The 19 Best Chinese Food in Las Vegas

Last Updated on September 20, 2022

There’s something about really good Chinese food that other cuisines can’t touch. Las Vegas has almost as many restaurants as people (ok, but it’s only a slight exaggeration), which can sometimes make finding the absolute best restaurants a bit of a challenge. If it’s Chinese food that you have on your mind, we have the nineteen best places for Chinese food Las Vegas offers. 

Whether you’re in the mood for Dim Sum, Cantonese noodle dishes, Hunan Cuisine, truly authentic dishes, or just some really good and really cheap food, it’s all covered here, from fine dining to neighborhood takeout in Las Vegas, NV. 

Chinese Food in Las Vegas

Best Chinese Food on the Strip

Wing Lei at the Wynn Las Vegas 

Wing Lei has the designation of being the first Chinese restaurant in the United States to earn a prestigious Michelin Star. The first thing you notice is the dining room, both opulent with golden hues but also serene. When dining, you’re graced with the view of ancient pomegranate trees. And this is all before you even get to the menu. 

This award-winning restaurant serves a variety of Chinese cuisine, focusing on Cantonese, Shanghai, and Sichuan dishes. One of the most popular dishes on the menu is the Imperial Peking Duck, which is carved at your in a very elegant presentation. 

We’re also fans of the Wok Fried Maine Lobster, Wok Fried Scallop with Chinese sausage, or a selection from their live seafood menu. These are our favorites, but we admit that there are a lot of delectable dishes on the menu we still need to try. 

Wing Lei is a fine dining restaurant located in Wynn Las Vegas on Las Vegas Blvd. They’re closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays but begin dinner service at 5:30 pm every other night of the week. 

Blossom at Aria 

The Las Vegas Strip is an epicenter of culinary decadence, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that more than one of the best Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas is found here. Another Chinese restaurant that we love is Blossom at Aria. 

Chinese cuisine at Blossom is spot on every time, and the flavors are bright and perfectly balanced. Some standout dishes at Blossom worth considering include the Dungeness Crab with ginger and scallion, Walnut Shrimp with candied walnuts, and the Jian Bo Beef with shredded daikon and fermented bean sauce. 

Blossom at the Aria Resort has won the Epicurean Award for Best Chinese Restaurant in Las Vegas. You can join Blossom for dinner Thursday through Monday, beginning at 5 pm. Blossom is closed for service on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Hakkasan at the MGM Grand 

Hakkasan at the MGM Grand is a standout of Chinese restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip. Hakkasan offers Chinese dishes that have been reimagined and created with a modern interpretation of the classics. 

When dining at Hakkasan, guests can choose from the Signature menu or the a la carte menu. Our advice is to indulge yourself with the Signature menu that features dishes like an appetizer of Peking Duck Bao and an entrée of Peppered Beef Filet. Enjoy the Hakka Noodles as a side, and treat your sweet tooth to the Chef’s creation for dessert. 

Hakkasan is also a popular spot for upscale Dim Sum, which is perfect for dining with a group of friends. When you’re done dining, make the most of your night by heading to the Hakkasan Nightclub, one of the hottest nightclubs in Las Vegas

Hakkasan is located at the MGM Grand Las Vegas and is open nightly for dinner at 5:30 pm. 

Jasmine at the Bellagio 

Jasmine at the Bellagio Las Vegas offers an extensive menu of mostly traditional Chinese dishes. This is a great Chinese restaurant on the Strip when you’re in the mood for the wonderful food and an ambiance that’s beautiful and serene. The decor at Jasmine has been done in light, neutral colors, and outside the large windows are views of Lake Bellagio. 

The cuisine at Blossom centers around Hunan, Cantonese, and Szechuan dishes. Menu highlights include Dungeness Crab from the live tank, Shanghai Style Sea Bass, and the Abalone Hot Pot. This will definitely become one of your favorite places for Chinese food in Vegas. 

Jasmine at Bellagio is open Wednesday through Sunday for dinner starting at 5 pm. They are closed Monday and Tuesday. 

Mott 32 at the Palazzo 

Mott 32 is an exquisite Chinese fine dining experience at the Palazzo Las Vegas. Mott 32 features mainly the decadent dishes of Hong Kong cuisine but plays with flavors from the many different regional cuisines of China. 

The star of the show at Mott 32 is the apple-smoked Peking Duck. This Peking Duck takes more than 48 hours to prepare and is pure perfection. If you’re interested in trying this delectable dish, make sure to make your reservations and request ahead of time since the duck can be in short supply. 

Mott 32 is open nightly for dinner service beginning at 5 pm and is located on the Palazzo casino floor. 

Best Vegan Chinese Food

Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant 

Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant is hands down considered the best vegan Chinese food in Las Vegas. Here, you’ll find all your favorite Chinese classics, just with many of them being prepared using only plant-based proteins instead of meat. 

The Vegan Pho is to die for, as is the Sauteed Chinese Broccoli with Ginger and the Spicy Vegan Orange Chicken. A good selection of noodles and veggie house specialties is on the menu to enjoy. If you’re dining with someone who scoffs at the idea of not having any meat, several selections include fish and meat – they’re just not the mainstay dishes of the menu. 

Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant is located in an unassuming strip mall on Spring Mountain Road in Las Vegas. They’re closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays but are open all other days of the week for lunch and dinner. 

Best Chinese Food in Chinatown Las Vegas

Xiao Long Dumplings  

Xiao Long Dumplings is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in the center of Chinatown, Las Vegas. Their focus is on these delicious, tender Bao buns that are perfectly steamed and absolutely delicious. 

The traditional dumplings from China are the star of the menu, with options like Crab & Pork Soup Dumplings, Pork Pot Stickers, Steamed Veggie & Mushroom Dumplings, and Chili Soup Dumplings. 

Other items on the menu include appetizers, soups, small bites, and loads of Chinese noodles to choose from. Our favorite noodle dishes from Xiao Long Dumplings include Spicy Beef Noodle, Veggie Noodle, and Super Spicy Noodles with Chili sauce. That last one will set your mouth on fire, but they’re so good! 

Xiao Long Dumplings is located on Spring Mountain Rd in Chinatown. They’re open daily for lunch and dinner.    

Mian Las Vegas 

We like Mian Las Vegas because they’re straightforward in their offering of popular dishes from China, and all the food we’ve had from them has been really good. This isn’t your typical Chinese American style of food, but rather more traditional Chinese dishes that you’ll happily give up your beloved sweet and sour chicken for. 

It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to recommending our favorite dishes. The Hot and Sour soup is amazing and not what you might expect. It’s packed with dumplings that float in this very flavorful and nicely spicy reddish broth. The house special is the Tomato & Beef Stew Noodles, but some of our favorites are found on the appetizer menu and include Chedgu Pickles and Spicy Black Fungus. 

There are lots of other dishes to enjoy at Mian Las Vegas. Find this pillar of Asian cuisine located on Spring Mountain Road in Chinatown, Las Vegas. 

88 Noodle Papa 

88 Noodle Papa is one of those restaurants in Las Vegas that you might not even know existed unless you were to ask some locals about the best place to get great Chinese food. Each dish tastes as though it has been made in the traditions of the culinary culture of China, although some dishes represent other regions of Asia. 

Try the Seafood Laska in Rice Noodle or the Kimchi Beef Fried Rice. The Curry Chicken with steamed rice is also really good. 

88 Noodle Papa is located on Spring Mountain Rd and is open for daily dine-in, delivery, and carry-out for breakfast and lunch. 

88 Noodle Papa 

Joyful House 

Joyful House 

The Joyful House is one of the Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas that specializes in dishes that are bright and bold with flavor. The expansive menu begins with tasty appetizers like honey-coated BBQ pork, Vegetable Egg Rolls, and Crispy Fried Prawns. 

From there, it only gets better with live seafood, like Goodluck Clam, Satay Seafood Clay Pot, Fujian Style Fried Rice, and Mongolian Beef. If you’re not one to shy away from the flavor, then we highly recommend Joyful during your next visit to Sin City. 

Joyful House is located on Spring Mountain Rd and is open every day except Tuesday for lunch and dinner. 

Chengdu Taste 

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the best restaurants are found tucked away in strip malls? Even in a city like Las Vegas, where the bright lights of Las Vegas Blvd draw people in, there are still small treasures to discover, like Chengdu Taste. 

Chengdu Taste is one of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas. Be on the lookout for dishes like Squid with Crispy Rice Crust, Volcano Squid, Sliced Beef with Tofu Pudding in Hot Sauce, Pickled Chili with Fish, and Smoked Pork Belly with Leek. Also, make sure to order a dish of Salt Fried Peanuts to either nibble on or add to your meal. 

Chengdu Taste is located on Schiff Drive in Las Vegas. They’re open daily for lunch and dinner starting at 11 am. 

Best Chinese Food Delivery

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant  

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant  
Photo Credit: Google Photos By JD M

It feels like every large city has a Chinese Restaurant called the Great Wall, and no matter where you are, it’s always good food. The Great Wall Chinese Restaurant in Las Vegas is a favorite go-to when you’re craving Chinese takeout that you can enjoy back in your hotel room. 

On the menu, you’ll find the usual list of your Chinese favorites, including everything from Chow Mein and Fried Rice, to Egg Foo Yong to Moo Shu Pork and Dinner Combination Plates. There’s something on the menu here that everyone in the group will love. 

The Great Wall is located on Charleston Blvd and is open daily from 11 am until 9 pm. 

China A GoGo

China A GoGo

China a GoGo has several locations in Las Vegas and is a popular spot for Chinese delivery. The fact that they have multiple locations means there’s a pretty good chance of having yummy Chinese food delivered no matter where you are in the city. 

One of the reasons that we like China a GoGo for takeout is that they also offer family dinners that come with sides and your choice of a couple of entrees from their list of menu items. This option is perfect if you have a small family or group of friends that you’re sharing the bill with. It makes this one of the most economical Chinese Las Vegas restaurants. Walk-ins are also welcomed. 

Best Chinese Buffet in Las Vegas

The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas 

There are actually a decent number of Chinese buffets in Las Vegas, but in all honesty, most of them don’t knock in the park, and it’s hard to find one that gets really great reviews. For this reason, we picked a buffet that doesn’t serve strictly Chinese food. The Buffet at the Wynn is one of the best in Las Vegas, offering a wide range of dishes, including Chinese-style options, and also a good selection of vegetarian and vegan entrees as well. 

The Buffet at the Wynn Las Vegas is open daily for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. If you happen to enjoy the buffet on the weekends, you get elevated selections to choose from. The Buffet at the Wynn is located right on S Las Vegas Blvd. 

Best Cheap Chinese Food

Big Wong Restaurant 

On the outside, Big Wong Restaurant looks a little shady, but if you’re in the mood for some good and cheap Chinese food, it really doesn’t get much better than this. The menu looks a little like it has been around for a few decades, but we’re suckers for classics, and we heard good things about this place. 

We really liked the Beef Ramen, which came in at a little under $6, and the Salt & Pepper Shrimp, which was only $8. For the price, this place can’t be beaten. 

Big Wong Restaurant is Located on Spring Mountain Road, and they’re open daily for lunch and dinner. 

Shang Artisan Noodle 

Shang Artisan Noodle is just this tiny spot on Flamingo Rd with an open kitchen that serves the most incredible Chinese noodles. The noodles are hand-pulled, and everything tastes so fresh. Did we also mention that all this delicious food is easy on the wallet?

The menu at Shang Artisan Noodle isn’t huge, but then again, it doesn’t need to be. There are a few really great noodle soups, like Beef Shank Noodle and Seafood Noodle with squid, shrimp, and fish cake. There are also a couple of noodle & sauce dishes like Chicken Sesame Cold Noodles that are absolutely delicious. 

Shang Artisan Noodle is open daily for lunch, and dinner from 11 am until 10 pm. 

Ping Pang Pong 

Ping Pang Pong 

If you want a more traditional sit-down style Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas that’s also more affordable, we nominate Ping Pang Pong in the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino. This isn’t the absolute cheapest Chinese food you can find in Las Vegas, but for the type of restaurant that it is, everything is very affordably priced. 

There’s a good mixture of authentic Chinese dishes, focusing a lot on Cantonese-style cuisine, along with some more familiar Chinese American dishes. A few examples include Kung Pao Chicken and Shrimp Fried Rice for the more familiar dishes, then a nice list of Cantonese/ Hong Kong style barbecue, and also regional dishes like Jelly Fish Salad, Calamari with Lotus Root, and Preserved Egg Porridge. 

Ping Pang Pong in the Gold Coast Hotel on Flamingo Rd has been voted one of the best Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas several times. With their great menu and reasonable prices, we can see why. They’re also open late until 3 am for those late-night cravings. 

Best Chinese Take Out

Yummy Rice

Yummy Rice is simple, easy, and good Chinese takeout in Las Vegas. Sure, you could eat in their dining room, but sometimes it’s just better to take it back to your hotel room and relax – especially if you’re nursing yourself back to health after a night of too much Las Vegas. 

The menu offers some great options that you don’t always see on a takeout menu. Think along the lines of an extensive clay pot menu, Chinese rice porridge, and side dishes like Chinese Broccoli, Chicken Feet in Red Wine, and Fried Calamari. 

Yummy Rice is located on Spring Mountain Rd and is open for takeout every day except for Mondays.  

Yummy Rice

China Mama 

China Mama 

The last Chinese restaurant on our list of the best in Las Vegas is China Mama. This spot is unpretentious and unassuming, but also some of the best Chinese takeout in Las Vegas, NV. 

Whether you’re in the mood for hot, fresh vegetarian spring rolls, crispy layered pancakes, sizzling beef in black pepper sauce, or Mama’s special Mapo tofu, they’ve got you covered. Expect the food to be hot, fresh, and full of flavor. 

China Mama is located on Jones Blvd in Las Vegas, NV. They’re open during the week but are closed from Friday through Sunday. 

Are You Ready for Some Great Chinese Food In Las Vegas, NV?

If it’s Chinese food you crave, any one of these nineteen restaurants will get you there. Take a break from all the sightseeing, casino hopping, pool parties, and shows for just a bit to fill up the best Chinese food that Las Vegas offers. Enjoy! 

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