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Last Updated on October 21, 2022

Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant Lupo at Mandalay Bay is one of the best Italian restaurants in the city. With an upscale menu that showcases the best of Italian cuisine, Lupo is more than a place for a nice dinner in Las Vegas. It’s also where you’ll find impeccable service, where the hospitality showcases the best of the service industry in Vegas. 

Lupo by Wolfgang Puck 

Wolfgang Puck is a world-renowned chef and restaurateur. During his career, he has earned such accolades as the Lifetime Achievement Award, the James Beard Restaurant of the Year Award and is a Michelin Star Chef. His restaurant Lupo in Las Vegas was his first venture into an Italian eatery, and it has become one of the cornerstone restaurants at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Here are a few of the details on what makes Lupo a Las Vegas favorite.  

Exhibition Pizza, Antipasto and Dessert Stations 

One detail that sets Lupo at Mandalay bay apart from other restaurants (besides the fact that it’s a preeminent Italian restaurant) is the tableside service, where you can watch culinary creations come to life right before your eyes. Wolfgang Puck’s exceptional service at Lupo includes exhibition pizza, antipasto, and dessert stations, which offer a full display that’s personalized to elevate your dining experience. The tableside service is one of the features that guests rave about in their reviews of the restaurant. 

Lupo Menu Highlights

Now, let’s talk about all the details you really want to know about – like the food! Wolfgang Puck has taken a traditional route on his menu for his Italian restaurant, with classic dishes that have been elevated with culinary mastery and a modern touch. 

Antipasti to Start Your Wonderful Meal 

Antipasti to Start Your Wonderful Meal 

The first section of the menu at Lupo features Antipasti, with a delicious selection of choices that includes a giant platter that’s filled with Italian meats and cheeses, an antipasti artisanal ciabatta bread that’s blessed with extra virgin olive oil, roasted garlic, and oregano, and also handmade rosemary focaccia that’s enhanced by a delicious tomato basil garlic sauce. There are a few other items on the Antipasti menu, with all of them leaving your mouth watering for more. 

Primi First Course or Lighter Fare

Primi First Course or Lighter Fare

The menu at Lupo offers a nice selection of Primi dishes, which in Italian translates to a first course that’s usually a bit more substantial than antipasti. Think along the lines of a shrimp scampi, sauteed with cannellini beans, lemon garlic butter, enhanced by crisp parsley, or scrumptious braised beef and pork meatballs that are accompanied by a perfect marinara sauce and whipped ricotta. 

If your tastebuds are set on something just a bit lighter without a decadent, rich sauce, there are also salads on the Primi menu, including a wild arugula and endive salad with shaved fennel, toasted pine nuts, and an avocado dressing. Still, remember that this is only the first course, so leave a little room for what’s still to come! 

Pizze and Paste at Lupo by Wolfgang Puck

Pizze and Paste at Lupo by Wolfgang Puck

Now, we’re really getting to the heart of those traditional Italian meals that satisfy your soul as much as they satisfy your belly. You’ll find upscale pizza and pasta selections on the menu at Lupo. There are many to choose from, so deciding can be a challenge. It never hurts to order a couple and share them among the table. 

One of the favorite pizzas at Lupo features a combination of Fromage blanc, pancetta, potato, spring onion, fior di latte, and a dusting of chili flakes to bring the flavors to life. Another favorite is the classic Margherita pizza with fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, and fresh herbs, including strips of fresh basil. 

If a pasta dish is what’s on your mind, we highly recommend the house-made four-cheese ravioli or the mushroom fettuccine with sage brown butter sauce. It’s also hard to resist the house favorite of Pappardelle Bolognese, that’s made with fresh pasta, a tomato sauce, and decadence of braised beef, veal, and pork. The pasta dish is then finished with a shaving of Grana Padano. Pasta doesn’t get any better than this. 

Secondi at Lupo Las Vegas 

Secondi at Lupo Las Vegas 

Finally comes the Secondi portion of the menu at Lupo by Wolfgang Puck. This is where you’ll find all the perfectly cooked meats and seafood on the menu. If you have a carnivorous appetite, this is the part of the menu that’s going to appease you. These dishes are the center point of the delicious upscale Italian meal that you’ll enjoy at Lupo. Here are a few of our favorite highlights on the menu. 

First is the Bisteca Steak, which is a house specialty with an aged balsamic reduction and wild arugula. Then there’s the Chicken Parmigiana, with marinara, fresh mozzarella, basil pesto,  and the freshest arugula. Another favorite is the Mediterranean sea bass, that’s accompanied by calamari, salt spring mussels, and delicate gulf shrimp. 

Sweetness at Lupo by Wolfgang Puck 

Sweetness at Lupo by Wolfgang Puck 

Of course, the main dishes at Lupo are the shining point of the menu, and the white wine garlic butter sauce is to die for; it’s impossible to resist the menu of Italian desserts. End your meal with one of the sweet house favorites, like the Apple Crumble, the Zeppole, which are warm little donuts served with a mixed berry coulis, or a Spanish-style cheesecake with huckleberry compote. Each dessert satisfies your sweet tooth without being over the top in sugar sweetness. 

Glass Enclosed Wine Room At Lupo 

Glass Enclosed Wine Room At Lupo 

In addition to the exhibition pizza, antipasto, and dessert stations where you can watch culinary creations come to life, there’s one other feature of Wolfgang Puck’s exceptional service that makes Lupo stand out among Las Vegas restaurants. This is the glass-enclosed wine room, with a spacious center bar surrounding it, offering visual appeal and a bit of teaser of Lupo’s impeccable wine selection on full display. 

Lupo offers an extensive selection of wine by the bottle, with some selection available by the glass. A few selections that you’ll find in the glass-enclosed area of the wine room at Lupo by Wolfgang Puck include a variety of white wines from around the world, including Rochioli, which is a sauvignon blanc from the Russian River Valley, California, a Jermann Chardonnay from Italy, and the Trimbach Riesling from France. 

Of course, there are red wines to compliment your nice meal, including Piedmont Reds, Tuscan Reds, Veneto Reds, Malbec, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, and a selection of red blends. 

If wine isn’t your thing, you can also enjoy an expertly crafted cocktail from the spacious center bar surrounding the wine room in the center of the dining room. You can find specialty cocktails on the drink menu, all crafted by an expert mixologist. 

Private Dining at Lupo

Private dining options are also available at Lupo by Wolfgang Puck Las Vegas. Lupo is a preeminent Italian dining destination that’s the perfect place to host a dinner for a special event, business dinner, large family celebration, and more. Lupo offers private banquet spaces where you can reserve a banquet room for your own event. Wolfgang Puck’s Lupo Las Vegas offers exceptional world-famous cuisine, plus their hospitality showcases the very best level of service in the industry. Contact Lupo Las Vegas directly for more information about their private dining services. 

Location & Hours

Lupo Las Vegas is located in Mandalay Bay, a luxury resort that’s located at 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd. Mandalay Bay Resort is famous for other attractions, including the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef, the Michelob Ultra Arena, Mandalay Bay Beach, and the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. 

Lupo is easy to locate inside the resort. You’ve heard the line “follow the yellow brick road,” right? To find Lupo, you simply follow the cobblestone path. From the front desk, just walk past the elevators toward the casino and follow the pathway to the left. You’ll come to the cobblestone and take a right. From there, you’ll find Lupo on the left. 

Lupo opens daily for dinner service at 5 pm. Sunday thru Thursday, the restaurant is open until 10 pm, with slightly extended hours until 10:30 pm on Friday and Saturday. 


Where is Lupo inside Mandalay Bay?

Lupo is located not far from the casino floor at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. Follow the pathway to the left near the casino until you come to the cobblestone flooring. Take a right, and you’ll find Lupo by Wolfgang Puck waiting for you.

What is the dress codte at Lup?

Go with business casual for dinner. For lunch you can wear just about anything except tank tops swimwear

Is a reservation required for Lupo?

Reservations are recommended, especially during dinner hours you may wait an hour for a table. You can make reservations here.

Lupo, with the culinary mastery of Chef Wolfgang Puck, is a treasured Italian restaurant in Las Vegas. The intimate atmosphere, the gorgeous, spacious bar, and very nice meal that is cooked perfectly are what you can expect at Lupo. Don’t miss the chance to dine at one of Wolfgang Puck’s finest at Lupo. 

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