Wynn Breakfast Restaurants

Last Updated on February 28, 2023

Whether you’re staying at Wynn Las Vegas or just passing through for some early morning shopping, you can get a delicious Wynn breakfast at the Wynn Buffet or one of the other on-site restaurants.

Wynn Las Vegas is one of the most popular resorts in Las Vegas, NV. Good prices, live entertainment, gambling, shopping, and dining locations are plentiful, with something in every price range – especially for breakfast!

Wynn Buffet

The Wynn Buffet is open for brunch and dinner service daily in Las Vegas. The buffet has 16 food stations that have been curated by Executive Chef Jason Duarte. 

There are more than 90 dishes offered in total, with a seamless buffet experience. Guests can book an online reservation for priority seating and pay online or walk in to try one of the best breakfast buffets in Las Vegas!

If you come without a priority seating reservation, wait times can be high during peak hours. You could be waiting a while to sit down and start eating, but the food will be well worth the wait.

The variety of cuisine offered at the Wynn Breakfast Buffet provides a flavor for every member of your group to enjoy in one perfectly designed setting.


Brunch is available from 8 AM to 3 PM, Monday to Thursday. Gourmet brunch is served Friday to Sunday from 8 AM to 3 PM.

Terrace Pointe Café

Terrace Pointe Café is a stunning breakfast spot with views of perfectly manicured gardens from the indoor dining room or the option for al fresco dining outside. The environment is lively and welcoming, with a resort casual dress code. 

Families with young children are welcome at Terrace Pointe Café Las Vegas, and the expansive menu will have something for everybody to enjoy.

There is a power brunch menu that includes an entree, fruit, coffee, and fresh juice for $39 per person. Orange, cranberry, and pineapple mimosas can be added to any order for $15 per serving.

If you want something light and sweet, there is a breakfast delights menu with fruit, pastries, muffins, and yogurt bowls. A smoothie and fresh juice bar provide freshly squeezed juices and expertly crafted smoothies to start your morning right.

For those that prefer more traditional cuisine, there is an all-day breakfast menu with steak and eggs, omelets, pancakes, waffles, and avocado toast.

Terrace Pointe Cafe has vegan and vegetarian options, including Impossible Sausage. The menu is reasonably priced for the quality of the food and service in the cafe.


Terrace Pointe Café in Las Vegas is open from 7 AM to 3 PM daily.


Tableau can be found in Wynn’s South Tower, and this commonly overlooked gem is raved about by those who try it. Tower Suites guests love the convenience of stopping into Tableau for a quick bite before they start their day on the Las Vegas Strip.

The menu is built using seasonally fresh ingredients for the highest quality plates. There is an indoor and outdoor seating area for al fresco dining available. Fresh-squeezed juices are made daily.

There is a light fare menu that features greek yogurt and fruit, overnight oats, an acai bowl, and more. These items are a great choice if you want a quick meal that doesn’t feel too heavy. If you prefer a more substantial meal to start your day in Las Vegas, there are several breakfast entrees to choose from.

Pancakes made with lemon ricotta, and blueberry preserves, avocado toast with fresh arugula, and classic biscuits and gravy are among the most popular entrees.

Try a bit of everything with the Tablaeu breakfast that includes three eggs, bacon, Tableau potatoes, toast, an assorted pastry basket, juice, and coffee or tea.

The Tableau menu has a higher price point because of the type of food offered and the overall meal quality. Despite the high-end price point, casual resort attire is allowed, and kids are welcome.


7 AM to 2:30 PM Daily.

Caffe al Teatro

Caffe Al Teatro is a Las Vegas 24/7 cafe, coffee shop, and bakery offering grab-and-go options as well as dine-in entrees. The menu is mid-range in price, making it a good stop for many Wynn guests. With 24-hour service, there’s never a bad time to enjoy breakfast!

The menu begins with coffee by La Colombe Coffee Roasters. The bold, rich flavors will start your day off right. There are also blended teas, fresh juices, and a variety of cold beverages offered.

In the grab-and-go section of the menu, you’ll find cold sandwiches, overnight oats, fruit, and juice blends. Next is a selection of morning pastries available from 5 AM to 10:30 AM daily. The everything croissant is one of the most popular morning pastries. 

There are artisanal breakfast items also only served from 5 AM to 10:30 AM daily. These artisanal options are savory bites like the sourdough breakfast egg muffin and the smoked salmon khachapuri. 

From 11:30 AM to 5 AM, there’s an afternoon pastry and artisanal menu. The afternoon menu is just as great as the morning menu, so don’t fret if you can’t make it in before 11:30 AM. 

The afternoon artisanal menu has delicious offerings you can enjoy for brunch, lunch, or dinner. The prime rib panini, chicken parmesan sandwich, and muffuletta sesame baguette are just a few of the chef-crafted artisanal offerings. 


Open 24 hours a day.


Jardin is a restaurant that feels like you’re dining in a perfectly maintained conservatory but in the heart of Las Vegas. The dining space overlooks glistening pools below, and the menu features seasonal, fresh produce. The menu at Jardin has many health-conscious options and a good selection of more indulgent bites too.

Order a protein-filled smoothie or a handmade juice blend to get energized. The coffee bar includes cold brew, espresso, lattes, and mochas alongside organic tea. If you like a bit of bubbly in the morning, try a bellini or mimosa with freshly squeezed juices.

One of the most popular menu sections at Jardin is its handcrafted cocktails. The cocktails are unique and exciting. A smoked bacon bloody mary or nutty old-fashioned is the ideal way to enjoy breakfast in Sin City!

There are several lighter options that include muffins, pastries, oatmeal, yogurt, and a sticky bun. The main section of the breakfast menu has items made with cage-free eggs from Hickman Farms. You’ll be seeing eggs in a whole new light after tasting the Maine lobster benedict or huevos rotos. 

The prices at Jardin are mid to high range. It’s not the most affordable breakfast spot at Wynn, but it’s not the most expensive either. It’s well worth it for the unique recipes and high-quality ingredients that bring bright, fresh flavors.


7:30 AM to 3 PM Daily.

Room Service Breakfast

If you don’t feel like leaving your room for breakfast, you don’t have to! The Wynn room service breakfast menu has everything you need for breakfast or brunch in the comfort of your hotel bed. Your order will be delivered right to your room, with service available 24 hours a day, every day.

The room service breakfast menu begins with all your favorite morning cocktails. Get a little boozy with a bloody mary, peach bellini, blood orange mimosa, or sun splash. 

The beverage options continue with fruit smoothies, juice blends, and sparkling water. A healthy start menu has diet-friendly breakfast options to get in good nutrition when it matters most.

Fresh fruit, avocado toast, overnight oats, and greek yogurt parfaits are some of the healthy start offerings. There are four vegan-friendly healthy start options.

Breakfast meals include a choice of juice with coffee or tea. There are Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, and continental breakfast meals available. The fitness breakfast meal has healthier options, while the Encore Breakfast or Wynn Breakfast is equally indulgent as they are delicious. 

Finally, there’s an all-day breakfast menu with savory plates that taste good any time of day. A fried egg sandwich, scrambled eggs,  breakfast burrito, and multiple eggs benedict variations are some of the all-day breakfast items. 

Ordering room service isn’t cheap, but the convenience makes it worth the cost for many guests staying at Wynn. Can you really put a price on being able to enjoy a restaurant-quality breakfast without changing out of your pajamas?

Final Thoughts

Wynn has several breakfast options on-site. Most breakfast spots are casual and welcoming to kids with no reservations required, although it’s never a bad idea to make a reservation ahead of time if you can.

There is no reason to skip the most important meal of the day with so many different flavors to choose from! 


Does Wynn have a complimentary breakfast?

No, Wynn does not have complimentary breakfast. However, they do offer many great options for the first meal of the day, including a great buffet. 

How much is the breakfast buffet at Wynn?

The breakfast buffet is $46.99 per person on weekdays and $50.99 on weekends.

Where can you get breakfast at Wynn Las Vegas? 

The Wynn Buffet, Terrace Pointe Cafe, Jardin, Cafe Al Teatro, and Tablaeu are the most popular breakfast spots at Wynn Las Vegas. Room service breakfast is also available.

Who opened Wynn Las Vegas?

Steve Wynn founded Wynn Las Vegas in 2002, and it opened to the public in 2005.

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