The 15 Best Tacos in Las Vegas

Last Updated on March 27, 2023

Las Vegas is where you can find any type of cuisine at almost any hour of the day. With so many Mexican restaurants in the city to choose from, how do you know which has the best tacos in Las Vegas? Let your tongue be the judge! Head to one (or more!) of these 15 restaurants to taste some of the best tacos in Las Vegas. 

From classic street tacos to fusion tacos and vegan-friendly options, there’s a great for everyone in Sin City!

On the Strip

Tacos El Gordo

Tacos El Gordo serves authentic Tijuana-style tacos. This family-run business has been in Las Vegas since 2010, but the family has more than 40 years of restaurant experience! Tacos El Gordo has 3 Las Vegas locations, but their location on S Las Vegas Blvd is the most popular by far.

Tacos El Gordo

Their menu includes only the freshest ingredients to craft incredible salsa, guacamole, carne asada tacos, quesadillas, and more! Tacos El Gordo is a favorite among locals and tourists.

Tacos El Pastor

Tacos El Pastor

Tacos El Pastor is the place to go for authentic Mexican food and the best tacos in Las Vegas. The head chef is from northern Mexico and brought those flavors to the Las Vegas Strip! Tacos El Pastor uses a top-secret marination process that makes their meat tender, juicy, and packed with unbeatable flavor.

The restaurant features an open kitchen design, so you can get a great view of the delicious tacos being prepared! Fresh tortillas are made from scratch daily.

Javier’s at ARIA

Javier’s is a Mexican restaurant inside ARIA Resort. If you want a memorable experience, this is the place to go! Unique decor, the finest tequilas, and an energetic atmosphere are just the beginning of the fun at Javier’s. 

Javier’s has some of the best tacos, ceviche, enchiladas, and hand-shaken margaritas on the Strip. You can even reserve a private room for up to 24 guests for a private event. What better way to celebrate a milestone than with the best tacos in Las Vegas?

China Poblano at The Cosmopolitan

China Poblano is an innovative restaurant that combines the flavors of Mexican and Chinese cuisine. The menu includes authentic dishes from both cultures and some modern twists that pull from both cultures. You’ll see Mexican food like carne asada tacos and pico de gallo alongside Chinese noodles and fried rice.

Guests can order a dish as they would at any other restaurant or request a chef experience menu. The chef’s experience menu takes you on a flavorful tour through the history of China and Mexico for a better look at how China Poblano came to be. 

This isn’t a fusion restaurant but a place where two cultures’ flavors can coexist in harmony, and they definitely win a spot on our list of the best tacos in Las Vegas. 

Yolos Mexican Grill at Planet Hollywood

Yolos Mexican Grill at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas is the perfect combination of sophistication and fun! Traditional Mexican staples, including tacos, are taken up a notch with modern infusions of international flavors. The menu includes flavors from the Caribbean, South America, the pacific rim, and of course, Mexico!

Yolos not only has some of the best tacos in Las Vegas, though – they also have a stunning fresh fruit margarita bar with more than 60 types of tequila. 

The menu features fan favorites like authentic street corn and pico de gallo with fresh tortilla chips, carne asada tacos, Baja fish tacos, and delectable carnitas.

Hussong’s Cantina at Mandalay Bay

Hussong's Cantina at Mandalay Bay

Hussong’s Cantina at Mandalay Bay is a go-to Mexican eatery on the Strip. The rich history of Hussong’s dates back 125 years! Although Hussong’s wasn’t in Las Vegas at that time, it was a successful Mexican food bar and grill in Esedena. The margarita was created at Hussong’s in 1941 too! 

Hussong’s brand has expanded, including its Las Vegas location on the Strip. The tacos at Hussong’s are the best because they taste like street tacos you’d buy in Mexico. 

Enjoy your choice of tacos with a fresh, handshake margarita made the same way it was made in 1941.

Downtown Las Vegas

Tacos and Miches

Tacos and Miches

Tacos and Miches is a restaurant with tasty Mexican food and little to no online presence, which says a lot about its success! Las Vegas businesses without online advertising or even an official website are few and far between for multiple reasons. 

Mainly, it’s harder to get customers in 2022 without that online presence. The businesses that can succeed based on word of mouth and walk-in customers alone are limited, but Tacos and Miches have done it!

Their street tacos are so good that word has spread! They serve traditional Mexican food in a no-frills taco shop on Fremont Street. There’s a second location on Decauter Blvd too.



Tacotarian is a plant-based Mexican restaurant serving vegan tacos! Vegans and vegetarians are limited in their restaurant choices, but Tacotarian proves you don’t have to miss out on delicious food just because of your dietary restrictions or choices. 

Their taco menu includes mushroom Asada, Gabacho, soy chorizo, and more!

Tacotarian serves traditional tacos using vegetarian ingredients. They serve soft tacos, flautas with soft corn tortillas, quesadillas with a flour tortilla, and even some tasty vegan desserts! 

The Tacotarian menu isn’t just impressive because of its inclusive ingredients. It also tastes incredible.

Taco Y Taco Mexican Eatery

Taco Y Taco Mexican Eatery

Taco Y Taco Mexican Eatery was started in 2012 by two sisters with a passion for sharing authentic Mexican cuisine with a modern twist. Their menu includes classic dishes like Cesos (beef brains), Chicharron (fried pork skin), and buche (pork stomach lining). 

Taco Y Taco has quickly gained a reputation for having some of the most delicious tacos in downtown Vegas! If you aren’t feeling so adventurous, they have more Americanized items, including grilled chicken, shredded pork, and steak. Customers can choose from tacos, burritos, and bowls.

Pinches Tacos

Pinches Tacos

Pinches Tacos has 3 Las Vegas locations, but its downtown location is the most popular. This family-owned chain has seen great success in California and Nevada. Their slogan is “real Mexican food served by real Mexicans.” Needless to say, there’s no doubting the authenticity of their culinary methods!

Pinches Tacos has a lively environment with a menu that has something for every customer. In addition to classic Mexican cuisine, they even have a “Gringo” section on the menu! Here you’ll find Americanized beef tacos, carne asada fries, and loaded burritos.

Salud Mexican Bistro and Tequilaria

The Salud Mexican Bistro and Tequilaria are another family-owned Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas. The menu at Salud is daring, and it’s clear they aren’t afraid to break the mold of Mexican cuisine.

You’ll find classics like pork belly street tacos, quesadillas, and fajitas. You’ll also find not-so-classic options like chorizo-stuffed jalapeno poppers, Bougie Mexican pizza, and Duck Carnitas with a berry jalapeno chutney. Salud has gained a reputation for having some of the best tacos in Las Vegas, thanks to its always fresh ingredients!

Best Tacos In Las Vegas Off the Strip & Downtown

Tacos & Beer

Tacos & Beer

If you love tacos and beer, what better place to be than Tacos & Beer? This restaurant cashed in on two of the biggest food trends, and we’re happy they did! Tacos & Beer serves a constantly changing list of high-quality craft beer and artisanal tacos in a laid-back environment.

The tacos at Tacos & Beer are unlike what you’ll find anywhere else in the city. Some of their more daring tacos include beer-battered avocado, vegan Korean BBQ, and crunchy chicken. There are classic options like a typical carne asada, chorizo, and pork al pastor too.

Bomb Tacos

Bomb Tacos

Bomb Tacos has a limited menu, but rest assured that every item on that menu is made to perfection. The head chef has Guatamalen influences which shine through in every bite. A chalkboard menu is updated daily based on what fresh ingredients they have on hand, and customers love the simplicity of the dishes.

Bomb Tacos are undoubtedly some of the best tacos in Las Vegas. Their loyal local fanbase would agree! Tourists will also appreciate this small taco shop’s charm, even if it isn’t in the most touristy area.

Taco Man Grill

Taco Man Grill

Taco Man Grill has locations from San Diego to Las Vegas. Their mission is to fight bad tacos by making great tacos, and they succeed! The Taco Man Grill menu features tacos, monster burritos, bowls, and quesadillas. Plus, fresh, sweet churros to finish it all off!

Try for yourself at their location on South Eastern Avenue and decide if they are the best tacos in Las Vegas.

El Dorado Cantina

El Dorado Cantina

El Dorado Cantina has only been open since 2014, but they’ve gained a lot of popularity in Las Vegas in that short time. El Dorado Cantina puts nutrition at the forefront of its menu by only using fresh, organic, non-GMO ingredients. No canned items or microwaves are allowed! The goal at El Dorado is for the food to be as fresh and packed with nutrients as possible when it reaches the customer.

There’s an El Dorado Cantina on the Strip and southwest Las Vegas. The menu includes signature bowls, street tacos, fajita platters, soups, and salads. That’s just the beginning! 

The reason El Dorado is known for having some of the best tacos in Las Vegas is that they genuinely have the freshest tacos in Las Vegas. Fresh ingredients make all the difference!

Honorable Mentions for Best Tacos In Las Vegas

It would be almost impossible to name every place in Las Vegas to get a good taco. While we had to narrow it down to name the best of the best, there are a few taco shops that deserve an honorable mention for their mouthwatering tacos!

  • Los Tacos
  • Border Grill at Mandalay bay
  • Taqueria El Buen Pastor
  • Taco E Birria Tijuana

Enjoy the Best Tacos In Las Vegas!

Once you’ve filled up on the best tacos in Las Vegas, head to Vegas Food & Fun to plan your next stop! Las Vegas is overflowing with live entertainment, pool parties, nightlife, and shopping. You should never be bored in Sin City! Make Las Vegas Food & Fun your go-to resource for the latest Las Vegas updates and savings opportunities!

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