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Last Updated on September 27, 2022

Las Vegas is the land of decadence, but sometimes you just want something fast, easy, and delicious to eat. This is where the best Las Vegas food courts enter the picture. We’ve looked at many, considered their options, atmosphere, and location. Here are the choices for the best of the best Las Vegas food courts. 

Block 16 Urban Food Hall – Cosmopolitan Food Court

Best Las Vegas Food Court

Block 16 Urban Food Hall

Block 16 Urban Food Hall, located on the second floor of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, isn’t your standard food court. The eats at Block 16 Urban Food Hall are fast and easy but deliciously elevated, far above what you’ll find in the average food court in Las Vegas. 

Block 16 Urban Food Court features an incredible collection of purveyors that are known for their bright flavors, culinary creativity, and ability to bring Vegas to life through food and drink. Many of the eateries at Block 16 have world-renowned chefs, and choosing which spot to indulge in is a challenge. 

This food court that has only been around a few years has developed such a cult following that in this short time, they have served well over a million dishes and food items, not to mention all the drinks. Has curiosity got the best of you yet, wondering what you’ll find at Block 16 Urban Food Court?

For starters, there’s District: Donuts.Sliders.Brew, where yes, you can get all three. Famous for confections like their Chocolate Blackout and grilled donut sandwiches, this spot embodies the indulgence of Las Vegas. 

You’ll also find spots like the Bang Bar, Ghost Donkey (truffle nachos and mezcal, anyone?), Hattie B’s Hot Chicken where the adventurous can try the Shut the Cluck Up tenders that come with a burn notice, Tekka Bar, and Lardo for a larger than life sandwich. 

Hours of operation vary, with most establishments’ regular hours being 11 AM – 10 PM.

Eataly – Park MGM Food Court

Runner up


Imagine strolling along a cobblestone street in Italy, the sun shining as you pursuing everything the farmers, bakers, and artisans have to offer. Now imagine that you’re in Las Vegas, doing practically the same thing. The Park MGM is where you’re going to find the 40,000 sq ft Eataly, one of the world’s largest Italian Marketplaces. 

Eataly is a food court marketplace featuring authentic Italian restaurants, Italian coffee bars, places for your sweet tooth, group dining space, and Italian merchants that will capture your attention (and money). 

At Eataly, you’ll find Italian restaurants serving up fast, fresh, and authentic Italian food. Restaurants and eateries to choose from include La Pizza e La Pasta, Manzo. Italian Street Food, La Pasta Fresa, La Pizzeria alla Romana, Chef’s Table Breakfast, and several others. 

Currently, Eataly features about ten counters and bars, including Venchi and the Wine Shop, where you can grab a quick bite, a drink, dessert, or an Italian-style coffee. With cheese shops, wine shops, classes, and just about every Italian treat you can imagine, there are no shortages of ways to indulge yourself.

Hours of restaurants and merchants vary. 

Forum Food Court – Caesars Palace Food Court 

Runner Up

The Forum Food Court, located in the Caesars Palace, wins a spot as runner-up not because it’s anything fancy but because it’s filled with the types of spots that will satisfy cravings, satiate appetites, and wow your tastebuds. 

Think along the lines of SmashBurger, The Halal Guys, and the Smoke and Sizzle. You’ll also find Tiger Wok & Ramen, Taco, Earl of Sandwich (you can smell the fresh-baked, artisanal bread), TaCo, Crepes & More, DiFara Pizza, and of course there’s a Starbucks. 

Open 6 am to 12 am daily, everything at the Forum Food Court is crave-worthy and fast. If staying at Caesars Palace, you can also order from the Forum Food Court for delivery to your room. 

Venetian Food Court

At the Venetian, you’ll find one of the largest food courts in Las Vegas. To call this a food court is really an understatement. The Venetian offers up dozens of options for quick bites, snacks, and drinks that span two floors. Part of the Venetian food court is located on the Casino level and the other down at the Grand Canal.

There is so much variety at the Venetian food court that it’s impossible not to find something for everyone. The Bouchon Bakery, Chew & Chug, and Bonanno’s New York Pizzeria are just a few among the many favorites. 

Look for popular food court options, like Panda Express and Chipolte but also gems you might not be as familiar with, like The Alley for Tea or Dandelion Chocolate for indulgent chocolate or pastry paired with an espresso. 

Hours vary, and the choices can be overwhelming. Be sure to check out the map if you have a specific destination in mind. 

Fashion Show Food Court 

It’s an arguable point that a trip to Las Vegas isn’t complete without a trip to the Fashion Show Mall. Spending an afternoon at the Fashion Show Mall is a guaranteed way to appease your inner fashion diva, but it’s also where you’re going to find some seriously fashionable food court grub. 

The Fashion Show Mall is home to one of the most popular food courts on the Las Vegas Strip. You can dine in the traditional food court style environment or choose alfresco dining options with plenty of lush greenery – and there’s plenty of people watching at both. 

You’ll want to check out The Sugar Factory, Luke’s Lobster, Stripburger, The Pizza Press, and the Capital Grille, among many other spots, for a quick bite. Don’t forget to stop by Davidoff Bar Cigar & Cocktails as a start to a great night in Las Vegas. 

Hours vary, and the Fashion Show Mall itself is only open until 7 pm most nights. 

Castle Walk Food Court – Excalibur Food Court 

You’re out with the kids, and you want to grab a fast meal, but everything seems a little stuffy, pricey, or too mature for the younger members of your group. Sound familiar. The Castle Walk Food Court is a great spot to enjoy a bite with the kids and those who are young at heart. 

The Castle Walk Food Court is filled with tasty, fun eats. Try out Hot Dog on a Stick, Popcornopolis, or Breakfast & Burgers. There are also family-friendly favorites like Schlotzskeys Deli, Pizza Hut, and Popeyes Chicken. 

Hours vary, with some locations closing much earlier in the day and others being open only on the weekends. 

Boulevard Food Court on Las Vegas Blvd

Unlike the other food courts on this list that are located in iconic Las Vegas buildings, the Boulevard Food Court on Las Vegas Blvd is a little different. The Boulevard Food Court is a fast dining destination that caters to the foot traffic and tourists that stroll Las Vegas Blvd daily. 

The goal of the Boulevard Food Court is to provide options for uber-delicious, accessible, and fast dining options that are also less expensive than the usual Las Vegas fare. 

The Boulevard is located right next to the insanely popular Fat Bar and Fatburger. It’s easy to spot, right across from the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino. Each location in the Boulevard Food Cout was chosen to provide unique, distinct dining options with great food done Vegas style. 

During pre-Covid times, the Boulevard Food Court was open 24 hours a day. Some locations may have temporarily restricted hours. 

Luxor Food Court

The Luxor Food Court is smaller than many of the other food courts we’ve checked out, but trust that it’s big on satisfying your appetite with a handful of favorite food court restaurants. 

Places to grab a bite to eat at the Luxor Food Court include Johnny Rockets, Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs, Original Chicken Tender, Bonanno’s Pizzeria, and LA Subs, 

Find your way to the Luxor Food Court by walking across the walkway, entering the hotel, and heading to the escalator that will take you straight to the food court. The Luxor Food Court is open until midnight every day, except Sunday, when they’re open 24 hours. Hours for individual locations may vary. 

MGM Grand Food Court

The MGM Grand Las Vegas is famous for its casino, luxurious rooms, amazing restaurants, and entertainment. What you might not know is that there’s a little gem of a food court tucked into the District that features all your quick-eats favorites. 

It’s at the MGM Grand Food Court that you can treat yourself to Haggen-Daz, authentic Mexican and strong margaritas at Taco N Ritas, or made-to-order stir-fry and dumplings at Pan Asian Express. 

The MGM Grand Food Court in the District is open 24 hours but hours for individual locations vary. 

Mandalay Bay Food Court 

Mandalay Bay Food Court

Sometimes, what you really want is something to eat that’s fast, fuss-free, casual, and that you know is going to taste good. If this is what you’re after, the Mandalay Bay Food Court is your destination. 

With Las Vegas food court staples like Johnny Rockets, Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs, Subway, and Pan Asian Express, you know whatever you choose is going to be great. You can find the Mandalay Bay Food Court right outside the Mandalay Bay Convention Center near the Shark Reef Aquarium

The Mandalay Bay Food Court is open 24 hours, but hours of operation for individual locations may vary. 


Is there a food court at the Paris Hotel?

No, there’s not an actual food court at the Paris Hotel, but there are several restaurants where you can grab a quick bite. Look for Food to Go, La Creperie, Brioche by Guy Savoy, along with a couple of other low-key, quick options. 

Is there a food court at the Bellagio?

No, there isn’t a food court at the Bellagio, and options for quick bites are limited. If you’re out and want something quick to eat, try one of the other food courts on this list. If you’re staying at the Bellagio, you can always order ahead of time at one of their many incredible restaurants and get your meal to go. 

Is there a dress code for food courts in Las Vegas?

All of the food courts we’ve highlighted on this list are casual dress. Some restaurants that may be associated with or near the food courts may have dress codes enforced. 

Bottom Line

When your appetite needs to be satisfied, there’s no shortage of great places to eat in Las Vegas. Sometimes, casual and fast is best, and when this mood strikes, you can bet the house on these best Las Vegas food courts of 2021.

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