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Vegas Food & Fun is excited to acquire so we can start sharing the best food in Vegas with Miko’s Sushi customers! You may not be able to eat at Miko’s anymore, but there are endless options for delicious food in Sin City from the Strip to Fremont Street. Any type of cuisine you’re craving can be found in Las Vegas.

History of Miko’s Sushi

Miko’s Sushi opened its doors in September 2008. Their team of third generation Japanese sushi chefs set out with the mission to bring authentic Japanese sushi to Las Vegas at an affordable price. While the restaurant was open, they did exactly that!

The menu at Miko’s included a great selection of sushi, tempura, ramen, soba, and udon noodles. It was an inclusive dining environment for everyone, with vegan and vegetarian sushi rolls and hot vegetarian dishes. The sushi and what is Japanese

restaurant quickly made a name for themselves among locals and tourists in Las Vegas, including a reputation for some of the best Soba noodles in the city!

Like many Las Vegas restaurants, Miko’s Sushi began experiencing troubles during the pandemic. Unfortunately, their excellent food wasn’t enough to sustain the business during such troubling times, which led Miko’s Sushi to close its doors permanently. 

Las Vegas Restaurants

Sushi in Vegas

Las Vegas might not be an oceanside city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find incredible sushi. In fact, there are a lot of unique sushi experiences to be had in Sin City!

Indulge in all-you-can-eat sushi or experience a combination of cultures at Sushisamba, with a menu that has Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian influences. 

Yama Sushi is one of the oldest and most well-loved sushi destinations in Las Vegas, with 3 locations. The first location opened more than 30 years ago in 1989, so it’s safe to say that Yama Sushi has perfected its craft. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Kusa Nori is one of the newer sushi restaurants in Las Vegas. This sushi spot is located at Resorts World Las Vegas. Everything about the restaurant will transport you to Japan, from the flavors to the decor. 

Las Vegas Restaurants Owned by Famous Chefs

One of the unique things about the Las Vegas food scene that we can’t get enough of are restaurants owned by famous chefs. Being able to dine at a restaurant that’s been imagined by a celebrity chef you’ve watched on TV almost feels surreal! The menus at these restaurants are carefully chosen, and there are extremely high standards for food quality since everything from the kitchen represents the celebrity chef who owns the restaurant.

Gordon Ramsay’s Las Vegas eateries are some of the most well-known and in-demand celebrity restaurants. Ramsay has opened a steakhouse, Burger joint, and a UK-inspired pub & grill in Las Vegas. There’s even an iconic Hell’s Kitchen restaurant that looks just like the competitive TV show!

Another famous chef you’ve seen on Food Network is Guy Fieri. We aren’t sure if he’s better known for his bold hair choices or delicious food, but we’re here for it either way! There are multiple Guy Fieri restaurants in Vegas, but he’s best known for his Vegas Kitchen & Bar.

Bobby Flay and Julian Serrano are among the growing list of celebrity chefs who own restaurants in Las Vegas.

Restaurants at Las Vegas Resorts

Las Vegas Resorts is more than just a place to gamble and sleep in your hotel room. Every resort has something unique to offer, including the places you can eat! Resorts welcome anyone to dine at their restaurants, even if you’re staying elsewhere. 

Check out these restaurants at Las Vegas Resorts that we’ve been loving!

Italian Restaurants in Las Vegas

You can find just about every type of cuisine in Sin City, but it’s no secret that Italian restaurants are some of the best the city has to offer. There are more than 100,000 people living in Vegas with Italian heritage, a constantly changing tourist scene, and plenty of Italian dining spots to feed them all!

From the oldest Italian restaurant in Las Vegas to the modern Cocolinis Gelato Bar, we’ve tasted it all to find the best Italian restaurants in Las Vegas!

Of course, you can’t talk about Italian food without mentioning America’s favorite version – Pizza! You can order pizza by the slice, dine in a horror movie-themed space at Sliced, or taste cake and pizza from Buddy Valastro at Pizza Cake.  Nora’s Italian Cuisine is one of our favorite hidden gems located right off the Strip.

Try pizza around the city to discover the best pizza in Vegas for yourself! Brother’s Pizza, Pin Up Pizza, Good Pie, Pizza Rock, Eataly, and Slice of Las Vegas are more of our favorites.

Food From Around the Globe

One of the best things about the food scene in Las Vegas is the incredible variety of authentic flavors from different cultures. Try French crepes at Crepe Expectations or get your margarita fix at Fat Tuesday! Morimoto serves unbelievably tasty Japanese cuisine, or you can head to one of the best hibachi restaurants in Vegas.

Good luck finding a type of cuisine that isn’t in Vegas! We’ve scoured the internet to find the best Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Korean BBQ, tacos, and even the best Ethiopian restaurants in Vegas to share with our readers.

Best American Restaurants in Las Vegas

Trying food from around the world is always fun, but sometimes you just want classic American cuisine. Las Vegas has a lot of fun places to eat that make food you know and love a new, exciting experience. 

Heart Attack Grill is a heart attack themed American grill where diners wear hospital gowns and the menu has delicious, artery clogging burgers. Chicken N Pickle is a restaurant that combines pickleball and fried chicken for a dining experience that will get your heart rate up and make your mouth water. Bacon Bar highlights America’s love for bacon with an entire bacon themed menu.

There are plenty of fast food restaurants and BBQ spots to try too! Some of our other American favorites are:

Restaurants for Special Occasions

A lot of people come to Vegas for a special occasion. Whether it’s your bachelorette party, birthday, or anniversary, there are amazing restaurants to mark the occasion. There are several Michelin Star restaurants in Las Vegas, restaurants with incredible city views, and restaurants that specialize in brunch or breakfast.

There are many romantic restaurants, an elegant French Cafe called Pantry, and even restaurants that allow your dog to come along for the fun! Vegetarian and gluten-free restaurants have inclusive menus so every member of your group can indulge in something delicious.

Oyster bars, Burnt Offerings, Vanderpump, Firefly, and Dinner in the Sky are a few more of our top recommendations when someone is in Vegas for a special occasion.

Desserts in Las Vegas

Finding the best desserts in Las Vegas isn’t hard when there are so many places to try! From the legendary Randy’s Donuts to the Donut Bar, you’ll have to taste for yourself to find the best donuts in Las Vegas.

If you want to sip a martini with your sweet treat, I Love Sugar is a one-of-a-kind candy shop and martini bar. Caesars Palace is home to the original cronut, cookie shot, and frozen smores dessert which is a must-try if you want an Insta-worthy dessert.

Our search for the best restaurants in Las Vegas has no sign of stopping soon, thanks to the constant addition of new restaurants to try! Check out these articles for more restaurant recommendations from the time you arrive at the airport to when you check out of your hotel:

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