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Last Updated on March 22, 2022

Bacon. The word is a sentence and a statement all on its own. From the smell of it cooking to the smoky, salty, unmistakable flavor, bacon is one of America’s favorite savory treats. If you love bacon and have an insatiable craving to indulge, the Bacon Bar Las Vegas is everything you’re looking for and more. 

About the Bacon Bar in Las Vegas

With a name like the Bacon Bar, you expect to find some serious bacon-y heaven the minute you walk through the door. They do offer bacon in just about every form imaginable, but the Bacon Bar is also much more. It’s also a bar with more of a tavern feel, and their menu of deliciousness has plenty to offer besides just bacon. 

about the bacon bar in las vegas

The Bacon Bar wasn’t born with its current name. They actually started out as Kerry’s Sports Pub but went through a rebranding and got a bit of an overhaul with their appearance on Bar Rescue. 

Since the rebranding, they have gained some popularity, which makes sense because who doesn’t love bacon? They’ve also received rave reviews from customers, which caught our attention, so of course, we had to investigate further. If you’re a bacon-head (and we mean that in the most affectionate way possible), read on to find out all the details of the fabulous Bacon Bar in Las Vegas. 

Bacon Bar Menu

We could sum up most of the menu with one word – bacon. But we’re not talking about just plates of bacon piled high, although there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re talking about bacon transformed in so many different ways to enhance dishes in ways you never thought possible. 

What you’ll find on the menu is casual, elevated bar food. There’s nothing stuffy or pretentious here. Everyone that walks through the door has something in common, and that’s a serious love for bacon and casual cuisine that’s not afraid to test a boundary or two. Here are some samples of what you’ll find on the Bacon Bar menu. 

Bacon Bits (Appetizers)

bacon bits appetizers

The appetizers are great on their own as a “light” meal or as a little something tasty to nibble on before the main course arrives. We also highly recommend bringing a few friends and just ordering a selection to share, along with a drink or two. We’re pretty sure that everyone will leave satisfied. 

One of the favorites on this part of the menu is the Man Candy, which is applewood smoked bacon that gets the royal treatment by being cooked in a special candy glaze, served with a Jim Beam maple reduction for dipping. Pure yum!

Other fan favorites include the bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers stuffed with cream cheese. The crispy bacon on the outside adds the perfect crunch, and they’re served with a horseradish ranch (bring your breath mints for this one!). The Bacon Garlic Buns also top the list. These delicious buns are loaded with roasted garlic, mozzarella cheese, and chopped bacon, all served warm, marinara sauce on the side. 

The bacon onion rings are another must-try. Sweet onions are battered, with bacon wrapped around and then fried. The crunch of the crispy bacon on the outside is something that every lover of onion rings must try and experience the deliciousness for themselves. 

There are other appetizer classics, like the Potato Skins, which are loaded with crispy bacon bits and served with sour cream, the loaded Inferno Fries with Inferno sauce, crispy bacon, hot pepper mix, and blue cheese chunks to cool it down a little. If, by chance, you don’t want any bacon in your life, there are also chicken wings and chicken fingers to satisfy your bar food cravings. 


naked city pizza

There are a lot of places to grab a slice in Las Vegas, but none of them offer anything like the Bacon Bar’s Pig-zza pies. As you can tell by the name, almost all of these pizzas have some form of bacon on them, but they manage to do this while still offering a great variety in flavors. 

The Bacon Bar Special is a pig-zza dressed in white garlic sauce, then topped with three types of bacon, lemon-dressed arugula, and Roma tomatoes. The way this dish combines all that bacon with the lightness of lemon and arugula is purely magical. 

Other pig-zza favorites include the Grandma’s Pie with white garlic sauce, meatballs, spinach, ricotta, and lots of mozzarella, or the Chicken Finger-Lious with chicken finger bits tossed in your choice of sauce, along with lots of blue cheese and mozzarella. 

If nothing on the specialty pig-zza menu strikes your fancy, you can always start with the build your own pig-zza, cheese, sauce, and your favorite toppings. Choose from toppings like sweet red roasted peppers, pineapple, tomato, arugula, meatballs, bacon, chicken fingers, ricotta, and more. 

Burgers & Sandwiches 

burgers sandwiches

So, you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into that you can hold in both hands. Look no further than the burgers & sandwiches at the Bacon Bar. Here are a few of the favorites on the menu. 

It only feels fair to start with the Bacon Bar Burger, which is something quite different from your standard bar burger. For starters, the Angus beef patty contains ground in bacon. Then it’s topped with tomato jam, horseradish cheese, arugula, and sweet onions served with their in-house dill pickle.  You also get a nice hefty side of hand-cut fries (don’t forget to ask for a side of homemade swine sauce for dipping!).

Of course, someplace like the Bacon Bar will have the Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger, with their Angus patty, topped with cheddar, sweet onion, relish, stone ground mustard, and of course, lots of bacon. You also get hand-cut fries and their in-house dill pickle to round it off. 

When you’re in the mood for something a little different (it is Las Vegas, after all), try the Peanut Butter and Jam Burger. If you’re wondering if this is what you think it is…it is. This burger is topped with peanut butter and strawberry jam, plus bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onion. It sounds strange, but it’s a true customer favorite. 

For sandwiches, you have your choice of the Porky Pile, which is roasted pork loin that has been dressed in Alabama white BBQ sauce, tangy coleslaw, and cheddar on a brioche bun, or the Schnitzel Sammy with batter & fried pork tenderloin plus lemon garlic mayo, along with a few other sandwich options – and yes, there is a BLT!

Pig Plates (Entrees)

chicken fillet wrapped with bacon slices on a wooden kitchen boa

For those who are craving something even more substantial, there are the Pig Plates. These are over-the-top filling entrees, all cooked up in true Bacon Bar styles. 

The Bacon Wrapped Chicken Fried Steak plate is a huge (literally) favorite, with crispy fried steak that’s smothered in country bacon gravy. The Schnitz Plate is just as high up on the list with a thin batter and fried pork loin served with garlic mashed potatoes, and yes, lots of brown gravy. 

Fans of the classic fish & chips will love the Bacon Beer Battered Fish Plate, with cod that has been drenched in bacon beer batter and fried, served with tangy coleslaw and in-house tarter sauce. 

Before we sign off on this part of the menu, we must mention the Bacon Lasanga plate. We’re talking about homemade lasagna that’s everything you dream it can be, plus it’s topped with a load of bacon. It’s served with garlic toast for the perfect meal. 



Are the desserts at the Bacon Bar in Las Vegas as bacon-centric as the rest of the menu? Well, there are a couple of choices where bacon isn’t the star of the show, like the warm chocolate chip pan cookie with vanilla ice cream and the Smorenookie – a perfect marriage of smores and brownies baked like a cookie. 

But, there are also a couple of bacon-laden sweet treats too. Bacon Benny’s, which are a take on a New Orleans style beignet that’s dusted with powdered sugar, topped with crispy bacon, and then served with bacon maple syrup, are a definite must-try. But then, who can resist the Apple Crunch that’s a cheesecake base with sweet stewed apples and a one-of-a-kind crispy bacon crumb cake. They top it off with caramel drizzle for a coma-inducing dose of sweetness. 

The Bacon Bar Bloodys & Brews 

the bacon bar bloodys brews

Let’s not forget about one of the things the Bacon Bar in Las Vegas is known for – their long list of bloody marys and brews. They have their own wall of beer that’s all pour-your-own. You purchase a card with the # of ounces you want, and then take your card and have the ounces poured deducted from your balance. At any time, the Bacon Bar has more than 40 drafts and bottles to choose from. 

There’s also an entire menu of bloody marys to choose from, like the Bourbon Boar made with bourbon instead of vodka, with a bacon salt rim, or the Whole Swine Yards that is classic bloody mary perfection, along with a couple of other choices to help you recover from a night of everything Las Vegas. 

Update Since Featured on Bar Rescue

In 2013, when they were called Kerry’s Sports Pub, the Bacon Bar found its way onto the television show Bar Rescue. The restaurant was struggling with some financial issues, so the Bar Rescue swooped in to help save the day (and the restaurant) with an overhaul of the menu, decor, and name. 

Since then, the Bacon Bar has become a smashing success, with thousands of very satisfied customers leaving stellar reviews. Although some of the old clientele wasn’t happy about the rebranding, we’re happy to see that they’ve not only survived but also thrived since their makeover. 


The Bacon Bar in Las Vegas is located at 3520 N Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV. They Are a bit removed from the Las Vegas Strip, but this makes them even more of a treasured spot to discover. 


Cure Your Bacon Cravings at the Bacon Bar in Las Vegas 

Whether you’re in the mood for a perfectly juicy Bacon Bar Burger, the Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings, or even their in-house dill pickle, this is one spot in Las Vegas that doesn’t disappoint. Fill your glass and satisfy your appetite with bacon done so many ways.

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