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Last Updated on March 25, 2023

Sun’s Out Buns Out Las Vegas is one of the most fun eateries in Sin City. From its décor to the menu, a simple glance makes it clear that this place is all about eggs.

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But while all menu items are breakfast staples, the playful eatery presents everyone with the opportunity to enjoy them all day, every day – and even skip dinner.

Sun’s Out Buns Out Overview

Sun’s Out Buns Out Overview

Sin City offers an abundant choice of breakfast-all-day eateries, but none quite like Sun’s Out Buns Out at Resorts World Las Vegas. This quirky place is all about eggs and has made it its mission to turn breakfast dishes into all-day staples.

What you might not expect is for the eatery to take the all-about-eggs concept to a whole new level. Not only is the menu all about eggs, but the eatery is all about eggs too.

The place boasts a fun, vibrant atmosphere that’s guaranteed to set you in a good mood as soon as you walk in through the door. The modern space combines industrial elements with comic book-inspired furniture and wall art that infuse personality into the otherwise airy dining area.

Undoubtedly, what makes this place stand out is the egg-themed furniture. The chairs resemble hard-boiled eggs and are particularly comfortable, given their unique shape.

Not the same can be said about the small round tables, which look as delicious as the chairs but are a tad too low for adults to eat comfortably.

Sun’s Out Buns Out is the place where you go grab traditional breakfast bites and get into an egg-cellent mood, not one where you can forget about yourself in front of a four-course dinner and drinks.

Sun’s Out Buns Out Menu & Prices

Sun’s Out Buns Out makes it abundantly clear that this is the place for people seeking traditional breakfast bites at any time during the day. 

Sure, they come with savory spins like caramelized onions, but the venue aims to make comfort food a breakfast staple, and it has one rule – each dish must contain at least one egg. Here’s what you can get.  

Main Dishes

The Sun’s Out Buns Out menu largely consists of breakfast sandwiches that come in a soft brioche bun, crispy baguette, or toasted sourdough bread.

Those who want the closest option to a traditional breakfast might find what they seek in the bacon, eggs, and cheese sandwich. However, you can also opt for a cheeseburger or short rib poutine with egg, spicy mayo, and caramelized onion.

A soft scramble sandwich option is an alternative for those who don’t like sunny-side-up eggs.

As you’d expect from an eatery that’s all about eggs, there aren’t any vegan options – unless you count the fries and salad. However, vegetarians seeking traditional breakfast bites can enjoy delicious avocado toast with smashed avocado, cage-free egg, and basil pesto.


All items on the menu can be paired with a fresh side salad or fries. The salad mixes fresh greens with cherry tomatoes, micro greens, and vinaigrette. The French fries are seasoned with furikake, salt and pepper, and aioli. That’s not exactly chipotle ketchup, but the innovative take can easily make you forget all about familiar flavors.

While these are the only options, the salad can give you an alternative to the sandwich if you choose to spruce it up with eggs, avocado, or cheddar cheese.


The drinks menu is as short as the food one but includes all breakfast options, from hot or iced coffee to bottled soda. 

Freshly squeezed juices are an option too, or you could get a hot or iced tea. The only thing lacking is at least one cocktail, such as mimosas or margaritas. After all, most people like sipping bubbly goodness when having a late breakfast or brunch.  

Hours of Operation

Sun’s Out Buns Out is open all day, every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 7 AM to 4 PM. It’s not exactly dawn to dusk, but it comes close nonetheless.

Dress Code

This bubbly eatery draws passers-by with its unconventional spirit, and it doesn’t hinder guests in any way. You can show off your personality as long as your look can be defined as casual.

Location in Resorts World

Sun’s Out Buns Out is located at the Resorts World food court, right off the Casino floor and near the Resorts World concert venue. It is in front of The Kitchen, another casual dining place to check out if you crave a good buffet or a quick lunch.

Key Takeaways

  • Sun’s Out Buns Out is a breakfast-all-day eatery at Resorts World Las Vegas. Its purpose is to turn eggs into an all-day comfort food breakfast staple.
  • Guests can walk in directly. Reservations are not needed, though they can be made through your hotel’s reception or from the Resorts World website. The dress code is casual.
  • The one key ingredient here is the egg, which is found in all options. Avo toast is the only vegetarian item on the menu. This is not the place for those who expect donuts but for those who totally love comfort food and wouldn’t say no to an egg sandwich, regardless of the time.
  • The eatery offers egg dishes, but the sides and beverage options are slim.

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