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Last Updated on March 22, 2023

With so many things to do on Las Vegas Blvd, your vacation schedule can get hectic. When you are on the go, you might not want to stop for one of the amazing culinary experiences that Las Vegas is known for. 

Instead, when you are just looking for a quick bite, the Strip has several delicious fast food options that are more than just your average burger. 

The best fast-food restaurants located on Las Vegas Blvd, aka the Strip, can be separated into two categories– standalone and food courts. Standalone establishments have their own buildings, while food courts are a collection of quick-service counters in a resort. 

Let’s go over the standalone options for the best fast food in Las Vegas first, then we will get to the food courts to give you a comprehensive look at all of your options. 

Standalone Fast Food Restaurants

Standalone fast food establishments on Las Vegas Blvd are fewer in number but offer up a good variety. 

White Castle

White Castle Burger

This is a Las Vegas late-night favorite with its infamous sliders, but it is open 24/7 for whenever the craving strikes. You can get their sliders in multi-packs so that you can feed the whole crew after a long night at the casino. 

There is no shortage of side options with selections such as loaded fries, clam strips, onion rings, onion chips, chicken rings, mozzarella sticks, or fish nibblers. Hungry for breakfast? Try their chicken and waffles slider with some hashbrown nibblers. There are plenty of quick eats at this popular spot on Las Vegas Blvd any time of day.

In N Out Burger

In N Out Burger

This yummy burger spot is located at The LINQ Promenade and serves up food made the old-fashioned way in Las Vegas, NV. Their burgers, french fries, and shakes are cooked up and served fresh with no frozen meat and no microwaves for quality that you can taste. 

Try a burger from their secret menu, which is not-so-secret anymore, with selections such as their 4×4 burger made with four beef patties and four slices of cheese! Your trip here is not complete without one of their real ice cream shakes in classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry for dessert.

Hot Chicken

Hot Chicken

This is a pop-up/ghost kitchen that appears in a new place every week in Las Vegas, NV. Much of the time, they are on Las Vegas Blvd or in North Las Vegas. No matter where they are, they have a cult following for their take on Nashville Hot Chicken, their scratch-made kickback sauce, and their loaded fries. 

To be a part of the madness, follow them on Instagram to see where they will pop up next!

Fat Burger

Fat Burger

Located on the south end of Las Vegas Blvd, this favorite offers a menu of cooked-to-order burgers and french fries with the freshest ingredients. In addition to their never-frozen beef patties, they also have chicken, turkey, and veggie patties. 

Try one of their classic burgers like the Western Bacon BBQ topped with onion rings, or build your own; the choice is yours! Finish off your meal with one of their hand-scooped real ice cream shakes in flavors like Maui banana and Oreo for dessert. They even have vegan shakes that come in two flavors– strawberry and vanilla.


sandwich polish sandwich Wienerschnitzel

Wienerschnitzel is located at the Showcase Mall in Las Vegas, NV. They offer a wide selection of burgers, sandwiches, snacks, sweets, and breakfast. Try one of their loaded fry options like thousand island chili cheese, bacon ranch chili cheese, or double cheese fries. 

They also have jalapeno poppers, and unique sweets like Fruit Loops flavored dipped cones or shakes. Of course, they wouldn’t be Wienerschnitzel without hot dog selections, including the original, all-beef, or polish with countless toppings ranging from the Chicago dog to the Aussie dog.

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken is located in the Grand Bazaar Shops at the entrance to Bally’s Las Vegas, NV. They offer some deliciously crispy fried chicken and some other fun varieties like the Hot and Sweet Tender Dog, which is best described as a chicken strip on a hot dog bun with chipotle mayo, chipotle honey, and pickles. 

For those times when a snack attack strikes while you’re out enjoying Las Vegas Blvd, try a side of their smoked mac n cheese, tater tots, or the sidewinder fries, which are battered and full of amazing goodness

Food Courts with Fast Food Options

Food courts in Las Vegas are convenient, fast food options because everyone in your party can get what they like. They are also located in popular resort properties on Las Vegas Blvd, so they are close to all of the action.

Promenade Food Court

Promenade Food Court Drinks

The Promenade Food Court at The LINQ Promenade features several quick dining options to fit every palette. They have selections for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks, so they have the perfect combination of quick eats no matter what time of day.

Some of the restaurants include Johnny Rockets Las Vegas, Bonanno’s Pizza, and O’Shea’s. There are many things to do at the LINQ promenade, so the Food Court is a good stop for a bite in between activities. 

Eatwell at the Cromwell

Eatwell at the Cromwell Sandwich

Eatwell at the Cromwell is a quick-service counter serving up all of the classic fast-food favorites such as pizza, tacos, sandwiches, salads, and sweets. They have breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices with brunch selections on Saturday and Sunday. 

Eatwell has a small sitting area if you would like to sit and enjoy your meal, but also offers everything to go. 

Block 16 Urban Food Hall

Block 16 Urban Food Hall Donuts

Block 16 Urban Food Hall is the food court at the Cosmopolitan and has a collection of restaurants from Oregon, Nashville, Portland, and New Orleans. There are breakfast, lunch, and dinner options at Block 16, making it the sort of place where you can enjoy a quick, quality meal any time of day.

Try Big Easy’s Donuts, which has over 100 donut flavors, sliders, savory donut sandwiches, and waffle cheese fries. Hattie B’s Hot Chicken is another great selection with southern-fried chicken that you can get plain or all the way up to burning your tongue spicy. Care for some international food? Check out Tekka Bar, made-to-order counter-side sushi rolls, or Pok Pok Wing with fish sauce wings and Som Soda. 

Block 16 isn’t your average American fast food. All of the varieties are worth a taste, and the location is perfect for walking Las Vegas Blvd or stopping by the casino when you’re done. 

Forum Food Court

The Forum Food Court at Caesars Palace brings a lot of the East Coast to the West Coast with DiFara Pizza and the Halal Guys. Don’t worry. There are plenty more options for a couple of quick bites, no matter what your cravings.

Try out TaCo, Tiger Wok & Ramen, Smashburger, Earl of Sandwich, and so many sweets for dessert that you won’t know where to start. 

Castle Walk Food Court

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

Castle Walk Food Court is located at the Excalibur and has some of the many fast food options you would expect in Las Vegas, like Hot Dog on a Stick, Pizza Hut Express, and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. 

If those standards aren’t your cup of tea, it also has some other great options like Frites, a place with almost endless french fry concoctions; Pick Up Stix, an Asian restaurant; Bagels on the Strip; Schlotzsky’s Deli; and a few others. 

Who doesn’t like Popeyes Chicken, Krispy Kreme (made fresh twice daily), and Einstein Bros. Castle Walk?  If you are looking for classic fast-food selections, your search is over. 

Food Court at the Venetian

Tacos N’ Ritas

The Food Court at the Venetian is located right off the casino floor, making it convenient to grab a quick bite. It may be small, but the restaurants there are delicious. Restaurant selections include San Gennaro Burger, Cafe Pan, Tacos N’ Ritas, Eats Italian, and Pizzeria Da Enzo. 

Food Court at the Grand Canal Shoppes

Johnny Rockets Shakes

The Food Court at the Grand Canal Shoppes is the perfect place to stop after shopping till you drop. Tucked along the maze of the faux canal, dining options include 7 Leaves, Johnny Rockets, Panda Express, Cafe Pan, Chipotle, Chicken Now, Soci, Lobster ME, and Prime Burger. As you can see, there are a variety of quick cuisines available at this popular spot. 


What fast-food restaurants are in Las Vegas?

There are several fast-food restaurants in Las Vegas, including White Castle, In N Out Burger, Chick Fil A, Fatburger, Wienerschnitzel, and more!

What is the cheapest way to eat on the Las Vegas Strip?

The cheapest way to enjoy your grub on the Vegas Strip is by eating at quick service and fast-food restaurants. But, you can always check out a restaurant’s website and see what type of menu they have. Sometimes, it’s surprising how cheap select dishes are at the popular restaurants on Las Vegas Blvd.

What is the best fast food on the Strip?

The best fast food on the Strip, at least in our opinion, is Fatburger. But with so many nearby choices, it never hurts to expand your horizons and try a few out. You might discover a nice new favorite of your own.

Las Vegas Dining

It is easy to get caught up in the fancy restaurants of Las Vegas, especially since it has such a vast culinary scene. However, if you are looking for something quick, easy, and less expensive, there are plenty of fast food options on the Strip in Las Vegas, NV.

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