Sliced Las Vegas: Pizza Menu, Prices, Hours

Last Updated on November 14, 2022

Sliced Pizzeria in Las Vegas isn’t your typical pizza shop. Unless you consider zombies, monsters, and other spooky creatures peeking out from other horror-themed decor and games to be the norm, Sliced Las Vegas is home to the famous Murder Pie, and after just one bite, you’ll be left with a chill — but in all the good ways.

The Atmosphere at Sliced Pizza Shop  

Sliced Pizza Shop in Las Vegas has taken an entirely different spin on killer pizza.

More than just a place to get a bite to eat, this is more of a themed destination true horror lovers will want to spend some time at. 

Sliced Pizza Las Vegas

Sliced Pizza Shop is located adjacent to Egan Escape Productions, home to horror movie escape rooms. If you’re a fan of the “Blair Witch Project” or the movie “Saw,” you’ll love how Egan’s extensive collection of horror-themed props brings them to life in the most chilling ways. 

After you make your way through a terrifying escape room, it’s time to head into the scariest pizzeria in all of Las Vegas. 

The owner of Sliced Pizza Shop, Sakoulas, worked on other horror-themed productions by Egan, which only fueled his passion for everything spooky. The minute you walk through the doors, you can see and feel all the spooky and creepy details that went into making Sliced what it is today. 

As you make your way to your table, you’ll find many horror-themed props lurking around every corner. There are also horror-themed gaming machines and lots of little touches that celebrate horror in all its glory. 

You might think the spooky props are the most fun items, but that’s before you get to the Murder Pie. 

Unique Horror-Themed Menu at Sliced Pizza Shop  

Have you ever had pizza so good you would kill for it? This horror-themed pizza shop isn’t going to let you down. The star of the menu is a special creation that’s unique to Sliced Pizza Shop called Murder Pie. 

The Murder Pizza is a specialty that’s unique to this pizza restaurant. It features a pitch-black crust that’s made with charcoal powder. Before you let yourself get turned off by the idea of eating something as black as death, let us tell you how good it really is. 

This is a New York Style of pizza that’s smothered in sauce and topped with grated cheese that gets perfectly melted and bubbly. Sure, the Slice cheese pizza may look intimidating with its black pizza dough, but the taste is on point and arguably one of the best pizza slices you’ll find in Las Vegas. 

What Can You Get on Your Murder Pie?

The traditional murder pizza at Sliced Pizza Shop is topped with traditional goodness, like fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce. You can enjoy your Sliced pizza just like this, or you can some of your favorite toppings to this murderous creation. 

You can create your own pizza with toppings like pepperoni, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, pineapple, olives, jalapeno, and XXX cheese. You can order either sliced pizza or an entire pie. Sure, you could get those toppings at just about any pizza eatery, but why would you want to miss out on the killer atmosphere at Sliced Pizza Shop? 

More Good Food at Sliced Pizza Shop

The Menu at Sliced Pizza Shop is simple and straightforward, but with a black crust pizza and other yummy nibbles, what more can you ask from a pizza place in Las Vegas?

You can chow down on wings and fries, along with the pizza. Sliced serves these great fries tossed in garlic olive oil and topped with cheese. They’re really to die for (ok, enough with murder puns). You can also get just regular fries if you want to avoid the garlic breath. 

The chicken wings at Sliced Pizza Shop are also great. You can drench them in bbq sauce, buffalo sauce, blue cheese, honey mustard, hot chili, and more. 

Sometimes there’s other food on the menu, like sandwiches or pasta, but the pizza, wings with multiple types of sauces, and fries are what it’s all about. 


In a place like Las Vegas, you’d think a horror-themed pizza shop would be over the top when it comes to prices. That’s not the case at Sliced Pizza. This pizza shop is all about filling your belly with good food and giving you a few spooky thrills on a budget. 

A slice of murder pizza at Sliced Pizza Shop will cost you about $4 plus tax. An entire pizza, with just cheese, is under $30, with additional toppings costing extra. 

The wings are about $12, and the fries are $5-$9, depending on what type you order. With prices like this, you’ll have money left over to play some of the horror-themed games at Sliced Pizza Shop or even hit up the escape room next door again. 

Sliced Pizza Shop Hours

Sliced Pizza Shop is open Wednesday through Sunday for delivery, curbside pickup, or dining in. They open at noon daily and are open until 9 pm, except on Friday and Saturday when they close at ten. For curbside pickup or delivery, they do take online orders. 


Sliced Pizza Shop Las Vegas is located at 2129 S Industrial Rd, Las Vegas, NV. 

Bottom Line 

If you’re looking for the best pizza in Las Vegas, you might be surprised that a horror-themed pizza shop is a strong contender. Sliced Pizza Shop has great pizzas, a fun and frightening atmosphere, and a pizza crust that’s as black as coal. What’s not to love?

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