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Last Updated on March 22, 2023

Las Vegas is stunning with all of the lights, intentional architecture, and beautiful desert landscape. The views can’t be fully appreciated from the ground or even from a window. Level up your Las Vegas accommodations by choosing a Las Vegas hotel with a balcony or terrace.

Just imagine the photos and views that you’ll get to see at any time of day—trying to find which Las Vegas Hotels have rooms with balconies? We have you covered. Let’s take a look at some great hotels with balcony options both on the Strip and off. 

Best Hotels on the Strip with Balconies

The Las Vegas Strip is full of hustle and bustle and is quite a sight to see. These hotels are located on the Strip and have the ever-so-coveted balcony. 

Caesars Palace Resort & Casino 


Caesars Palace is one of the most lavish Las Vegas hotels, and it’s also one of the most famous. Most of the rooms here don’t have balconies or terraces; however, you can spend the money to upgrade to one of the Caesars villas with a terrace. 

The villas come with a lot more than just a terrace. They boast features such as media rooms, hot tubs, and fireplaces. They start at just over 2,000 square feet, which is more than enough room for multiple people to enjoy the stay and the terrace view of the Las Vegas Strip. 

Of course, as one of the most elevated hotels, it also offers a high-end casino, multiple headliner entertainers, and restaurants from all of your favorite celebrity chefs.

MGM Grand Skyline Terrace Suite with Lovely Views 

Las Vegas hotels with balcony

MGM Grand Hotel has a line of suites that come with terraces. It is important to note that this does not include their standard rooms, as balconies or terraces aren’t available with those accommodations. 

Their Skyline Terrace Suites are on the more expensive side but are worth the money because true to the MGM brand; they are grand. The views of the Strip are incredible, and the property, in general, is impressive.

 MGM Grand has a great casino, nearly 7,000 rooms as the largest hotel in the United States, five different pools, extensive restaurant options, and headliner entertainment nightly.

New York New York

New York New York Balcony

The New York New York Hotel on the Strip has a variety of reasonably priced rooms, but only one comes with a terrace. The exclusive Carlyle Penthouse is the only room at New York, New York that has a terrace, so if you are wanting to get the experience, you’ll need to book far in advance and cough up a good chunk of money. 

However, despite only offering one room with a terrace, this hotel has some cool amenities like the flagship Hershey’s Chocolate World and the Big Apple Coaster

Signature MGM Luxury Suites 

MGM Signature Balcony

Signature MGM is an off-shoot of the MGM Grand Hotel and is designed to be a more affordable option with the ability to use all of the same amenities. MGM Signature is only a hotel. It does not have a casino or as many amenities as a lot of the resorts on the Strip.

This is ok because as a guest of the MGM Signature, you get access to the entire MGM Grand property next door. MGM Signature has far more balcony options, so it is much easier to reserve a balcony room. 

Keep in mind that even though it is located on the Strip, the balconies don’t give you that view. The MGM Signature might not have as many amenities, but they do still have a spa, two pools, a lazy river, a hot tub, and free internet. If the price is too high at MGM Grand, consider taking advantage of MGM Signature. 

Polo Towers

polo towers las vegas rooms
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The Polo Towers are an affordable option on the Strip with balconies available in the studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom suites. 

One pro tip: Be sure to request a room with a balcony because not all have them. The rest of the Polo Towers are great, too, with a fitness center, spa, and a rooftop pool! Polo Towers is a great budget option for those looking for hotels with balconies in Las Vegas.


Tropicana Pool VIllas

The Tropicana is famous in Las Vegas history for its involvement with old-school Vegas showgirls and mobsters. Though this property was built just after world war II, it has been remodeled several times over the years to include all of the mandatory, modern upgrades. 

Not all rooms at the Tropicana have balconies, but the Pool Villas do, and they overlook the pool and gardens. The ones on the ground floors still have a private terrace for you to lounge on. Speaking of upgrades, the Pool Villas are packed with technology, allowing you to adjust everything in the room from touchscreens such as the sound system, temperature, lighting, and TV. 


Cosmopolitan Luxury Resort Balcony

The Cosmopolitan is a luxury resort in the heart of Las Vegas, conveniently located on the Strip. They are one of the only hotels on the Strip that offers the majority of its 3,000 rooms with balconies. 

The Cosmopolitan has a wide selection of balcony rooms, including various sizes, views, and prices. Some of them even have views of the Bellagio Fountains. In addition to the picturesque views from the balconies overlooking the Strip, the Cosmopolitan also has a high-tech casino, gourmet restaurant selections, and room service so that you can enjoy the view with a meal.

Off the Strip Hotels with Balconies

Staying off the Strip can be just as fun as staying on the Strip but at a lower price point! Check out these great hotels with balconies and modern rooms. 

OYO Hotel

OYO Hotel las vegas balcony rooms

OYO Hotel and Casino is formerly the Hooters Casino Hotel, and while it is not located on the Strip, it is under a block’s walk to the southern end of the Strip. The OYO Hotel consists of two towers, one of which offers balconies in all of the rooms. 

The views range from the Strip and other hotels to the pool, depending on which side of the tower you are on. Since OYO is off the strip, the rooms are affordable. The OYO Hotel also offers great amenities like on-site restaurants, entertainment, and a casino.

Staybridge Suites

Staybridge balcony rooms

The Staybridge Suites is off the Strip but offers a complimentary shuttle around town. Each of their rooms has a kitchenette and a private balcony. They are an all-suite boutique hotel which allows them to have bigger rooms and provide that private balcony to every guest. 

The Staybridge Suites also offer a lot of great amenities like a fitness center, an outdoor pool with cabanas, complimentary breakfast, and free internet. Staybridge Suites is an excellent option for a home away from home feel. 

Platinum Hotel & Spa

platinum hotel Balcony

Platinum Hotel and Spa is a popular hotel off of the Strip. They are unique in that they have some of the largest suites in Las Vegas– even their smallest suite is three times larger than any standard hotel room. Platinum Hotel also has walk-out balconies for every room. 

In addition to their spacious rooms with outdoor space, they have some great amenities like indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a fitness center, an onsite restaurant and lounge, and a full-service spa. Platinum Hotel and Spa is a hidden gem in Las Vegas. 

Club de Soleil

Club de Soleil balcony rooms

Club de Soleil is located about 10 minutes from the Strip and is a family-friendly resort. Their one and two-bedroom suites have balconies to soak up the Las Vegas sun. Their suites also have a kitchenette in them so you can make a meal and enjoy it on the balcony. Other amenities at Club de Soleil include tennis courts, a pool, and a free shuttle to the Strip.

Desert Paradise

Desert Paradise balcony rooms
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At Desert Paradise, all of the rooms have terraces or balconies. It is located three miles away from the Strip. There are also some great amenities at Desert Paradise, such as a barbecue area, game room, hot tub, and a heated pool. 

Palms Place

Palms Place Suites

Palms Place is located in Downtown Las Vegas and is a luxury property. However, it doesn’t come with as much of a luxury price because of its location. If you are going to spend a lot of time on the Strip, always consider the logistics based on your accommodations. 

Interestingly, all of the rooms have balconies at Palms Place, but it comes with a caveat– they are all locked and not accessible. Despite not being able to access the balconies, Palms Place does have some great restaurants and a casino on-site and is a much quieter stay than the Strip.

What Is the Difference Between a Balcony and a Terrace?

By now, you might think that a balcony and a terrace are the same things since some of these hotels call their outdoor space a terrace, and some call it a balcony. However, there is actually a difference between a balcony and a terrace. 

A balcony is typically a walk-out area suspended above the ground and usually only can be accessed through your room. 

A terrace is a walk-out outdoor space on the ground floor, similar to a patio or on the roof. Terraces are meant more for outdoor living space and may have multiple access points. 

Some of the hotels in Las Vegas use these terms interchangeably, so when booking, always clarify what kind of outdoor space they provide access to. 

Choosing Hotels with Balconies in Las Vegas

Choosing Hotels with Balconies in Las Vegas

There are a lot of hotels with balconies in Las Vegas, but consider these four factors when deciding the best hotels for you. 

On the Strip vs Off the Strip

As we have shown here, the hotels with balconies in Las Vegas typically fall into two categories– on the Las Vegas Strip and off the Strip. Staying on the Strip can be more convenient for a lot of vacationers because of its walkability to many of the sights that are probably on your list. 

However, staying on the Strip often comes with a higher price. Choosing accommodations off the Strip allows you a quieter stay and is typically a more affordable option. 


Every vacation has a budget, and when it comes to hotels with balconies in Las Vegas, it can get expensive. Some of the best hotels only have a select number of suites which increases their price. If you are trying to watch your wallet, consider one of the hotels that have balconies with every room.


If the view is important to you when choosing hotels with balconies, you’ll want to ensure that you confirm the view when booking. Even some of the hotels on the Strip do not have views of the Strip, so confirming the view is essential if that is what you are looking for. 


What Las Vegas hotels have balconies?

Several Las Vegas hotels have balconies, including the Polo Towers, Palms Place, Tropicana, Cosmopolitan, Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, New York, New York, MGM Signature, OYO Hotel, Staybridge Suites, Platinum Hotel & Spa, Club de Soleil, Desert Paradise, and more.

Why don’t Vegas hotels have balconies?

Some Las Vegas hotels do not have balconies because it costs more during construction, and it presents more of a liability due to a large amount of alcohol consumption in the city.

Do any rooms at Caesars Palace have balconies?

Only the Caesars Palace Villas have balconies.

Can you smoke on the balcony of the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas?

Yes, you can smoke on the balcony of the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, providing you follow their rules posted on your website.

Bottom Line

Even though not every hotel in Las Vegas comes with private balconies, there are still plenty of options for every budget. If you are looking for the best views and some relaxation time on your next trip, check out some travel deals and stay at one of the Las Vegas hotels with balconies and the great views that come with it.

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