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Last Updated on February 25, 2023

SW Steakhouse Wynn isn’t your typical Las Vegas restaurant. It’s a fine dining experience with a selection of Japanese and domestic steaks that will blow your previous expectations out of the water. The award-winning SW Steakhouse offers ambiance, a view of the Wynn Lake, a wine list like no other, and exceptional culinary creations. 

Lake of Dreams at SW Steakhouse Wynn

The Menu

Starting Your Meal

The Starters portion of the SW Steakhouse menu offers a nice range of selections but is mostly focused on fresh seafood offerings. There are two selections in particular that stand out as premium choices for a special occasion, those being the caviar service and seafood spectacular. 

Both selections come with a premium price tag, but for a splurge, they are definitely worth it. The caviar service offers Osetra Caviar, served in either 28g or 50g portions. 

The seafood spectacular is nothing short of a masterpiece crafted from fresh seafood. Selections on the seafood spectacular include delicate Maine lobster, Alaskan king crab legs, jumbo shrimp, crab cocktail, scallop ceviche, and hamachi cruda. Caviar is available as an add-on selection. 

Additional selections for starting your meal at SW Steakhouse include jumbo bone marrow flambe, Maryland blue crab cake, Snake River Farms carpaccio with sundried tomatoes and arugula, Hudson Valley Foie Gras with cranberry compote, and short rib ravioli with crispy horseradish. 

Japanese & Domestic Wagyu

For lovers of exquisite steaks, the ultimate SW experience can be found in the Japanese and domestic Wagyu portion of the menu. SW Steakhouse Wynn Las Vegas is one of the few prestigious restaurants in the United States to be certified in offering only authentic certified Japanese Wagyu and Kobe beef that is sourced from Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture.

Needless to say, this portion of the menu is pure decadence and a splurge for many, but it’s easy to argue that the elevated price is worth it for such an exquisite meal. 

Every piece of Japanese Wagyu served by SW Steakhouse at Wynn Las Vegas is rated with a quality score of A5 and a marble score of 8-10. This indicates exceptional marbling characteristics, and both the certified Japanese Kobe and Wagyu offer a rich flavor and very subtle sweetness

Certified Japanese Wagyu & Kobe Beef

Certified Wagyu & Kobe Beef

SW offers one of the finest selections of certified Japanese Kobe and Wagyu from any restaurant in the United States. The selections include exquisite cuts from a ribeye, rib cap, New York strip, and tenderloin. These cuts are priced at $300 for 4 ounces (prices may change). Larger cuts can be requested at an additional $75 per ounce. 

For Ideue Farm Kagoshima Prefecture New York Strip, the price is $200 for 4 ounces, with additional ounces available for $50 each. 

SW Steakhouse encourages guests to inquire with their server regarding additional cuts that may be available. 

Domestic Wagyu

In addition to the certified Japanese beef selections, SW Steakhouse also offers domestic Wagyu that is delicious and tender. The marbling is excellent, offers wonderful complexity, and comes from Snake River Farms. 

The domestic Wagyu is available as a dry-aged New York strip and is priced at $112 for 10 ounces.

Traditional Steaks & Chops 

While the Wagyu and Kobe are decadent, SW Steakhouse doesn’t disappoint with their selection of traditional aged steaks and chops that are grass-fed and sourced from the finest midwestern ranchers that are sure to please even the most discriminating carnivore. 

Selections on the menu include the All Natural Filet Mignon from the petit family of Santa Carota Farms, along with very generous cuts of New York Strip and Boneless Rib Eye. 

While not on the current menu, you might get lucky enough to find dry-aged tomahawk chops or the chili-rubbed double rib eye as chef specials on the evening you dine.

In addition to the other dry-aged steaks and delicately tender filet mignon, this portion of the menu also offers a dry-aged porterhouse that tips the scales at 40 ounces and a pepper-crusted chateaubriand. 

Guests can also choose to add accompaniments to their steaks. These include SW steak sauces, chimichurri, and bernaise for sauces. Alaskan king crab, Maine lobster, shrimp scampi, buttery black truffle sauce, and a tangy blue cheese crust are also available as add-ons. 

Main Courses & Sides 

Maine lobster bake

The main courses on the menu at SW Steakhouse Las Vegas take a turn from steaks and premium beef toward delicate and flavorful seafood. If you prefer something lighter than, say, a 16-ounce New York Strip, then the seafood selection is sure to beckon your attention. 

Entrees include Pan Roasted Sea Scallops with English pea risotto and black truffle sauce or Butter Poached Maine Lobster with roasted garlic and cauliflower purée. 

Perhaps you’ll find yourself more in the mood for a dish like Broiled Alaskan King Crab, Braised Beef Short Rib, or Rosemary Roasted Jidori Chicken with creamed corn pudding. No matter which you choose, it’s sure to be delicious. 

There’s also a tempting menu of sides to elevate your meal but be warned – the side dishes cost about what you’d expect to pay for a light meal at a more casual restaurant. Still, even with a bit of a heavy price tag, it’s hard to resist Maine Lobster Sardinian Gnocchi, King Crab and Artichoke Gratin, or even something like the SW Steakhouse Fires, which are perfectly crisp potatoes, or the Yukon Gold Potato Puree. 

Vegetarian Selections 

For a classic American steakhouse, SW at Wynn Las Vegas does a nice job of offering some tasty vegan options. The vegan menu isn’t huge, but it does cover several courses. Each dish is given the same thought and care as the meatier options, and the flavors are great. This is a lot more than what other steakhouses offer in terms of vegan options. 

The vegetarian menu covers all courses and starts with an heirloom tomato salad or gazpacho. This is followed by an entree of roasted eggplant or a bolognese made with Impossible meat ragout. Side dishes include black truffle creamed corn. The cream corn is made with cashew cream, as are the whipped potatoes that also feature vegan sour cream. 

SW Steakhouse Sweet Endings 

In our experience, your appetite will be satisfied, and you likely won’t have much room left for dessert. However, a glance at the SW Steakhouse dessert menu is often enough to convince yourself that there’s still at least a little room left for something sweet. 

The molten chocolate cake is a favorite, along with the rocky road that features chocolate almond crumble, toasted marshmallow, and ice cream. 

If more refined sweetness is what your palate craves, the lady luck is large enough to share and offers the naturally enhanced flavor of strawberry compote and vanilla cream with chiffon cake. Another shareable option is the funnel cake with strawberries. This tasty treat is served with salty caramel, creme anglaise, and chocolate fudge. Traditionalists will also enjoy the selection of housemade ice creams. 


SW Steakhouse at Wynn Las Vegas is a fine dining restaurant, and guests should expect to pay more for both the level of food and the overall experience. 

Most appetizers range from $20-$30, with the foie gras and short rib ravioli both offered in the $40-$50 range. The caviar and seafood spectacular fall far outside these ranges, but they are exceptional culinary experiences. 

The Japanese Wagyu and Kobe are the most expensive items on the menu, costing $200-$400 for a 4-ounce portion. 

Overall, the average price of entrees that aren’t steak ranges from about $45 – $100. Any add-ons you choose to enhance your meal are extra. 

The desserts hover around $20, with the shareable desserts costing more.  

Wine List 

Considering the upscale dining experience provided by award-winning SW Steakhouse Las Vegas, it comes as no surprise that the wine list is nothing short of exceptional. 

The wine list takes you on a wine-lovers journey, spanning more than forty pages of selections. The selections are thoughtful and expertly curated. If there’s a rare wine that you’re seeking, whether it’s from Napa Valley or another wine-producing region of the world, there’s a good chance that SW Steakhouse has it. 

If you desire a drink other than wine to enhance your meal and experience, SW Steakhouse also offers a full bar.  

Outdoor Dining 

SW Steakhouse doesn’t miss the opportunity to merge amazing food with an equally appealing atmosphere. For guests who enjoy an al fresco dining experience, SW Steakhouse offers a picturesque terrace that will completely make you forget that you’re dining in a restaurant at one of the most popular resorts on Las Vegas Boulevard. 

The terrace is climate controlled, which translates to a pleasant dining experience regardless of what Las Vegas weather is throwing at you. 

Lake of Dreams

With a serene setting, the terrace at SW Steakhouse sits on the three-acre Lake of Dreams, and a 40-ft waterfall can be seen in the background. The terrace also offers a prime view of the nightly Lake of Dreams show at Wynn Las Vegas. The shows feature the lake and surrounding landscape coming to life with the magic of puppetry and animation. It’s a must-see that all ages will enjoy. 

 The shows are always free, but there’s really no better place to view the nightly shows than from the outdoor seating at SW Steakhouse. 


It’s difficult to find a negative review about SW Steakhouse Las Vegas. TripAdvisor has the restaurant at 4.5 stars with well over 2,000 reviews. OpenTable has SW Steakhouse rated at 4.9 with nearly 3,000 reviews, and the restaurant has featured reviews on the Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate. 

Guests rave about the serene dining ambiance with lighting that’s flattering and warm, along with the picturesque lakeside dining and evening show. Of course, the certified Japanese Kobe and Wagyu steaks have left an impression on many guests, but there’s a long list of dishes that are well-received across the board. 


Reservations are strongly recommended, especially if you prefer outdoor seating at SW Steakhouse. Reservations can be made online or by contacting them directly at (702) 770-3325

Large parties seeking a private room should contact SW Steakhouse directly. 

Dress Code 

Dress Code at SW Steakhouse Wynn

The dress code at SW Steakhouse is business casual. Guests should dress appropriately for the elegant fine dining experience. 

Policy Regarding Young Guests

SW Steakhouse asks that you not include children under the age of five in your plans for dining at the restaurant. This is both out of respect for other guests who are seeking a quieter meal without young children and also the fact that younger diners might find the environment and food a little too stuffy and refined (in other words, they likely won’t like the menu and may easily become bored). 


SW Steakhouse Wynn is open nightly for dinner services. From Sunday until Thursday, the restaurant is open from 5:30 until 10:00 pm. On Friday and Saturday, the dining room is open a half hour later until 10:30 pm. 

Location & Map

SW Steakhouse Wynn Las Vegas is located right on the Las Vegas Strip. The restaurant is located within the Wynn at 3131 S Las Vegas Boulevard. 

Wynn Hotel Las Vegas offers self-parking in the hotel’s garage and valet parking services at the Wynn main gate. 


Is there a dress code at SW Steakhouse?

The dress code for SW Steakhouse is defined as business casual, so plan on dressing appropriately for an elegant night out in Las Vegas. 

What is the SW Steakhouse best known for?

Steak is the star of the show at SW Steakhouse, along with the atmosphere. Guest reviews also rave about any dish that includes Meyer lemon sauce, but the entire menu is great. The Lake of Dreams show is also a prime attraction. 

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