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Eataly Las Vegas is a beautiful, bustling Italian marketplace located in the Park MGM. When you’re in the mood for delicious Italian eats, drinks, and shopping, Eataly is the premier destination in Vegas. Curious about what to expect from your next visit to Eataly? Here’s everything you need to know. 

The Vibe – Market Atmosphere

When you walk into Eataly, you’d never guess that it’s nestled inside the Park MGM Las Vegas. Rather than feeling like you’re in a casino resort, Eataly feels as though you’ve wandered into an open-air Italian market. 

The vibe at Eataly is authentic, warm, genuine, and welcoming. There’s definitely a touch of Vegas energy there but what you’re going to experience the most is like-minded people enjoying the feeling of being immersed in Italian culture, shopping for Italian goods, and enjoying delectable Italian food & drink, all while in Las Vegas. 

Eataly has a bit of an upscale vibe, but it’s anything but pretentious. Here, you don’t have to be someone that jets off to Italy to experience the beauty and flavors of the region. The best of Italy is waiting for you at Eataly. 

Eataly Las Vegas Restaurants 

La Pizza & La Pasta

If two dishes immediately come to mind when you think of Italian food, it’s pizza and pasta. Of course, there’s so much more to authentic Italian cuisine, but at La Pizza & La Pasta, it’s pretty easy to forget about nearly everything else. 

The menu at La Pizza & La Pasta features about a dozen different selections, and each created are prepared lovingly by expert pasta chefs. Nearly as many signature pizzas, made in front of your eyes by pizza chefs that know their way around tossing some dough in the air. 

In addition to the stars of the show, you’ll also find an impressive menu of antipasti and selections from their mozzarella bar. We also don’t want to forget about the vino (wine). Sparkling, red, white, rose….so many perfect choices to compliment your meal. 

View the Full lunch & Dinner Menu

View the Lunch Prix-Fixe Menu

La Pizza & La Pasta is open from 11 am – 10 pm daily. 


Walk into Manzo, and you walk into a warm, welcoming space that is reminiscent of an inviting Italian bistro, with the aroma of a perfectly grilled steak floating through the air. Manzo means beef in Italian, and this aptly named restaurant pays tribute to the sustainable butcher farms that are prominent in Italian culture and cuisine. 

Manzo perfect for intimate dinners and times when the conversation around the table is as good as the food. Enjoy the warm ambiance, the three-tiered wood-burning stove, the food, and the company at Manzo.

Currently, Manzo at Park MGM Eataly is temporarily closed. Check back with the Eataly restaurant Las Vegas website for up-to-date details on reopening

The Manzo Restaurant is Currently Closed due to Covid

La Cucina del Mercato

La Cucina del Mercato is a dining concept inspired by the open markets of Italy. This foodie’s dream is a counter-to-table concept that includes size fresh counters for you to shop for all sorts of Italian deliciousness and then bring to your table to enjoy. 

The markets of La Cucina del Mercato include Italian Street Food, La Macelleria Butcher & Kitchen, La Pasta Fresca Market & Kitchen, La Pescheria Fishmonger & Kitchen, La Pizzeria Roman Handcrafted Pizza Alla Pala, and La Salumeria Cheesemonger & Kitchen. There’s also Enoteca and L’aperitivo for Italian cocktails. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, La Cucina del Mercato is temporarily closed. Check back for details about their reopening and current Nevada Covid-19 guidelines. 

Counters & Bars

Bakery & Pizza Alla Pala by the Slice 

Watch the generations-old process of handcrafting the perfect Italian bread unfold right before your eyes. Artisan bakers form loaves, focaccia, and pizza dough as you watch, amazed and growing hungry. Grab a loaf of your favorite Italian bread or a hot, thin-crust pizza to enjoy while you shop. 

View The La Pizzeria Menu


Monday – Wednesday, Closed (pizza available at Italian Street Food)
Thursday, 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Friday, 4 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Saturday, 11 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Sunday, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Caffe Lavazza 

Caffe Lavazza has a long history, deeply rooted in Italian origins. More than 100 years ago, a man by the name of Luigi Lavazza began the tradition of blending coffee beans from different origins into irresistible coffee drinks. Today, Lavazza has gone world-wide and shares their passion for great coffee with Eataly at the Park MGM Las Vegas. Join them for a traditional Italian coffee drink, espresso, coffee, pastries, and more. 

View the Caffe Lavazza Menu


Daily, 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

I Cannoli 

Imagine a counter where you can order freshly made cannoli, made to order with your choice of authentic Italian fillings. Each perfect shell can be filled with creamy ricotta, fruit jams, crema pasticciera, and other special fillings. Order your favorite, and maybe a couple of new combinations to try. 

The Cannoli Counter is a temporarily Closed due to Covid

Il Cioccolato Venchi 

Chocolate lovers will fall in love with Il Cioccolato Venchi, where each artisanal chocolate is handcrafted with only the highest quality, natural ingredients. Chocolates made from criollo cocoa, pure vanilla, and other premium ingredients lend to the decadent texture and flavor of each indulgent piece. Choose a single confection or an entire boxful. Also, don’t forget to get a look at the huge gianduja chocolate fountain. 


Daily, 7 a.m – 10 p.m.

Gran Caffe Milano 

With all the authentic Italian cuisine, decadent desserts, and rich coffee drinks, you might be in the mood for something that tastes just as wonderful but isn’t as filling. Gran Caffe Milano is a full-service Italian Bar that serves up all the classic Italian cocktails, innovative new creations, Italian beers, and wines. Sit down, relax, and take a well-deserved cocktail break during your exploration of Eataly. 

View The Cafe Milano Menu


Sunday – Thursday, 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Friday & Saturday, 12 p.m. – 12 a.m.

Il Gelato 

Any time is the right time for gelato, and Il Gelato is prepared to make your sweet, creamy dreams come true. Il Gelato specializes in gelatos and sorbetos that are made from only the highest quality, premium ingredients. Visit daily to discover what new flavors are awaiting you at Il Gelato. 


Friday & Saturday
1 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Sunday – Thursday

Nutella Bar 

Nutella, the deliciously creamy, addictive chocolate-hazelnut spread, was created years ago in northern Italy. Since then, it has become a sweet treat favorite in households everywhere. 

Everyone has their favorite way of enjoying Nutella, but a visit to Nutella Bar at Eataly Las Vegas is sure to introduce you to a few more. Find a menu full of creative uses of Nutella, from cookies, crepes, pastries, and more. 

The Nutella Bar is Temporarily Closed Due to Covid

La Pasticceria

La Pasticceria is the spot at Eataly where you’re going to find the most exquisite Italian pastries. Eataly’s head pastry chef Katia Delogu gathers her team to create only the most flavorful pastries and sweet treats. Imagine a bakery full of Italian pastries, cakes, biscotti, and more…each one a beautiful work of art. 


Daily 7 am – 10 pm

Eataly Shops

The Shops at Eataly are a collection of curated Italian goods that highlight the very best of Italian culture. Traditionally, products of this quality are only accessible to those who have the finances and means to travel to experience them, but the Eataly shops are committed to making the best Italian products accessible to everyone. 

The Eataly Shops include the Wine Shop, with an expansive collection of Italian wines, beers, and liqueurs. The Market at Eataly is a collection of fine Italian and American food items, many of which are used in the creation of exquisite dishes in Eataly restaurants. Finally, there’s the gift shop where you’ll find housewares, keepsakes, apparel, and the perfect gift. Plan on spending hours lingering in the Shops of Eataly. 

Other Eataly Locations Around the World

Eataly is a global tradition. At last count, there were nearly 40 Eataly locations around the world, in twelve different countries. Eataly has found homes in the United States, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Korea, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and of course, Italy. 

In the United States, Eataly locations can be found at the Park MGM in Las Vegas, NYC, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Las Angeles. 

Parking for Eataly Las Vegas 

The entrance to Eataly in the Park MGM is located near the Las Vegas Boulevard entrance to the resort. When visiting Eataly, you can park in the Park MGM parking lot. Currently, as part of a welcome back initiative, self-parking is free for the duration of your visit. As of this time, valet parking is closed until future notice. 


Eataly Las Vegas has Reopened

Daily: 7am – 10pm
Happy Hours: 4pm – 6pm

Eataly Map & Menus

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What is Eataly in Las Vegas?

Eataly is a large, welcoming Italian marketplace located in the Park MGM Las Vegas. Eataly is home to a variety of Italian restaurants, bakeries, confectionery shops, coffee and espresso counters, shops, and even hosts special Italian-themed cooking classes and other learning opportunities.

Is Eataly closing?

Eataly is alive and well and definitely not closing. Some venues at Eataly have temporarily shut down due to Covid, but many remain open and more opening as it becomes safe to do so. 

Where do you park for Eataly Las Vegas?

When visiting Eataly Las Vegas, you can park for free at the Park MGM. Currently, only self-parking is available. 

Bottom Line

Eataly Las Vegas has become a premier destination for those craving authentic Italian food, drink, and atmosphere. With a collection of restaurants, counters, and shops, all tucked into a gorgeous Italian marketplace, Eataly in Las Vegas is the next best thing to visiting Italy itself.

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