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Last Updated on February 7, 2021

Vegas is famous for its culinary scene, with no shortage of guides telling you the hottest places to eat. Great food is important, but what about fun? These fun places to eat in Vegas spare nothing when it comes to mixing incredible food with good times that you’ll never forget. 

Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay is a Michelin Star chef who has a reputation as one of the best and most temperamental industries. Foodies obsessively follow his reality-based shows, including Hell’s Kitchen. When in Vegas, you have the chance to eat at real Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen and discover for yourself what all the fuss is about. 

Don’t worry, you’re not going to see or hear Gordon Ramsay yelling at the inspiring chefs in the background, but you will have the opportunity to witness the famous backdrop firsthand and enjoy elegant classics, many of which you’ve probably seen featured on the show of the same name. 

Chew & Chug

The Chew & Chug has taken take-out dining and mixed it up in all the right ways to cater to the expectation of dining enthusiasts and the constant on the go mindset that fills the Vegas air. 

The concept behind Chew & Chug is delicious, fresh, and simple take out food that’s also easy to eat as you wander around the Strip or take a minute to sit, enjoy the view, and maybe people watch just a little. 

It’s simple, you pick your protein and your drink. The Chew & Chug crafts the protein into a delicious meal that is delivered in a to-go container designed to sit nestled on the rim of your drink – with a place for your straw to peek through. No more juggling your grub and a drink when you want quick takeout food. 

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill 

Country music fans aren’t going to want to miss the opportunity to visit Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill. Named after one of Toby Keith’s hit songs, where (to quote the artist) just walking through the front door will put a big smile on your face. 

Of course, you can expect a country bar vibe, with live music and tons of memorabilia. Bring a huge appetite and leave any idea of having a light dinner at the door. This menu features dishes like fried mac & cheese balls, a fried bologna sandwich, and the Three Little Piggies burger. 


How many times have you listened to Jimmy Buffet’s song and wished you could be wastin’ away in Margaritaville? It might not be a real Caribbean paradise, but Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville in Las Vegas comes pretty close. 

Margaritaville is a Caribbean themed, multi-level, tropical oasis in the middle of Las Vegas. Multiple outdoor patios, five separate bars, and a nautical theme all lend to the restaurant’s low-key vibe. Yes, the menu does feature the Cheeseburger in Paradise but let’s talk about the real star of the show – the margarita menu. 

It starts with the Perfect Margarita that is branded for true margarita aficionados only. There’s also the Who’s to Blame Margarita, which is a classic margarita with fresh fruit puree of your choice added in – and this is only the beginning. 

When there, make sure to enjoy the local entertainment and swing by the 3,000 sq ft retail location to pick up some Parrothead memorabilia. 

Top of the World Restaurant

The Top of the World Restaurant, located in the SkyPod of the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino, is one of the most iconic Vegas restaurants. At 800 ft above Las Vegas, it’s impossible to find views of the city that are more breathtaking or memorable. 

When you dine at Top of the World Restaurant, the panoramic views of the Las Vegas skyline aren’t static. The dining room makes a complete 360-degree revolution once every 80 minutes, providing spectacular, changing views for miles into the Las Vegas Valley. 

This is a one of a kind dining experience, but you get more than just incredible scenery. Top of the World Restaurant has been awarded the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence every year consecutively for more than two decades. The menu features seasonal delicacies and elegant classics. 

Reservations are required, and tables are limited to 4 guests each. 

Tony & Tina’s Wedding

Tony & Tinas Wedding

Do you think that “dinner theater” is synonymous with “stuffy”? Think again. Tony & Tina’s Wedding is hilarious, indulgent, and paired with great food. 

Tony & Tina’s Wedding can be found at Buca di Beppo at Bally’s Las Vegas. Sit down for a delicious spread of a family-style Italian dinner and watch as the Italian-American characters live out the details of their calamitous wedding on stage. 

Audience participation is a big part of Tony & Tina’s wedding, so expect to be treated like a guest at their reception and pulled from your chair to share in a dance. After all, you have to earn that giant piece of wedding cake. 

Ghost Donkey 

In Vegas, you can have just about any type of experience that you’re looking for. If it’s authentic Mexican ambiance and food that you’re after, Ghost Donkey needs to be your #1 destination. When you walk into Ghost Donkey, you’re greeted with fun, festive, and inviting Mexican-inspired decor and a staff that has the enthusiasm to match. 

Ghost Donkey is one of the best tequila and mezcal bars in Las Vegas. The drink menu combines tequila, mezcal and uniquely blends them with flavors that highlight and bring out the best of the region. It’s easy to maybe have a few too many at the bar, so don’t skip the menu of finger foods that include Mexican-inspired deliciousness like truffle nachos and artichoke tacos

Heart Attack Grill 

Gluttony is the name of the game at Heart Attack Grill. One step inside the Heart Attack Grill, and there’s no question about how the place got its name. When you arrive, you’re greeted by a “nurse” who checks you in – complete with a hospital gown, hospital wristband, and weight in to see if you qualify for a free meal (guests who weigh 350lbs or more eat free). 

Heart Attack Grill serves up only the most heart-clogging-est foods you can imagine. Quadruple Bypass burgers that weigh in at 4lbs of meat plus all the toppings, Flatliner Fries cooked in pure lard, and butterfat milkshakes are the stars of the menu. 

At the Heart Attack Grill, you can drink 3.4 oz shots from a prescription bottle, get your wine in an IV drip, or take your jello shot straight from a syringe. 

Guests who attempt the famous Quadruple Bypass burger and finish, get rolled out to their car via wheelchair by a buxom nurse. Those who don’t manage to down the artery-clogging monster get a paddle to their bottom for not being a good patient. In the Vegas land of extremes, the Heart Attack Grill is a must for your dining bucket list. 

House of Blues

Come for the food, and stay for the show – or is it the other way around? At the House of Blues in Las Vegas, you can have it all. Great entertainment, including concerts by some of the biggest names in the industry and a menu of incredible, southern-inspired dishes (Blackened Salmon or Jambalaya, anyone?) keeps crowds of eager guests coming through their door. 

For an extra-special experience, become a VIP member and reserve a night in the Foundation Room, where you gain access to exclusive entertainment, artist meet & greets, and an elevated menu of food and drinks. 

Diablo’s Cantina 

Diablos Cantina

The neon pitchfork on the Diablo’s Catina sign is your first clue that this isn’t your typical south of the border eatery. Executive Chef Saul Ortiz takes you on a culinary tour through Mexico, with flavors that are bold and enough to lift you straight off your seat. 

Every dish features the freshest flavors, and the margarita menu – let’s just say there’s no shortage of new favorites to try. Part of Diablo’s charm isn’t just the food and drink but also the ambiance. The decor and energy feel a little decadent and a bit spicy – a vibe that will linger with you long after you leave. 



Hofbrauhaus is a German restaurant that goes beyond your standard theme restaurant and delivers an entirely immersive experience. First, the communal dining environment means you better come prepared to make some new friends because the person sitting next to you at Hofbrauhaus is your new bestie. 

Second, the food. Nowhere else in Vegas can you get traditional German food that tastes this authentic. Sometimes the fun at Hofbrauhaus can get a little raucous, but they do feature a children’s menu that even the pickiest eaters will love. 

And then there is the beer. Hofbrauhaus features true Bavarian beers, along with seasonal draft selections. All the beers they serve follow the Purity Law of 1516 that says only barley, hops, and water are acceptable when brewing beer. 

Finally, there are the shenanigans. Live music, a row of shots attached to a ski (the “shot-ski”) for you and your friends to shoot down together at once, beer pong, musical chairs, and the occasional spanking. It’s an experience that you have to see to believe. 

Blackout: Dining In the Dark

Have you ever heard that if you lose one of your senses, even temporarily, that the others step in and overcompensate? When the masterminds behind Blackout: Dining in the Dark opened envisioned this unique restaurant, sensory overcompensation was exactly what they were counting on happening. 

At Blackout: Dining in the Dark, you are guided by experienced staff through the completely dark dining room. You can’t see a thing, but they have the advantage of night vision goggles. You are then seated and served a pre-fixed, 5-course menu.

Deprived of your sense of sight, your senses of taste, smell, and textural touch take over, enhancing every little nuance of the meal. 

Blackout: Dining in the Dark does accommodate special dietary needs; just let your server know. Their pre-fixed menu is entirely plant-based, so don’t expect a thick, juicy steak to be part of the experience. Guests who are 13 years of age or older are welcome into Blackout. Also, you will be asked to turn off and put off all phones and other devices that emit any type of light. 


Marrakech has been beckoning guests through their doors with the seductive sights, colors, and flavor of the Mediterranean for more than 40 years. If you’re looking for a sultry ambiance, dining in a Moroccan tent, graced by the presence of belly dancers, and the wafting aroma of exotic spices floating through the air tops the list.

Over the years, Marrakech has never lost sight of its original vision. To this day, guests are provided with a true feast of the senses. 

Sit back and enjoy the experience as you feast on Marrakech’s famous Six Course Feast that includes Mediterranean Shrimp Scampi, Morrocan Soup, and more before finishing with the decadence of the B’stilla – a Morrocan puffed pastry filled with bananas, nuts, and chocolate. 

Frankie’s Tiki Room 

Tiki bars, which had a surge of popularity between the 1950s-1970s, were among the longest-lived, enduring trends of the restaurant and bar scene. Today, the Tiki theme still endures but it has taken on a bit of kitschy-ness, not to mention some attitude. Frankie’s Tiki Room embodies everything we love, past and present, about Tiki life. 

Built by Bamboo Ben, is famed as the world’s premier Tiki bar designer, Frankie’s Tiki Room is an escape to the south seas with hints of primitivism that puts you in a certain kind of mood as soon as you walk through the door. 

With a tiki drink menu that’s categorized by how tipsy you’ll be after sipping down each tropical libations, it’s not the best idea to visit Frankie’s Tiki Room (which is open 24/7) early in the day when you’re planning on accomplishing anything else at all that day. 

Instead, come to Frankie’s Tiki Room when you’re ready to relax, lose a few inhibitions, and surrender yourself to the exotic south seas vibe. 

Rose. Rabbit. Lie 

If you’ve been told that Rose.Rabbit.Lie is the spot in Vegas to enjoy dinner and a show, don’t expect this to be your typical dinner theater experience. Rose.Rabbit.Lie., located in The Cosmopolitan, is where you should expect the unexpected. 

Everything from the unique drink menu, mixologists that will carefully evaluate your flavor preferences when suggesting a cocktail or custom-create a masterpiece just for you, and a multi-course dinner menu that takes treasured classics and reinvents each of them with a fresh inventive twist, suggests that Rose.Rabbit.Lie. stands alone in the Vegas culinary scene. 

Once your tastebuds have been satiated, it’s time to tantalize your imagination with the show that follows. A combination of dancing, singing, performances, and live music fill the stage at Rose. Rabbit, Lie. Far from your usual tame dinner theater, this show is filled with creativity, seduction, quirkiness, and talent that you can only find in Las Vegas. 

Excalibur’s Tournament of Kings 

Excalibur’s Tournament of Kings is viewed as the ultimate dinner and show experience in Las Vegas. The show, adapted directly from King Arthur’s tale, is a stroll through the valiant, yet dangerous, times of the ol days of King Arthur. The show includes live horses, pyrotechnics, and brave white knights fighting against treachery and corruption. 

The show includes a three-course meal of epic medieval favorites: Cornish hens, tomato soup, hearty roasted vegetables, biscuits, and rustic apple turnovers. Getting a little primitive and using your hands is strongly encouraged, so don’t come if you don’t want to get a little messy. 

Bottom Line  

Fun and Las Vegas go hand in hand – you simply can’t have one without the other. The next time you’re wondering where to go for dinner or drinks, these fun places to eat in Vegas will leave you with satiated appetites and a smile on your face.

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