. This restaurant is worth a special journey.

Michelin No Longer Rates Las Vegas Restaurants

Presently, there are no current Michelin star restaurants in Las Vegas. While stars have been awarded in the past, they technically only apply to the year they were awarded. Don’t take this to mean there aren’t any Michelin worthy restaurants in Las Vegas because this isn’t the case. 

Michelin last produced a guide to Las Vegas restaurants in 2008-2009. Unfortunately, it sold so poorly that they decided not to publish any additional guides to Las Vegas since then. That said, many of the Las Vegas restaurants that were awarded stars during that year are still in operation and still as worthy as their Michelin status as they were when it was awarded.

Joel Robuchon

3 Stars

Located in the MGM Grand, Joel Robuchon has elevated French cuisine to an art form worthy of 3 Michelin stars. The atmosphere is elegant, with an art deco townhouse and a beautiful garden terrace surrounded by lush greenery. Joel Robuchon offers its guests the highest level of sensory experience. 

Michelin isn’t the only one that has graced Joel Robuchon with accolades. They’re also the winner of Forbes Five Star, AAA Five Diamond, and Wine Spectator’s Grand Award.


2 Stars

Picasso is a Michelin 2 star restaurant located in the Bellagio. The atmosphere is classic, with the walls graced by the work of the restaurant’s namesake. A romantic patio overlooks the iconic fountains of the Bellagio. In other words, the atmosphere of Picasso is perfect in every way.

Then there’s the small matter of the food, which is excellent and deserving of 2 Michelin stars. Spain and France inspire the culinary creations, and there’s an incredible wine cellar for the true wine enthusiast. 

Picasso boasts other prestigious awards, including the AAA Five Diamond Award, Forbes Five Star, and Wine Spectator’s Grand Award.

Restaurant Guy Savoy

2 Stars

Does one ever question Michelin’s judgment? Some say that that Restaurant Guy Savoy, a Michelin 2 star restaurant located in Caesars Palace is worthy of 3 stars, comparing the quality and atmosphere to the likes of Joel Robuchon. 

Restaurant Guy Savoy offers French cuisine perfected. This Michelin star restaurant has earned other accolades, including Forbes Five Star Award, TripExpert’s Expert’s Choice Award, and was voted a top 100 North American Restaurant by Opinionated About Dining.


1 Star

Aureole, located in Mandalay Bay, is a culinary paradise for wine lovers. The restaurant’s wine cellar is an amazing four-story, climate-controlled vino heaven. The menu includes dishes created to complement the wine selections perfectly. 

In addition to their Michelin star, Aureole has also earned prestigious awards and acknowledgments from Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, and James Beard.

Le Cirque

1 Star

The atmosphere of Le Cirque in the Bellagio is just as rich and intoxicating as the irresistible French cuisine. Indulge in Le Cirque’s 5-course menu that includes quintessential French classics such as sauteed foie gras and citrus glazed veal cheek. 

Enjoy an expansive wine selection as you dine in the Michelin star restaurant that has also been awarded the AAA Five Diamond Award and the Forbes Travel Guide 5-Star Rating.

Michael Mina

1 Star

The freshness of the seafood at Michael Mina, a 1 star Michelin restaurant, is unparalleled. With fresh seafood being flown in daily, guests can expect to be impressed and tantalized by the flavor and stand-out tableside presentation. 

Michael Mina is located in the iconic Bellagio and has also been awarded the AAA Five Diamond Award.

Wing Lei

1 Star

Wing Lei has the prestigious designation of being the first North American Chinese restaurant to earn a Michelin star. Located in the Wynn Las Vegas, Wing Lei offers a decadent culinary experience. Wing Lei is considered a gold standard trendsetter in Vegas, paving the way for other Cantonese-style restaurants in the area.


1 Star

DJT, located in the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, is an American-style steakhouse focusing on seasonal and regional cuisine. Here you can enjoy American classics, including the tenderest of steaks, that have been deemed worthy of a Michelin star. Don’t forget to check out the inventive, craft cocktail menu while you’re there.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

1 Star

Another Joel Robuchon establishment to be worthy of Michelin star status is L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. Here, you’ll find a restaurant that is a little warmer and inviting in the MGM Grand. Each meal is prepared before your eyes and offers a true one of a kind Las Vegas culinary experience. 

Dishes at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon are still infused with classic French flavors but presented in a more engaging and relaxing atmosphere.

Michelin Star Chefs with Restaurants in Las Vegas 

What’s the next best thing to dining in a Michelin star restaurant? How about enjoying a meal in a restaurant owned by a prestigious Michelin star chef?

Twist by 3-Star Michelin Chef Pierre Gagnaire

3 Star Chef

Located in the Waldorf Astoria, Twist is the only restaurant owned by Chef Pierre Gagnaire that’s located in the United States. Enjoy the fresh take on French cuisine with the light, flavorful, and intoxicating menu at Twist. Twist is the perfect spot for enjoying a tasting menu and wine with friends.

Hell’s Kitchen by 3-Star Michelin Chef Gordon Ramsay

3 Star Chef

Hell’s Kitchen, located in the Caesars Palace, is highly recognizable due to Chef Gordon Ramsay’s reality-based television show by the same name. Gordon Ramsay has a total of 7 Michelin stars to his name, making all of his restaurants known as culinary hotspots.

Momofuku by 2-Star Michelin Chef David Chang

2 Star Chef

Momofuku is located in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, featuring a fusion of cuisine from Korea, Japan, and the United States. The menu is continually evolving, but at the hands of Michelin star Chef David Chang, you can count on a one of a kind, incredible culinary experience.

2 Star Michelin Chef Jose Andres

2 Star Chef

Acclaimed 2-star Michelin Chef Jose Andres has several restaurants in Las Vegas, all equally worthy of a spot on your dining itinerary. Look for Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres, e by Jose Andres, and Jaleo – a bright, contemporary Spanish cuisine restaurant that embodies the energy and boldness of Las Vegas.


Bottom Line

With so many amazing places to eat in Las Vegas, how do you choose? Michelin has done some of the legwork for you by awarding the best of the best with their Michelin stars. There might not be a current Michelin guide to Las Vegas but you won’t be disappointed when you enjoy a meal at any of the Michelin star award winners on this list.

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