Best Pizza By the Slice in Las Vegas

Nothing beats a great slice of pizza. I mean, it’s no secret that it’s easy to find amazing food in Las Vegas, but sometimes, it’s just a simple slice of pizza that you crave. We’ve hunted down the best pizza slices in Vegas, located both on the Las Vegas Strip and off. 

Whether it’s cheese, pepperoni, sausage, or veggie you crave, we know where to get the best. From thin-crusted to deep dish, Chicago to New York, and all the other styles in between, here are the must-try slices in Las Vegas. 

Pizza Rock


It’s impossible to talk about the best pizza places in Las Vegas without talking about Pizza Rock. It’s a sit-down Italian restaurant that serves pizza, but they also have what’s called their Slice House inside, where you can get the absolute best pizza by the slice. There’s another stand-alone Slice House in Henderson if you’re ever out that way. 

It’s hard to describe what makes Pizza Rock the best slice in Las Vegas because every component is just so spot-on and perfect. 

First, let’s talk about the size. You’re not going to go hungry with one of these slices. These are the types of slices that hang over the edges of a paper plate. 

Pizza by the slice includes your standard cheese or pepperoni slice, both of which are loaded with fresh mozzarella. There are also specialty slices, Detroit-style pizza slices, Sicilian slices, thin crust pizza, and featured slices of the day, and they serve them all at a reasonable price, considering the size of the monster slice you get. 

Pizza Rock is located in Downtown Las Vegas, on 3rd Street. Additional Slice House locations can be found at Green Valley Ranch in Henderson and at Allegiant Stadium.

Secret Pizza 

Best Slice on the Strip

Secret Pizza is located in the Cosmopolitan, and although it’s nestled in one of the most popular hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, its location is somewhat of a secret – hence the name. 

This pizza place is in an unassuming location that can be found by wandering down a dimly lit corridor lined with album covers. It’s actually not far from the lobby, but countless visitors walk by it daily, not even realizing it’s there. 

We’ll leave the hunt up to you, but we will take a minute to rave about what we found there. You can usually find about five different types of pizza on the menu, and they’re all great. 

Of course, there is the pepperoni and cheese, but one of the most popular is the White pizza that’s decadently garlicky. It will give you terrible breath, but it’s worth it. 

A couple of details that make this pizza place stand out are the dough and the sauce. The tomato sauce is tangy, and just a bit sweet, and the dough they use creates a nice soft crust with just the right amount of chewy bite. 

If you want to try one of the best pizza places in Las Vegas, Secret Pizza opens at 11 AM daily and stays open super late until 4 AM (although you’re more likely to encounter a very inebriated crowd at that hour!)

Evel Pie 

Best Slice on Fremont Street

Evel Pie on Fremont Street in Las Vegas has become one of the iconic and great pizza restaurants, both for their pizzas and for the atmosphere. 

Evel Pie is high energy, rock & roll, and filled with Evel Knieval memorabilia. You can sit down and order an entire pizza and other goodness. 

If you like your pizza with a bit of attitude and a Rockin vibe, this is your place for pizza in Las Vegas. They use only fresh ingredients, and their slices have just the right amount of cheese and other toppings.

Cheese, pepperoni, and a choice of specialty pizza are available by the slice daily – and the price is as amazing as the food. 

They’re located on Fremont Street between the El Cortez Hotel and the Fremont Street Experience. They open at 11 AM daily and are open until 2 AM during the week and 4:20 AM on Friday and Saturday. 

Pin-Up Pizza 

Best Thin Crust Slice

Our choice for the best thin crust slice also happens to be where you can get the largest slice in Las Vegas, making it a double winner! 

Where can you find this pizza-by-the-slice masterpiece? At none other than Pin-Up Pizza, located in front of Planet Hollywood on Las Vegas Blvd. 

Pin Up Pizza doesn’t specifically advertise their pizza as a thin crust, but they stretch the dough nice and thin, so you get the perfect bite of crisp but chewy crust, sweet & savory sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, and your favorite toppings. 

These slices are seriously mammoth. Like, bigger than your head huge. Dine in and enjoy the Rock-a-Billy vibe, or get yours to go to eat on the way to your next destination. 

There are six different slices to choose from on the menu. These include cheese and pepperoni, but also Chicken & mushrooms, Big Meat, Margherita with fresh basil, and Sausage. 

Just in case a giant pepperoni slice isn’t enough for you to eat, they offer extras like warm and delicious garlic knots. Check out the most massive slice on the Las Vegas Strip from 11 AM until 12 AM daily (2 AM Thursday thru Sunday). 

Pizza Cake

Best New York Style Pizza Slice

You know of the Cake Boss, but do you know that Buddy Valastro has also mastered the art of the perfect New York Style slice of pizza? Pizza Cake is a New York-style pizzeria located in Harrah’s Hotel on S Las Vegas Blvd.   

The menu is filled with all sorts of delicious New York Style whole pizzas and slices. Each slice is blessed with tasty tomato sauce that’s so fresh you can taste the herbs and extra virgin olive oil that went into it. 

For a taste of New York in a pizza slice, you can choose from the classics, along with the Boss Slice, which is loaded with Italian sausage, meatballs, and thick pepperoni. 

The spicy Buffalo Chicken will make your mouth water, and the Vegetarian with onions, peppers, and black olives is totally yummy! 

Don’t forget to grab a slice of dessert! Enjoy a slice of dessert pizza or one of the Cake Boss’s multi-layer cake creations. 

Slice of Vegas

Best Gluten-Free Pizza Slice

Slice of Vegas, located at Mandalay Place, is our top choice for the best slice of gluten-free pizza you might ever taste. They offer twelve different pizzas made with a cauliflower crust, so they’re completely free of gluten. 

Not all of these options are available by the slice, but the smallest pizza is 12 inches, which is just perfect as a personal pizza for someone who has worked up an appetite or to share with a friend.

There are also other non-pizza favorites, like crispy chicken fingers, on the menu. 

These go far beyond your typical pepperoni slice. We really like both the Helldorado and the Hangover pizza. Both are guaranteed to cure you from the night before and get you ready for more Las Vegas adventures. 

Find Slice of Vegas at Mandalay Bay on the Strip in Las Vegas, NV. 

Pop-Up Pizza 

Cheapest Pizza by the Slice

Cheap isn’t always a word you can associate with Las Vegas, but in the case of Pop Up Pizza, you get cheap and amazingly good at the same time. Pop Up Pizza is a straightforward little restaurant that just wants to offer you the best pizza imaginable at a reasonable price. 

Stroll up to the walk-up window and order your choice of any pizza by the slice. The only option that isn’t available by the slice is the create your own pies. 

If you want something that goes beyond the standard pepperoni slice, we love Mike’s Hot Pepperoni with Mike’s Hot Honey. 

There are also vegan options on the menu, made with melty vegan mozzarella, fresh sauce with San Marzano tomatoes, and roasted & sauteed vegetables.

All slices are available in the $5 range. With this type of quality and prices, you can’t deny that this is one of the best pizza places in Las Vegas, NV. 

Honorable Mentions

We couldn’t include all of our favorite pizzerias on this list because not all of them offer their pies by the slice. Still, if you don’t mind grabbing a personal pizza or a small one to share, these pizzerias won’t disappoint, 

Amore Taste of Chicago (located in an unassuming strip mall on Durango Drive)

Good Pie on Main Street – Brooklyn, Detroit, and Sicilian-style pies

Bambino’s East Coast Pizzeria – Pizzeria and more on Durango Drive (dine in or order for curbside pickup)

Bottom Line 

It’s time to sink your teeth into the best pizza by the slice Las Vegas offers. Pizza Rock, Evel Pie, Pin Up Pizza, and so many more great pizzerias are ready to serve you and satisfy your cravings in Sin City. 

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